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Ficus is a student at the Aguefort Adventuring Academy. He always finds a way to call someone "chill". He is often seen hacking sack with his best friend and drug dealer Cody, the Kodiak Brown Bear. He is played by Griffin McElroy.

Featured Episodes[]

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Ficus is described as a sweet, passive, firbolg boy who is your typical high school "stereotypical wastoid stoner".


Fantasy High LIVE at RTX Austin[]

Ficus follows his hackysack into a segment of forest and meets a dryad who tells him of ancient evil or some other "cryptic shit". He is then asked by Zelda to be an overlooker at her rager responsible for overseeing the ritual. He accepts but has no experience doing anything of this kind. At the party he tries to get his friend Cody in but ends up settling for letting Cody run around in the yard and taking some of Cody's drugs. When he sees Cody's drugs he sees that there is a charm of some kind that is in their with the powder. After he takes the charm out, the Five Party Fouls come out and attack the party. Ficus spends all of the combat taking on the Minotaur of Stunts and doing a very specific plan to go into gaseous form and get absorbed into his lungs and then wild shape into a horse destroying the minotaur from the inside out. He succeeds at this plan and then after the rest of The Party Fouls are destroyed, he decides to go skinny dipping with Cody in the creek.

Sophomore Year[]

Ficus was mentioned in passing by Gorgug, being referred to as that Stoner Kid, as one of the possible druids they could bring during their Sophomore mission to Forest of the Nightmare King but was alluded to be unavailable.

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