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WARNING!! This Fantasy High PC has grown up and had adventures past the initial Fantasy High episodes. This page contains major plot spoilers for the Dimension 20 LIVE campaign, so proceed at your own risk.

"You know what? I AM a demon!" ― Fig Faeth to Gilear Faeth

"I'm sorry I prioritized my dads over you. You're allowed to be a complex person." ― Fig to her mother, Sandra Lynn Faeth

Figueroth "Fig" Faeth is a sophomore at Aguefort Adventuring Academy and a member of the Bad Kids adventuring party. She is the lead bassist in her band, Fig and the Cig Figs. She is played by Emily Axford.


"Um, my name's Figueroth. You probably knew me last year as, like, that really bubbly girl who was, like, invited to every party, but all of a sudden, my horns started growing in, and I thought I was an Elf, but it turns out, my dad isn't my real dad, and I have a demon for a dad, but my mom won't tell me who he is, so pretty much I'm kinda like, fuck everyone and I'm just like- I'm just like, I've got a bass guitar. I've got some drumsticks. Like, I'm ready to start a bass driven band, and just like, yeah, just fuck everything, right, okay, that's it. That's me, also, my name is Figueroth. My last name is Faeth, but that's the name of someone who does not have anything to do with me because he's not my dad, so I'm just Fig now. Just Fig." Emily Axford


Fig is a tiefling bard who believed she was an elf for most of her life. She was a very bubbly, traditionally feminine girl until her horns started to grow in, at which point she pulled a quick 180 and became very rebellious and unreserved. She loves all three of her parents very much, though it took some time for her to get there. She's very impulsive and often gets carried away in the disguises she uses. She says she's not a very open person, but she's the only one of the group to continually express her thoughts to them.


Fig looks a lot like a wood elf, except for the horns growing out of the top of her head. She has a purple streak in her hair. She wears fishnet tights made out of the lunch lady, Doreen's, hairnet, so as to honor her memory.

Fig plays a bass guitar in her band, Fig and the Cig Figs, and uses it often in battle. She derives her magic not from her demonic ancestry, but from the ability to flip the cosmos off: rebellion. After she becomes an Archdevil, a demonic sigil is burned into her forehead, which later becomes the anarchy symbol. When giving Bardic Inspiration to her teammates, she winks at them.

Freshman Year[]

The Beginning Begins[]

Fig is first introduced on the morning of her first day of freshman year at Aguefort Adventuring Academy as her mother bursts into her room to warn her she'll be late for school. Fig tells her that she's not going: famous bards don't go to school to learn, she needs real life experience. Her mother, Sandra Lynn, tries to argue back, but Fig interrupts by asking who her dad is. Sandra Lynn refuses to answer. It isn't the first time this has come up, and won't be the last. She tries to tell Fig that Gilear is her father, but Fig is still upset about things he said when her horns started to grow in.

Fig, as she sits on her bed playing her bass guitar.

Sandra Lynn once again insists she go to school, and Fig asks again who her father is, this time asking for just a name so that she can find him herself. Sandra Lynn still won't give in. Fig guesses that her father is the Nightmare King, confusing Sandra Lynn in her theorizing. Exhausted with her daughter, Sandra Lynn tries to reason with her. Fig lights up a cigarette, and when Sandra Lynn snatches it away from her, she lights another. They watch out the window as the bus drives away.

Fig says she'll stay home and work on her music, and Sandra Lynn Faeth heads downstairs to call her ex-husband, Gilear, to come pick Fig up. Sandra Lynn tries to tell Fig that she knows things are hard since the divorce and her horns growing in, but she loves her. Fig puts her cigarette out in Sandra Lynn's coffee, and Sandra Lynn leaves for work.

Gilear arrives in his car to pick Fig up, looking as downtrodden as ever. Things have been hard for him since the divorce. Fig opens the door and excuses herself to the bathroom, where she casts Disguise Self to look like here mother. She comes back out and attempts to convince Gilear that Sandra Lynn changed her mind about letting her stay home. While in disguise, she also attempts to coax the name of her biological father from Gilear. Gilear agrees to take her to him to talk about the paternity test, leaving "Fig" upstairs to work on a song. In reality, Gilear drives her to school. Gilear tries apologizes for what he said to Fig, but accidentally insults her again. She storms out of the car, calling him "just some random man".

While the teachers are all occupied with a fight occurring outside, Fig decides to sneak into the teachers lounge to steal from the refrigerator. As she rifles through the abundance of elf food, she spots a ghost steak in a Tupperware container. She's having a hard time grabbing something so incorporeal when Vice Principal Goldenhoard walks her and gives her immediate detention. She talks with him for a while, explaining that he's fallen right into her trap. All along, her plan was to get caught so she could be kicked out of school. Goldenhoard begins to explain that that's not what detention means, and she's kicked out of the teacher's lounge instead. She flirts with him on her way out, much to his dismay.

During the freshman assembly, Fig rests her hand on the fire alarm, but she is so moved by Principal Arthur Aguefort's words that she doesn't pull it. Afterwards, she seeks out the lunch lady, Doreen. She feels that being the lunch lady is the only honest profession there, and tells her as much. She admires that Doreen smokes during school, even though she's not supposed to. Doreen offers her work when Fig says she wants to take classes with her instead, though Fig is hesitant to do so. Doreen points a drum of corn that she had trouble opening, as the corner's all dinged up, but instead of opening it for her, Fig starts to play.

Impressed by her talent, Doreen encourages Fig to attend some classes. Even though she may have nothing to learn there, she can still see what the bullshit is that they're selling, see what all the squares are talking about. Fig agrees, though is upset that there are so many good role models at the school. She bids Doreen a fond farewell and a promise to come back every day (since they eat lunch there).

Later, she sees Adaine Abernant steal a book from the restricted section of the library and mentions she thought it was really cool that she did that. It only makes Adaine's anxiety worse. When Goldenhoard approaches them and asks about the book Adaine 'found', Fig steps in to take the fall. She claims that she stole the book, and that Adaine was just covering for her, but Adaine tells the truth and apologizes profusely. Goldenhoard gives her detention, and although he feels bad about it since she's clearly having a bad time, he sticks with his punishment as other students are listening.

Students like Fig, who attempts to flirt with him again. He violently denies everything she says and disengages when she smugly asks who's running detention. Later in the day, Goldenhoard is talking to Fig and four other kids who received detention, Fabian Seacaster, Gorgug Thistlespring, Adaine Abernant, and Riz Gukgak, when Coach Daybreak declares that Kristen Applebees has 'bore false witness' and committed a cardinal sin. Goldenhoard mentions that that's technically a religious rule and not really grounds for detention, but Kristen gets her red slip anyway and joins the Bad Kids. She asks the group what they did to get detention, and they share their stories.

Mr. Gibbons, the guidance counselor, supervises them for their detention. He sits on the edge of his desk and softly asks how they feel about what they did: Adaine says she technically has diplomatic immunity and asks to go home; Gorgug immediately apologizes to Fabian, saying he didn't mean to hit him back; Fabian attempts to claim that he did nothing wrong, but does admit that punching Gorgug wasn't worth it. Mr. Gibbons sits back, mentioning that there's a lot of feelings here. He asks how things are at home, and Kristen asks Fig why she's crying. Fig admits that he may have tapped into something, and that maybe her home isn't great. Mr. Gibbons comments again on the strong feelings there, and Adaine interrupts to ask if they could just do lines instead of talking, and Fabian is in agreement. Once more, Mr. Gibbons points out the strong feelings when a blood-curdling scream is heard from the hallway. Mr. Gibbons attempts to stop them, but everyone flees to investigate. Fig follows everyone out, thinking they're doing a jailbreak, but as they get closer, they realize the sound is coming from the cafeteria, and Fig realizes Doreen may be in trouble.

When they reach the cafeteria, they find it swarming with corn gremlins: cobs of corn with malevolent eyes, wide mouths, and long wings. At the far end of the cafeteria, the group watches as lunch lady Doreen turns to face them, her eyes sunken deep, and she tells them it's lunch time again. Only this time it's a bad lunch. A monstrous, pulsating mountain of creamed corn rises up out of the barrel behind her and begins to move forward.

In Episode 4, Fig drives with The Bad Kids down the streets of Elmville, which is when the running gag of the "wink" for Bardic Inspiration originates. Fig does a fairly good job at driving and casting spells in battle before failing at making a U-Turn, fishtailing and damaging Johnny Spells's car and the rest of The Bad Kids.

Fig eventually starts holding a fondness for Gilear, often stating "I have two dads and they're both awesome." Fig is responsible for getting Gilear the position of "Lunch Lad" at the school after the death of Doreen. She also briefly tries to set Gilear up with Riz's mom, Sklonda Gukgak.

Official art of Fig, available as a sticker in Dropout.TV's store.

Throughout the campaign, Fig also deals with a lot in terms of her family life. Since her horns grew in, she learned that Gilear was not in fact her actual biological father, and went on a quest to discover who her real one is. She receives her answer in Episode 8 when she discovers that Gorthalax the Insatiable is in fact her biological dad. When the rest of The Bad Kids express distrust of Gorthalax, Fig insists that he is trustworthy because he is her father.

Fig is also the sole person responsible for the 'Sexy Rat' fiasco. Distressed, after the death of her sexy rat, Adaine produces an Oyster which Fig keeps as a pet for far too long and had to bury it.

After the attack of Biz Glitterdew, Fig disguises herself as a medical student and finds herself in the middle of a surgery. After successfully saving the patient (with most of the work done by Riz,) Fig becomes romantically involved with Dr. Asha, an adult Dwarf. Fig also steals a lot of liquor and alcohol from the hospital.

Fig's relationship with her mother, Sandra Lynn remains incredibly strained until Episode 15 when she sees photos of her mother with Gorthalax and Gilear who resembles herself identically, and she realizes that perhaps instead of daddy issues, she has mommy issues. When her home is under attack, Fig rushes home to help her mother, having a heart-to-heart about how she is allowed to be a complex person.

After she partakes in the battle against Kalvaxus, it is stated she has started a very successful band named "Fig and The Cig Figs" featuring herself, Gorgug, Gorthalax, Gorbag and Roz. She is also said to be continuing taking barbarian class with Porter.

In Fantasy High LIVE in Brooklyn, she is stated to be signing with a pop star in Bastion City which is why she doesn't appear.

In Fantasy High LIVE at RTX Austin, she is seen still attending barbarian classes along with Gorgug and Porter. She along with Adaine and Kristen are selected to defend Zelda during her ritual. She and The Bad Kids along with Ficus defend Zelda from The Party Fouls. She is the one to defeat the Gorgan of Shade by turning her into a dolphin.

Known Disguises[]

Over the course of her freshman and sophomore year, Fig has made abundant use of her Disguise Self spell. Here's a list of all the identities she's taken on:

Who When Why
Sandra Lynn Faeth, her mother Episode 1: The Beginning Begins To trick her father, Gilear, into letting her stay home from school (unsuccessful); to trick Gilear into telling her the name of her real father (unsuccessful)
Johnny Spells, a Tiefling Greaser Episode 8: Havoc on the Half-Pipe To trick the skater dwarf, Torek, and intimidate her (unsuccessful); did happen to reveal information on Johnny. (successful?)
Dr. Keller, a medical student at St. Owen's Memorial Hospital Episode 9: Dishing with a Demon To infiltrate the hospital and ask Biz Glitterdew how he ended up there (successful); to get her kisses in with Dr. Asha. (successful)
A Harvestman, a member of a religious cult in Elmville Episode 10: Battle of the Bloodrush Brethren To avoid being attacked by Coach Daybreak. (successful)
Penelope Everpetal, a popular Half-Elf senior Episode 13: First Kisses and Last Words To get information from Aelwyn Abernant (successful)
Angela Worrel, an agent of the Council of Chosen Episode 15: Family in Flames To trick the guard into letting the Bad Kids out of jail. (successful, until the real Angela stopped them)
Porter Cliffbreaker, Aguefort's barbarian teacher Fantasy High LIVE at RTX Austin To convince Porter that he is a criminal. (successful)
Skrank Douglas, a student of the AV Club Episode 1: Sophomores Start To talk to Ostentatia Wallace and get to the bottom of the romance drama within the Maidens' party (successful)
Detective Decker, a detective on the Bastion City police force Episode 3: Havoc at the Hotel Cavalier To blend into the scene at the Hotel Cavalier (successful); to convince the person at the desk to deliver her note. (unsuccessful)
Hilda Hilda, from 22 Hilda Street and 22 Hilda Boulevard Episode 3: Havoc at the Hotel Cavalier To convince the person at the desk to deliver her note. (unsuccessful)
A dwarven pirate with firecrackers in his beard Episode 5: Leviathan Rock City To intimidate said dwarf into letting go of Riz. (successful)
Rawlins, the pirate wizard who works the front desk at Compass Points Library Episode 7: The Friendship Section To steal a book. (successful)
Arthur Aguefort, principal of Aguefort Adventuring Academy Episode 10: The Dangerous Mind of Aelwyn Abernant To convince the Court of Stars to peacefully surrender Adaine during their rescue. (unsuccessful)
Arianwen Abernant, Adaine's mother Episode 11: Revelations & Revivifications To intimidate Aelwyn Abernant in case she woke up. (unsuccessful)
Kalina, an agent of the Nightmare King Episode 20:

Spring Break! I Believe In You! (Part 2)

To create another instance of Kalina's image and weaken her powers during combat.



Sandra Lynn Faeth[]

Sandra Lynn is Fig's mother, she loves Fig but isn't always sure how to parent her. Kristen and Tacker both comments that Sandra Lynn has "mom powers" in that she is a strict disciplinarian and a counterpoint to Jawbone's more laidback caring style. However, Fig being the rebel she is, does not let that affect her and have even driven Sandra Lynn to tears. Though they had a rocky relationship in the beginning of the series, Fig eventually came to understand and care for her mom. In some ways they are very similar. In her youth, Sandra Lynn was also an adventurer in training and though it has toned down somewhat, also carries and impulsive streak like Fig. This has shown up more in Sophmore year, where her impulsive choices have led to some tensions in group dynamics.

Gilear Faeth[]

Gilear Faeth is Fig's step-father (now divorced from her mother). Although Fig remained resentful towards Gilear in the first half of the first season of Fantasy High, she later warmed up to him and sought to find him a job as the school "lunch lad." As such, Gilear and Fig have completely reconciled. In season 2, Fig and Gilear are shown to have a healthy adoptive father-daughter relationship. However at one point, Fig admitted that she thought Gilear might blame her for ruining his life (by being the product of Sandra Lynn's adultery against him). He dismissed this, as he truly loves and cares for Fig as his own.

Gorthalax the Insatiable[]

Gorthalax is Fig's biological father. Although Gorthalax was absent for all of Fig's childhood, Fig and Gorthalax love each other very much. For a time, Fig was angry at her mother on Gorthalax's behalf because she thought Sandra Lynn had been involved in originally trapping Gorthalax in a ruby (the cause of Gorthalax's previous absence from his daughter's life). This has been proven to be false.

The Bad Kids[]

Adaine Abernant[]

Riz Gukgak[]

Gorgug Thistlespring[]

Ayda Aguefort[]

Ayda Aguefort is the romance partner of Fig. They met on the floating island of Leviathan, in the Compass Point Library.


  • Used to be on the cheer team and was one of the girls that they would throw in the air because she was so tiny and cute
  • Once kept an Oyster named Little Gilear in a glass of water for so long that it died
  • Has some daddy issues, and later realizes she has mommy issues... It's agreed by the Bad Kids and herself that she has a bunch of issues
  • Fig has appeared in every episode of Fantasy High and Dimension 20 LIVE, except for Mirror Madness, when she was possessed and kidnapped Riz. Their actors, Emily Axford and Brian Murphy, were performing their live shows for their actual-play D&D podcast, Not Another D&D Podcast in London and Manchester at the time.
  • She burned two luck points in order to successfully hide her crush on Ayda from the rest of the party.
  • Fig's songs include: "My Dad is a Demon, But He's Also a Deadbeat", "Info Dump", and "Burn Towns, Get Money".
  • Fig in-series is described as a Tiefling, with a Wood Elf mother. However, in traditional Dungeons and Dragons lore, a Tiefling is typically born from human ancestry, while a Fey'ri is the Elven equivalent. Because Tieflings and Fey'ri are normally distantly descended from their fiendish relatives, Fig would qualify more as a half-fiend.
  • As an Archdevil, her power comes from the essence of rebellion, the spirit of giving a giant middle finger to the universe
  • Since The Row and the Ruction, she has 1300 “points” as in the game Tony Hawk Pro Skater
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