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Gangie Green is a gravedigger at the Our Lady of Prayerful Paws cemetery and a groundskeeper at Loam Hall. He is also in the lucrative business of grave robbing. He is played by Katie Marovitch.


"'ello. I'm Gangie Green, I'm a weasel. I was born in London. Something funny that happened is my parents died when I was just a little lad. I got raised in orphanages until I got kicked out at 16 for starting fires and thieving. Now, I've spent most of my life in the criminal world, and I'm quite good at it, and here I am." Katie Marovitch


Gangie has a menacing appearance and is typically very curt and intimidating. However, he has a soft spot for Mrs. Matilda Molesly, a fellow employee at Loam Hall who looks after him and is a softening maternal influence.


Gangie is a weasel with a hunched figure. He wears a top hat and carries a shovel.


Gangie was born in London and orphaned at a young age. He was raised in a number of orphanages before being kicked out at the age of 16 for thieving and starting fires. He's been a career criminal ever since.

Less than a year ago, Gangie disappeared from the scene of a crime in London. He now works at Our Lady of Prayerful Paws as a gravedigger, making most of his money by later robbing the graves he digs, and as a groundskeeper at Loam Hall.



Ambrose Harding[]

Mr. Harding, a fellow employee at Loam Hall, is Gangie's point of contact for receiving instructions on which bodies to dig up from the Tufting Meadows cemetery. Although he does not appear to harbor much respect for Gangie, he is overheard defending Gangie's hiring as the groundskeeper of Loam Hall to the skeptical Thomas Gilfoyle.

Fletcher Cottonbottom[]

Despite having worked for the Cottonbottom family for several years, Gangie never felt a particular loyalty towards them. He escaped from London to Tufting Meadows once he noticed that several of Fletcher's higher-level cronies had begun to disappear, but unbeknownst to him, his job recommendation to William Thornwall Brockhollow came from Fletcher himself.

Matilda Molesly[]

Mrs. Molesly is Gangie's mother figure and fellow employee at Loam Hall. She feels very tenderly towards him despite his gruff exterior and unapologetic criminality. By the end of the season, they are shown very comfortably calling one another mother and son and planning to take a holiday together after the night's traumatic events.

Buckster $ Boyd[]

Buckster had initially hired Gangie to provide him blackmail on Squire Badger that might prove useful in his attempts to wrest full control of his own oil company back from the Squire, but as the evening progresses, his respect for Gangie's skills grows. By the end of the season, he takes on the role of Loam Hall's financier and offers to hire Gangie and Mrs. Molesly back on in the hall. Gangie accepts, calling him "dad".


  • "Gangie Green" is a twist on "gangrene".[1]
  • He likes the color green.[2]
  • He is stuck hunched over, and it is extremely painful for him.[3]


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