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Garthy O'Brien (pronounced GAR-tee) is a Half-Orc Aasimar pirate and impresariex of the Gold Gardens. They trade in a lot of fine goods, especially magical items, and are known for their ability to break curses.

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Garthy is a very relaxed and easy-going individual. Though the Bad Kids are initially distrustful of them, Garthy is never hostile towards the party, protects and helps them on several occasions, and openly answers all their questions. They are very sexually active, and believe that people should be able to enjoy themselves and take pleasure in life. However, they don't like when doing so breaks a promise, especially when they are involved.

Due to the layout of the Gold Gardens, Garthy's power as a magic user is amplified tremendously while they are inside. As a result, they do not like to leave often.


Garthy is an aasimar descended from Zajiri Celestials, and is described as being tall and muscular. They are shirtless with lots of thin-lined, geometric tattoo work around their wrists and biceps, as well as some floral tattoos on their midsection. The tattoos actually mean things in Zajiri and celestial script, and are symbolic. Their head is shaved at the sides and the back with a little flop of black hair on top. Their aasimar heritage is made apparent by their eyes, which are completely black except for shimmering, metallic gold irises. They have scars on their chest, likely from top surgery, which are partially disguised by their tattoos.

They accent their eyes with metallic silver makeup on their lips and around their eyes. They wear elaborate, fabric heavy harem pants and fine boots with a myriad of belts and straps. They wield a huge two-handed scimitar with gold rings jangling from the back of the blade, though it's likely that it's rarely used since Garthy tries to keep the Gold Gardens violence-free.


When Garthy was a young urchin on the streets of Leviathan, Ayda Aguefort took them in to raise them. Once Garthy was grown and that incarnation of hers died, they raised Ayda when she was reborn, though they admit having a hard time doing it. Ayda names her familiar, GAF, after them because of this.

Garthy has a long history of pirate affairs, both criminal and sexual. They have had many partners, including Jawbone O'Shaughnessey, now the guidance counselor at Aguefort Adventuring Academy.

The Bad Kids first come across Garthy's name in the guest book at the Hotel Cavalier before every single one of Bill Seacaster's entries. They later learn that Garthy was providing Bill with palimpsets to supply to KVX Bank. Since coming to Solace and having all his past crimes pardoned, Bill was not supposed to be in contact with any active pirates, so Garthy would hide the stock in a room for Bill to pick up immediately after them. After the hotel staff changed to demons and approached Garthy about making a deal with them, Garthy refused and left, but not before losing a bag of gems they'd acquired for other buyers. This is the bag of gems the Bad Kids took from the Hotel Cavalier containing the gem with Zaphriel inside.

Sometime before the Bad Kids arrived in Leviathan, an elven woman, later revealed to be Adaine's mother, Arianwen, came to Garthy with the crown of the Nightmare King looking to get a curse broken. However, Arianwen had cast Nystul's Aura on it, masking the true nature of the curse. Garthy admits that, had they known what they were breaking a curse for, they would not have.


Heartache on the Celestine Sea[]

The first time the Bad Kids hear about Garthy O'Brien is when they look in the guestbook of the Hotel Cavalier, and notice that everytime Bill Seacaster visited the hotel, Garthy would be in the same room directly before Bill. Fabian knows that Garthy is an inhabitant of Leviathan, and the Bad Kids learn from Cathilda that they are a pirate that runs a place called the Gold Gardens.

Leviathan Rock City[]

Garthy meets the Bad Kids for the first time when Alistair Ash leads them to the Gold Gardens on Leviathan. They offer their services to the party, including alcohol and drugs, and correctly guess that the party are Solisian teens. They also confirm that they do know that Fabian is Bill Seacaster's son.

When Kristen is fed up with bickering about how weird it is that Fabian thinks his dad is hot, she grabs the biggest beer nearby and takes a sip, not knowing it belongs to Captain James Whitclaw. When his crew draws their swords, Garthy asks them to leave, threatening them with their own scimitar. Before leaving, Whitclaw insults Fabian and his father, and when Fabian moves to attack him, Garthy casts several spells to shout in a dozen voices and push everyone over with a blast of air.

After Whitclaw and his crew leave, Garthy invites the party to come smoke hookah with them so they can talk in private. Garthy tells them about Whitclaw's plans to undo what Bill Seacaster did in Leviathan before he retired, and the party asks about their business with Bill at the Hotel Cavalier. They readily answer the questions that the party has, including those about the Shadow Cat; Garthy does not see Kalina in the photograph. Fig asks about the cloudiness in the ruby that's holding her father, and they admit that they cannot break the curse on the ruby, as it would destroy Gorthalax.

In an abrupt change of subject, Gorgug asks about their tattoos, and they tell the party about their heritage as a descendant of Zajiri celestials. Garthy mentions that the demons from the hotel were summoned and bound to the material plane, and probably took their gems because the demons were looking for one to bind a large, powerful entity to for centuries, along with a sacrifice needed for some kind of ritual. Garthy offers up that the woman with the crown headed to the docks and boarded a ship they believed to be heading to Fallinel, though they were incorrect; she had actually headed to Arborly.

Later that night, a drunken Sandra Lynn approaches Garthy in an attempt to show her daughter, Fig, how to pick people up without pretending to be someone else. They are seen talking over drinks, then they disappear into Garthy's chambers for the night. They're interrupted twice by Adaine and Fig, then later Kristen and Riz as Fig is distrustful of Garthy and is worried about her mother since she had asked her boyfriend, Jawbone, to be monogamous.

Pirate Brawl[]

Even later that night, Garthy is playing the harpsichord when Riz interrupts with news that Fabian is in trouble. Riz protests when he thinks Garthy is moving too slow for them to help him time, but they assure him that running won't make a difference. They take Riz into another room with a shrine filled with red, pink, and orange candles. Garthy kneels down in the center of the room where there is a silvery pentagram drawn with chalk. They touch their hands to it and the outline of bright red wings, like neon lights, erupt from their back. With a touch to Riz's shoulder, buildings start to rush past them as the two of them are magically transported through the city.

After Fabian is retrieved, they approach Fig to talk about the situation with Sandra Lynn. Garthy apologises for making her uncomfortable, and as the reality of the situation comes to light, expresses remorse for their role in the situation. Garthy assures her they were unaware of this agreement at the time, as they don't enjoy breaking promises, and are also friendly with Jawbone.

Even later that night, close to dawn the next morning, the Bad Kids ask Garthy for help one last time to contact Ragh's mother on the mainland. Along with Riz and Tracker, they catch that Ragh's crystal has signal, which Riz believes is a trick by the Shadow Cat. They show Garthy and Tracker the photo again, and this time, they both see Kalina. Garthy suggests that the Compass Points Library up at Crow's Keep may have a Sending spell that Adaine can learn to get in contact with the mainland for real, and leaves them with a note to give to the librarian there:

"Please bring this individual with safe passage and a favor owed to Garthy O'Brien to the Librarian of the Compass Points, one Ayda Aguefort."


  • Colby twitter created a homebrew race inspired by Garthy! Aasimars from Spyre
  • Some of the letters in their name can also be rearranged to spell "Night Yorb", though it is advised that we do not speak of this
  • They know Alistair by name, much to Alistair's surprise.
  • The party detects that they are concentrating on a spell as they all arrive, which is later revealed to be Detect Good and Evil. This is likely done as a precaution to keep the Gold Gardens and its patrons safe.
  • It is possible that they are named after Grant Anthony O'Brien, a former main cast member of CollegeHumor.
  • On Dimension 20's Q&A on Tumblr, Brennan confirmed that if Garthy was a player character, they would have levels as an Oath of Devotion Paladin and as a Divine Soul Sorcerer.
  • Garty's stats can be found on Dimension 20's Twitter.
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