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"Behold, a land of ash and shadow. Choked by sunless and starless skies, The vast plains of Khal Ravenwrath, smoking with craters, and the breeding pits of orcish armies. Spiders, wargs and bats cover the land of Gorgar, whose armies seek to forever stomp out the forces of light within the world of Elna." Brennan Lee Mulligan

Gorgar is the country where the Bloodkeep is located, closed off from the rest of the world of Elna by the Doors of Doom. It is the home base to the forces of darkness ruled by Zaul'Nazh.

It is the campaign setting for Dimension 20's second season, Escape from the Bloodkeep.


  • Doors of Doom
  • The Bloodkeep
    • Pool of Souls
    • Beast Pits
    • Aerie
    • Cave of the Spider Queen
    • Airship Dock
    • Maggie's Room
    • Library of Madness
    • Ante Room
    • The Torturey
    • Central Plaza
    • Cathedral of Gogmoth
    • Market of Spines
  • Karradkar
  • Tomb of Ultimate Evil


  • Gorgar is a analogue for Mordor in the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.