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WARNING!! This Fantasy High PC has grown up and had adventures past the initial Fantasy High episodes. This page contains major plot spoilers for the Dimension 20 LIVE campaign, so proceed at your own risk.

"Not so cute anymore, are ya..." ― Gorgug Thistlespring to the Corn Cuties

"Are you my dad?" ― Gorgug to literally everybody

Gorgug Thistlespring is a sophomore at Aguefort Adventuring Academy and a member of the Bad Kids adventuring party. He is the drummer for Fig and the Cig Figs. He is played by Zac Oyama.


"Uh, yeah, I'm Gorgug. I'm 14. I'm six feet, four inches tall. I'm a lot bigger than this house that I'm in. I kinda don't have a lot of friends. I'm not really good, really, at talking to people. I like keeping to myself and just sort of drawing something or listening to music. I'm adopted, by the way, my parents are little gnomes, and I'm a lot bigger than them. Last night I broke my bed in my sleep. Again. I just like to keep to myself." Zac Oyama


Gorgug is a half-orc barbarian who has always felt a little out-of-place. He is the adopted son of two gnomes, Wilma and Digby Thistlespring, so despite his parents' best attempts to understand him, Gorgug still struggles to connect with them. He is usually shy and held-back, but when it comes to his friends, he is incredibly supportive and can be the blunt shove-in-the-right-direction that they need. He has a reputation for being the least-perceptive member of the party, but at times can also be the most insightful. Like his girlfriend, Zelda Donovan, likes intense metal music and often listens to the playlist she made for him.


Gorgug is 6'4" and very lanky. His skin is dark green and his eyes are black with white pupils. His hair is a dark gray with white shock-locks that he got during a battle in the Elm Valley Mall arcade. This attack also gave him crow's feet at the corners of his eyes.

Gorgug has a huge tin flower tattoo on his shoulder and numerous tattoos of Zajiri-like, Orcish celestial runes from his stay in the Golden Gardens on the Leviathan.

Gorgug typically wears a grey hoodie and headphones. He carries the Heavy Metal Axe in a special holster gifted to him by Fabian Seacaster. He also carries a few handaxes that he uses in battle.

Fantasy High[]

The Beginning Begins[]

Gorgug is first introduced inside the Thistlespring Tree, having just woken up for the first day of school. He woke up earlier than usual because he broke his bed in his sleep, not for the first time. His parents, Wilma and Digby, greet him and fix his bed for him. Gorgug explains that he had a dream where he was really mad and asks his parents if they've ever had dreams like that. Although they try their hardest to be there for their son, they struggle to fully understand the experiences of a half-orc barbarian. They suggest that he sing a song to himself if he ever gets mad:

"♫ When you feel a little mad,

It's probably because you really feel sad;

Just remember your mom and dad;

And then you'll start to feel real glad. ♫"

Wilma and Digby Thistlespring

Outside the door to their tree, Wilma presents him with a little tin flower. Since he had a hard time making friends at Oakshield Middle School, she suggests giving the flower to someone. He asks if giving someone the flower is buying their friendship, but Wilma counters that it's just a gift; giving a compliment or a smile isn't "buying" friendship. Gorgug tries out a smile for himself and Wilma comments that his tusks are really growing in.

When he arrives at school, Gorgug tries to do what his parents suggested. As Fabian Seacaster walks up to him and asks how he's doing, he offers Fabian the flower. To his surprise, Fabian punches him in the gut. Gorgug tries to calm down by singing the song his parents taught him when he is approached by Kristen Applebees. She asks if he's okay and praises his dedication to non-violence. Gorgug, unable to calm down, goes into a rage and hits Fabian back twice as hard.

A crowd begins to surround the two teens. Vice Principal Goldenhoard arrives and quickly breaks up the fight. Gorgug immediately apologizes to Fabian for punching him and offers him the tin flower again. Goldenhoard stops him, telling Gorgug that Fabian has done nothing to earn the flower. Goldenhoard gives both of them detention in disbelief that they have managed to get it before the first bell even rung.

Gorgug, squished inside the Thistlespring Tree.

During the freshman assembly, Gorgug looks for a pencil the entire time to try and write down Principal Arthur Aguefort's speech.

Later in the day, Goldenhoard talks to Gorgug and four other kids who received detention: Fabian SeacasterRiz GukgakFig Faeth, and Adaine Abernant. They are not allowed to participate in the "Day of Fellowship" - a time when Aguefort students celebrate and form their adventuring parties - because they all managed to get detention on the first day. Across the auditorium, Gorgug and the rest of the group watch Coach Daybreak loudly give a detention slip to Kristen Applebees for "bearing false witness". Goldenhoard points out that this infraction is based on religion and isn't grounds for detention, but Kristen takes the detention anyway and joins The Bad Kids.

The group reconvenes in detention after school. Mr. Gibbons, the guidance counselor, attempts to get the students to talk about their feelings. Gorgug immediately says that he feels bad and apologizes to Fabian again for punching him.

Suddenly, a blood-curdling scream is heard from the hallway. Gorgug and Adaine are the last to run out of the room, somewhat hesitant about charging into danger. They follow the rest of the group into the hallway despite Mr. Gibbons' protests. The group arrives at the cafeteria and finds Lunch Lady Doreen, Corn Gremlins, and a giant Corn Ooze about to wreak havoc. The party prepares for battle.

Gorgug dies in Episode 2 when he is attacked by Corn Gremlins. He is revived when Arthur Aguefort reveals the last phoenix egg, shoots Mr. Gibbons, and shoots himself. The magic of the phoenix egg brings both Gorgug and Kristen back to life.

In Episode 3, Gorgug finds himself in what he believes to be hell. He briefly encounters a vengeful Mr. Gibbons before waking up in his body on the floor of the cafeteria. Gorthalax later reveals in Episode 9 that Gorgug actually went to Orc Heaven. In Episode 17, Gorthalax takes his name off of a list of people going to "Hell" as we learn Gorgug had gotten put on the list by mistake. Gorthalax then apologizes for the mix up to a very concerned and frightened Gorgug.

While Fig and Fabian talk to Penelope Everpetal in Episode 3, Riz throws up inside Fabian's backpack. Fabian chucks the backpack across the parking lot and Gorgug, watching from a distance, scoops up the backpack after it lands on the roof of a car. To preserve their own popularity, Fabian and Fig convince Penelope that Gorgug cast Friends on her. She vows to socially destroy him and deems him a backpack-stealing, "fucking creep".

In Episode 5, Gorgug meets Zelda Donovan, a shy satyr. The two awkwardly flirt several times over the course of the first season, even going on a date in Episode 13. They officially start dating at the end of freshman year.

Gorgug is constantly harassed by bully Ragh Barkrock until Episode 10. At the end of this episode, The Bad Kids pressure Ragh Barkrock into beating up anyone who speaks badly of them.

Gorgug attempts to prevent Zelda from getting trapped in a palimpsest by Penelope Everpetal but fails. He tries to save her again in Episode 14 when she's trapped in a tower of palimpsests with the other missing Aguefort girls. Near the end of the battle, Adaine has to decide between saving Riz and Zelda. When she apologizes to Gorgug for choosing Riz, Gorgug tells her that he understands. Moments after Riz is released from his palimpsest, Zelda is virtually transported to the A.V. room at Aguefort.

During the in Episode 14, a ghost grabs Gorgug's heart and squeezes it, instantly aging Gorgug. From then on, he has a white streak in his hair and crow's feet at the corners of his eyes. When The Bad Kids raid the arcade prize counter, Gorgug takes the Headphones of Solitude.

During the final battle of Freshman Year, Gorgug listens to the metal playlist that Zelda made for him for the first time.

In Episode 16, Gorgug convinces Ragh to fight with The Bad Kids by kissing him. In this battle, Gorgug also releases Gorthalax the Insatiable by playing a sick drum solo.

In Episode 17, after the battle with Kalvaxus, Gorgug approaches the orcish band from the prom and finally finds his biological father, Gorbag. Gorbag reveals that he left Gorgug with Wilma and Digby Thistlespring because he and his girlfriend, Roz, were just teenagers at the time. Gorbag and Gorgug share a sweet moment together; Gorgug not only finally knows who his biological parents are but also is able to appreciate the Thistlesprings even more.

Official art of Gorgug, available as a sticker in Dropout.TV's store.

In the epilogue, Gorgug reports that he is rocking on the drums in Fig's band, Fig and the Cig Figs. He's still living with Wilma and Digby Thistlespring but regularly messages Gorbag and Roz. He also trains often with Zelda, Ragh, and Porter.

In Fantasy High LIVE in Brooklyn, Gorgug still lives with his parents and is happily dating Zelda Donovan. When he meets the rest of The Bad Kids at school, he gives each of them a metal flower. When Gorgug meets Hargis, he is instantly intrigued and thinks he's an amazing actor. Hargis also takes a liking to Gorgug, getting excited when Gorgug quotes Hamlet. During the combat with Occularia, Queen of Sight, Gorgug puts on Occularia's magic wig, turns into a giant swarm of gnats wearing tiny wigs, and stays that way for the rest of the combat.

In Fantasy High LIVE at RTX Austin, Gorgug is still taking barbarian classes with Fig and is still not very respected by Porter. Gorgug and Zelda are still close; she invites him to her 16th birthday party/ritual and tells him that she really wants him there, especially because the party isn't really her scene. Gorgug brings Zelda a cookie cake because she mentioned it earlier in the episode. At the party, Gorgug worries about Zelda and the dangers of the ritual. He boldly protects her against The Party Fouls. He defeats the Harpy of Songs, beheading it and ending the corruption of the ritual. After the ritual is over, he and Zelda share a sweet moment and a slice of cookie cake.

Sophomore Year[]

Also available as a sticker!

Finding His Father[]

Since Gorgug is adopted, he does not know who his birth father is for a majority of his freshman year. Due to some very low perception and insight checks on other characters, he has had many incorrect guesses over the course of the campaign. The people who he incorrectly guessed were his biological father or correctly guessed to not be his father include:

Who When Result Notes
Coach Daybreak Episode 3: After the Afterlife Not his dad
Sylvester Episode 7: Graveyard of Good and Evil Not his dad
Gorthalax the Insatiable Episode 9: Dishing with a Demon Not his dad
Coach Daybreak's house Episode 11: Cool Kids, Cold Case Not his dad
Sklonda Gukgak Episode 11: Cool Kids, Cold Case Not his dad Guessed correctly
Jawbone Episode 11: Cool Kids, Cold Case Not his dad Guessed correctly, thought he was Tracker's dad
Himself Episode 12: The Sisterly Showdown Not his dad
Whoever Aelwyn was working for Episode 13: First Kisses and Last Words Not his dad
An Elmville Cop Episode 13: First Kisses and Last Words Not his dad
William "Bill" Seacaster Episode 15: Family in Flames Not his dad also believed that Fabian was his brother/twin
Goldenhoard/Kalvaxus Episode 16: Prompocalypse Not his dad
Arthur Aguefort Episode 17: Prompocalypse Pt. 2 Not his dad Was about to ask the very same question
Gorbag Episode 17: Prompocalypse Pt. 2 Is his dad
Himself, Zelda, and any other visible person Fantasy High LIVE in Brooklyn Not his dad
Ayda Aguefort (Sophmore Year) Episode 20: Spring Break! I Believe in You! (Part 2) Not his dad Not related to him in any way, not a parent, sibling, or cousin


Wilma and Digby Thistlespring[]

Gorgug's adoptive gnome parents. They are very kind and supportive of him but often can't fully understand his experiences as a half-orc barbarian. They give him abundant amounts of advice readily and often on all topics, ranging from making friends to complicated gnomish technology. They encourage him to use songs to process his feelings, which only sometimes works for Gorgug. When The Bad Kids visit his house, his parents lovingly embarrass him by bringing out snacks and baby pictures.

Despite these differences, they still love each other very much. Wilma and Digby try their hardest to teach Gorgug whatever they can in a positive way and Gorgug tries to take their advice whenever he can. Even after he meets his biological parents, he still calls Wilma and Digby "Mom and Dad" because they're his real parents, too. He also admires their tinkering capabilities and, inspired by them, takes a level in Artificer in sophomore year.

The Bad Kids[]

Gorgug's adventuring party. He meets The Bad Kids when they all get detention on the first day of freshman year. Gorgug had trouble making friends at Oakshield Middle School and was nervous to go to Aguefort. Even though he's apprehensive and prefers to keep to himself, the party works well together in their first battle in Episode 2. After that fight, they unofficially form an adventuring party and become best friends over the course of their freshman year.

He is incredibly thankful for having met the group and deeply loves his friends. He is very protective of them and often puts himself between his friends and their enemies in order to physically protect them. He sometimes puts himself down because he isn't as book-smart as other members of the party or just due to a general lack of self-esteem, but the group is quick to defend him and emotionally boost him up. Gorgug says in the epilogue that he believes the tin flower he brough to school on the first day really worked and that he was able to make friends just by being himself and caring about others.

Fig Faeth[]

Gorgug's friend and bandmate. Fig and Gorgug first become close when Fig sits in on a barbarian class with him, despite the fact that she's a bard. She teases him a bit but still has a soft spot for him, giving him a pair of drumsticks in Episode 5 as a way to work through his feelings. Gorgug learns to play the drums and forms a band with Fig: Fig and the Cig Figs. Fig offers to jam with Gorgug's parents the first time she meets them. Their first gig is at Ostentatia Wallace's house party in Episode 11. After freshman year, they go on tour together.

Fig often tries to protect Gorgug from bullies and is always quick to remind of his importance to the party. When the party members communicate in elvish for a short time as their "secret language", Fig translates the phrases for Gorgug. During combat, Fig often uses Dimension Door to get him close to their enemies so that Gorgug can defend the group.

Fabian Seacaster[]

Gorgug's friend and fellow teammate. Even though Fabian and Gorgug were the first of The Bad Kids to meet, they did not start on the right foot; Gorgug tried to give Fabian his tin flower, Fabian punched him in an attempt to establish dominance, and Gorgug went into a rage and hit him back twice as hard. Gorgug immediately apologized for hitting Fabian, and Fabian eventually apologized after getting over his own pride. Soon after, they become good friends.

Even though Fabian is aware that his social status could have easily put him out of Gorgug's reach, he still treats him as a precious friend. In Episode 9, he gives Gorgug gifts him an axe holster with a tin flower on it. calling back to their first encounter. Fabian is also defensive of Gorgug and gets angry when Ragh bullies him. After they kill Coach Daybreak and the school hires Gorthalax the Insatiable as the new bloodrush coach, Gorgug and Fabian join the Owlbears. They also join Ragh Barkrock and befriend him. During their sophomore year adventure, the three of them often travel together and encourage each other with the Owlbear chant: "Hoot! Growl!".

Ragh Barkrock[]

At first Gorgug's bully, but eventually his friend and teammate. Ragh spends the first half of freshman year harassing the party, especially targeting Gorgug. In Episode 10, when he's attacked by Ragh, Gorgug knocks him unconscious and ultimately kills him. When the group revives Ragh, they make him promise to not only stop bullying him but also defend them in school. Ragh and Gorgug bond over not knowing who their fathers are. When the school hires Gorthalax the Insatiable as the new bloodrush coach, Gorgug and Fabian join Ragh on the Owlbears.

During their final battle with Kalvaxus, Ragh is upset that he's been rejected by Dayne Blayde, his best friend and first love. Gorgug tells him that he's worthy of love and kisses him. From then on, Ragh fights by the party's side and even accompanies them on their adventure during sophomore year as a hireling. During spring break, the two of them often travel with Fabian and encourage each other with the Owlbear chant: "Hoot! Growl!".

Adaine Abernant[]

Gorgug's friend. Adaine and Gorgug are the most anxious of the group; they both desperately try not to stand out but constantly fail. In the very first episode, Adaine and Gorgug only leave detention to follow the rest of the party because "everyone else is going". Adaine defends Gorgug against Biz Glitterdew when Biz is consistently rude to Gorgug. Gorgug doesn't realize that Biz is being mean to him, but Adaine tells him that Gorgug deserves better. She also defends him against Ragh Barkrock during the time he was bullying Gorgug, going as far as casting Ray of Sickness on him. Adaine adores Gorgug's doting parents, especially because her own parents are so dissimilar to them. Adaine and Gorgug care about each other very much.

Zelda Donovan[]

Gorgug's girlfriend. They first meet each other in Episode 5 when Zelda approaches Gorgug at his locker and awkwardly strikes up a conversation. They continue to uncomfortably flirt with each other throughout the first season - "like Michael Cera talking to Michael Cera". They go on their first date in Episode 13 at Basrar's Soda Fountain, where they bond over their love of metal music. Gorgug tries to save Zelda from getting trapped in a palimpsest but is unsuccessful. He listens to the playlist she made for him while he fights Kalvaxus. They are happily dating at the end of freshman year.

Over spring break of sophomore year, Gorgug and Zelda run into some relationship problems. Gorgug forgets to say goodbye to Zelda before leaving on his quest and also forgets to ask his parents for a device that will allow him to text Zelda even with no service. This causes tension between them; Gorgug feels incredibly guilty and uses every available opportunity to attempt to contact Zelda or build a cell tower. Eventually, in Arborlee, the gnomes adapt his phone so that it's connected to his parents' satellite and he can finally call Zelda. They have a tearful phone call where they both apologize and make up.


  • Gorgug was gifted drum sticks by Fig Faeth and joins her band.
  • He breaks the bed a lot
  • He wears a size 19 shoe
  • Really good at survival for some reason
  • Nicknames include: [1]Jorjuj, Jorjug, Bhohjuj, Chej
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