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Gorthalax the Insatiable is the devil who rules over the Bottomless Pit, and the biological father of Fig Faeth.

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Despite his monstrous appearance, Gorthalax is very kind and sweet to everyone, even making friends with Sandra Lynn Faeth's ex-husband Gilear Faeth and her current boyfriend Jawbone O'Shaughnessey. He is also very open and honest, like when he tells Fig about him and her mother having sex after their reunion.


Gorthalax used to be an angel of Sol until he fell from Heaven during the reign of Kalvaxus. He made for the border after he fell, where he met Sandra Lynn Faeth, and they conceived their daughter, Fig.

In Hell, Gorthalax ruled over the Bottomless Pit. His domain became rather disorderly after Arthur Aguefort trapped him in a giant ruby beneath the Durinson Mithral Factory. He was found by Johnny Spells, who made a warlock pact with him in his search for crazy magic powers to do crime with. Gorthalax thought it would be funny if his taboo was that he couldn't fuck. He provides Johnny with spells for The Harvestmen and his own gang, including the hellmouth paper that caused the Corn Ooze on the first day of school.

Freshman Year[]

After the Afterlife[]

Though she doesn't yet know that it's Gorthalax, Fig is able to contact her father while she lays, dying, on the cafeteria floor during the battle with Doreen and the Corn Ooze. He asks what he should call her, and she tells him she's dying 'cause corn. All too soon, he has to go, and all she's left with is the sound of his motorcycle in the distance.

Gorthalax is released from his ruby after Fig plays a sick drum solo.

At Fig's request, he is now the school's bloodrush coach.

In Episode 16, Penelope Everpetal traps him in a ruby necklace which he breaks out of after Gorgug plays a sick drum solo. He then partakes in the rest of the battle against Kalvaxus and afterwards takes Mr. Gibbons and Kalvaxus both to hell. He also removes Gorgug from a roster which presumably means Gorgug did end up in hell in episode 3. In the epilogue he is said to have ended up with Sklonda Gukgak.

Gorthalax also join's Fig's band, Fig and the Cig Figs.

Fantasy High LIVE in Brooklyn[]

The Bad Kids come across Gorthalax as they visit the brand new bloodrush stadium on their way to the theater department. He greets Fabian enthusiastically, and he tells Fabian about his father's escapades in Hell. He also talks about how he did some grilling, and "we" got a boat and had a nice time out on the lake, though it's unclear who "we" is in reference to. Possibly his daughter, Fig, or Sklonda Gukgak, who he is currently dating.

When the kids comment on the fact that they had no idea that the school even had a theater, he defends the fact that it's important for adventurers to be well rounded. While that year it was the bloodrush field that got funding an attention, since there was an attempt to open a hellmouth on it last year, he was sure that the theater department would be next. He mentions to Fabian that all the best bloodrush players were also ballerinas and dancers, but Fabian says he's fine with the skills he has.

Sophomore Year[]

Gorthalax shows up to Mordred Manor to help Sandra Lynn, Jawbone, and the kids move in. He and Jawbone are super chill with each other.

The following morning, under the effects of a Dominate Person spell, Fig robs a jewelry store in the Elm Valley Mall to steal the Devil's Heart, a ruby, and traps Gorthalax inside. The ruby is cursed in multiple ways, such that if the overlaying curse is dispelled, a contingency curse takes effect which will destroy him. The gem can be entered using Plane Shift, where the contingency curse can be dispelled before the overlaying curse without any adverse effects.

Kalina, along with Arianwen and Aelwyn Abernant, performed a ritual on Killian to implant the gem in his chest, and used him to enter the Forest of the Nightmare King. Gorthalax remains trapped in the gem till the final fight, when Fig and Ayda Aguefort use the Plane Shift spell to enter the gem while it is still inserted in Killian's chest. Ayda dispells the contingency curse, and Fig shatters the gem from the inside using her Infeathable Bass, which allows the three to leave the gem safely, killing Killian upon exit. Gorthalax chooses to engage in battle with the Nightmare King in a bid to buy the Bad Kids time to focus on destroying the curses of the Unnamed Goddess.

In the Forest of the Nightmare King, Gorthalax is able to communicate with Fig through a fear illusion generated by the curse of the Nightmare King. He tells her that her power as a bard and teifling is not born from greed or hatred, but from rebellion, as the very first fallen angels rebelled against Heaven.


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