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Episode 4 of Misfits and Magic, proceed at your own risk.

Gowpenny[1] Academy of Arcane Arts is the magical school in which Misfits and Magic takes place.



It is currently unknown how to actively apply and enroll at Gowpenny. Once students are accepted, however, they are sent a letter detailing the next steps towards attending. The letter is placed in a large, thick, intricate vellum envelope sealed with a glittery navy blue wax seal depicting a pair of hands cupping some stars.[2] As the letter is unfolded, it seems to defy spatial dimensions as it unravels into a two-foot long scroll of parchment:

A mockup of Gowpenny's crest by @Shanimal_x

"Congratulations on your acceptance to the Gowpenny Academy of the Arcane Arts. Your magical potential, latent though it may be, has been noted, and you are invited to attend the upcoming school year slated to begin on September 1st. As you've been up to this point classified as a non-magical person, two important things must happen quickly. First, if your non-magical parents, family, or guardians have been alerted to this development, they must sign the release waiver, contained, that both consents to your attendance and the requisite memory spell that maintains the secrecy of the magical world. Failure to comply will result in intrusive and unpleasant mage intervention. Second, please use the enclosed teleportation pellet at your earliest availability. It will transport you to a magical neighborhood adjacent to the departure train to Gowpenny, and I, Headmistress Boudicca Philtrum, will personally escort you as you acquire vital school supplies for the term. If you choose to forego this once in a lifetime opportunity for a life of quiet mundanity, please burn this letter and forget it ever happened. Thank you."


The school employs the use of owls to deliver acceptance letters no matter where their recipients may live, even overseas (even though owls cannot lock their wings like albatrosses to sleep on the wind). The owls are very large, standing at about knee-height, and are brown with white speckles. Their wingspans are close to 6 feet.

A Gowpenny owl carrying an acceptance letter

The owls cannot speak, but are intelligent enough to understand human language and communicate back through motions like pecking and wing and head gestures, and sounds like trilling and cooing. When the letters they carry are opened and read, the owl will open its mouth and begin to read out loud in the voice of Headmistress Boudicca Philtrum, keeping pace with the words the recipient is reading (see above). After the letter is read, the owl coughs up the aforementioned teleportation pellet. It is hot and wet, and appears to be a normal owl pellet, sometimes containing the skeletal remains of their food, but when crushed it will teleport the recipient to Vertiq Alley and the surrounding neighborhood.

Sam Black named the owl that visited her Sausage after it began eating the sausage and cucumbers she'd had out for her stream.

House Sorting[]

Once accepted, students are sorted into one of four school "houses" in the sorting ceremony on the first day of school. A student's house is determined by stepping onto the Confirmation Dais and conversing silently with it. The student is then placed into the house in which they fit best. Their house determines where they sleep, their class schedule, and the Scuppers team they play for, among other things.

Each of the four houses is also associated with a color and an animal: Hercinil, the hero house, is associated with a bird of prey and the color red; Aqrabus, the cunning or "evil" house is associated with a scorpion and the color green; Messanteu, the smart house, is associated with a fox and the color blue; and lastly Chimeron, the proletariat house, which is associated with a goat and the color yellow.

Students and Faculty[]


Name Position
Headmistress Boudicca Philtrum Headmistress
Dr. Norman Boodle History of Magic Professor

Head of Chimeron

Professor Viniscus Potions Professor
The Frunthwinkle Natura Professor
Professor Criggle Applied Evocations Professor
Nurse David Stitchnit School Nurse


Name House Year Name House Year
Dream Chimeron 6th Peter Chimeron 2nd
Sam Black Chimeron 6th Lucrezia Borgia Unknown Graduated
Whitney Jammer Chimeron 6th Criss Angel the Mindfreak Unknown Graduated
Evan Kelmp Chimeron 6th Lemli Irving Chimeron 6th
Tallulah Jillymont Hercinil 6th Frink Chimeron 6th
Fergus Ponst Hercinil 6th Khanh Nguyen Hercinil 6th
Digsby Cooper Hercinil 6th Penfrew Lairmsbury Aqrabus 6th
Coggle and Hoggle Undergus Chimeron 6th Axelby Killoran Aqrabus 6th
Anamika Chimeron Unknown Maddy Stitchnit Chimeron 4th



  • Despite what you may hear and what the captions say, the school's name is "Gowpenny", not "Galpenny".[1]
  • Although modern things like a cell tower, cars, and graffiti are visible on the DM screen, the screen is more representative and is not meant to accurately depict Gowpenny Academy.[1][3]
  • The name "Gowpenny" comes from the word "gowpen", which refers to the hollow of two hands held together as if forming a bowl, which is the symbol that is stamped on the wax seal of the school's acceptance letters.[2]
    • This is most likely in reference to the fact that Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry from the Harry Potter books takes its name from the hogwart plant.
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