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Grand Design is the seventeenth episode of Adventuring Academy (Season 2). It features Gabriel Hicks as a guest.


Questions Answered[]

  • “Gabe, I truly appreciate the work you've done around TTRPGs, namely the Class Modifier Module, the racial aspects of D&D and many TTRPGs have always felt a bit limiting, redacted and awkward in the way they influenced the RP. CMM is a great alternative that preserves what's so great about the game while removing some of the more problematic aspects. Do you have any plans to continue this work?”
  • “Hey Gabe, for your goblin dating sim, Hidden Treasures, was there a specific event or moment that just made you go, yeah let's date some goblins?”
  • “Gabe, I've been loving Into the Mother Lands on Twitch. And we'd love to hear more about the development process and philosophy behind the game."
  • “When introducing new players to the game, sometimes it feels like those first sessions can be a little slow due to world-building, interesting characters, explaining mechanics/rules, how do you engineer a game to really hook a new player from the get-go so they're excited to come back and play more?”
  • “Do you have any advice for making fun but balanced homebrew, whether it be items, monsters, race, or class features?”
  • “What is the best way to keep track of character information?”
  • “I have been DM-ing almost nonstop over the last two years. How do you keep from writer's block and burn out for D&D specifically?”