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"The ball is rolling up!" ― Gunthrie Miggles-Rashbax

Gunthrie “Gunnie” Miggles-Rashbax is an engineer aboard the Red Hot. He is played by Lou Wilson.


"You find Gunthrial Miggles-Rashbax, aka Gunnie. I'm 4'11", early thirties, a beautiful black, bald head, and a gorgeous cyborg body. A full cyborg from the neck down, just currently absolutely like busy with, plugging things in, trying to get power wherever it needs to go, checking in on-- Did you guys say something about a shark?" Lou Wilson


Gunnie is an incredibly intelligent, yet reckless and impulsive person. In most situations, he leaps before looking, and is often one step ahead of the crew. He loves to gamble and take risks whenever the opportunity presents itself, and will even lie in order to get the credits needed to gamble.


Gunthrie is a black man in his mid thirties, standing at 4'11. He's fully bald with one hazel/brown eye and one glowing yellow cybernetic eye. The majority of his body is cybernetic, yellow and golden with a metallic circlet. He has a counter on his chest marking how many credits he will have to pay that month [charged per breath]. He can also disconnect his legs from his torso, and his legs can act independently when the connection is severed.


Gunthrie comes from an extremely well to-do academic family, yet always has a yearning to travel to space. This yearning ended up with him joining the crew of Capt. Dan Scrap of the "Bad Call". Capt. Scrap persuaded Gunthrie to refuse insurance and avoid the taxes that would be required. An accident occurred during the voyage, ending with Gunthrie injured, with his intestines floating in space until an ambulance found him. These injuries required Gunthrie to get; a cybernetic organ transplant, blood processors, a kidney replacement, limb replacements, leg replacements, his organic feet a cybernetic casing to interface them with the completely cybernetic leg, and a replacement for his eye.

After this, Captain Scrap had to 'let him go' leaving Gunthrie to pay the thousands of credits needed to constantly rent his cyborg body on his own. Some time after the incident Gunthrie joined up with the crew of The Red Hot.



Professor Dora Valentine[]

Professor Dora Valentine was the mentor and mathematics teacher to Gunthrie in his University years, and he served as her Teacher's Assistant. Gunthrie asked her if she had ever considered leaving their planet to explore space. She holds Gunthrie in high regard due to his great intellect and helpfulness, and was incredibly supportive of his wanderlust.


  • While in between jobs, Gunnie previously has worked a few gigs as a cater waiter. He has one incredibly funny story from that time, and has told the Red Hot crew it various times.
  • Gunnie has two Phds.
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