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Hargis is a student at Aguefort Adventuring Academy, and a guest PC played by Brian David Gilbert.

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Hargis is a goliath who wears a custom-ordered beret (they don't sell them in his size). Adaine describes him as a giant rock-boy who wears what looks like a girl scout vest, but decorated with patches he made himself. He carries a lucky four-by-four with him at all times, looking for someplace special to use it as part of a set. It has "Lucky" written on it in sharpie, and is decorated with flowers drawn in different colors.

He is a shy theater nerd who works on most of the sets for the theater department. He has been in a part of every single play since he arrived at Aguefort. His dream was to be on stage as one of the leads but he often becomes anxious and does poorly during auditions. He may look stony, but inside is the heart of an artist.`He comes off as very melancholy most of the time, but he's got a positive attitude. He's a terrible actor and liar, but incredibly determined to stick with his dream and get better. He's really good at listening from the sidelines.


Hargis is first introduced on the first day of school, the year after the Bad Kids defeated Kalvaxus on Prom Night. Aguefort Adventuring Academy is hosting a 24-hour theater festival, where a play is written, cast, rehearsed, and performed in one day. The play is "Northside Story", a musical about two star-crossed loves from two tribes of Frost Dwarves, Dordara and Barkas, and Hargis is helping build large icy stalagmites for the set. He auditioned the night before, but it didn't go super great.

When Torek Railgrinder accidentally drills all the way through a four-by-four, she calls him a sad boy for carrying his lucky four-by-four around. She also mentions that a package was delivered to the school with his name on it. He had it delivered there instead of home because he was embarrassed about it: it's a potion of charisma, which lasts for 12-16 hours, that he hoped would make the jitters go away if he'd been cast, though it may have been better to use at the auditions instead. He decides to drink it right then and there, but when he does, his eyes immediately start to burn. After reading a notification email from the potion company, he learns there was a problem with shipping, and that he'd actually received a potion of True Sight.

The theater kids begin to swarm around the stage where the cast list has been posted. Hargis sees that Carie Zatrial has been cast as the leading man, and that Iris Clark was given the part of the leading lady. His own name is nowhere on the list. Through his True Sight, Hargis sees that Iris, usually a beautiful triton girl, is actually an enormous fleshy ball with one eye. Iris apologizes to him for not getting a part. Trying to stay composed about his discovery, he says, "There's always next year", to which she ominously replies "I wouldn't be so sure".

Deeply worried, Hargis goes to find someone he knows and trusts to tell this to, and finds Torek again backstage. She pats him on the back as a weak reassurance for not getting a part, and he asks if he should tell anyone if someone who other people say has arms and legs doesn't have arms and legs. Torek points out that he answered his own question and asks if he needs help. He agrees, and Torek leads him to the Bad Kids. She and Fabian Seacaster exchange a few challenges and insults before she leaves to go back to work on the set.

Hargis asks the Bad Kids if they'd performed any murders, and asks for their help in murdering Iris. Not because he's jealous, but because she's a floating thing with a big eye and she's gonna do a bad thing. They agree, and he leads them past the bloodrush field to the back door of the theater building, since the theater teacher, Mr. Pepper, gave him the key to help him feel better about not getting a part. Once there, they see Mr. Pepper smoking outside the door. Hargis attempts to lie about the Bad Kids being there to help with the set, but he fails terribly. He tries to cover it up by saying that he was working on his acting, but it's really not working for him. Instead, Adaine casts Friends on Mr. Pepper and tells him they're all interested in joining and would like to take a look around. He gets very excited and is proud of Hargis for bringing more people in to become members, and he lets them pass.

Inside, the Bad Kids see Iris Clark talking to some other theaters students about a possible "showmance" that could happen between her and Carie. The Bad Kids all see a beautiful triton girl, who Fabian thinks is the most beautiful girl he's ever seen, though Kristen can tell her hair is actually a wig. Hargis tells them about the potion he took earlier that day, and hopes that one of them can confirm what he sees. When the Bad Kids form a huddle to talk about what to do, Hargis butts in and asks them to trust him, as they did just see him try to tell a lie and fail miserably.

They come up with a plan to get close to Iris so that Adaine could touch her wig and cast Identify. He tucks his beret into his vest, puffs out his chest, raises his voice a little, and on a Nat 20 performance check, becomes Professor Bargis, the costume head. He approaches Iris and asks her to let Adaine touch her body, so that they may gather measurements for costumes, and Iris agrees. Adaine removes the wig, Iris's true form as Occularia, Queen of Sight, is revealed to everyone else, and combat begins.

During the fight, Hargis attempts to grab one of her eyestalks but misses, and when he angrily swings his four-by-four (and misses), Carie thinks it's hot (and vulnerable, which is also hot). He uses this newfound confidence to finally land a blow and withstand another paralyzing ray legendary action, much to Mr. Pepper's surprise. Hargis lands the killing blow as he picks up one of the stalagmite props, and with a mighty "It's curtains for you", hurls it at Occularia's huge eye and kills her.

Carie stands to clap for them, but Mr. Pepper laments the loss of their Dordara. Hargis, having read the lines the night before, chimes in that he knows her part, and Mr. Pepper is intrigued at the thought of an 'avant garde' genderbent cast. Carie also approves, and mentions to Hargis that they could do their on-stage kiss... "without thumbs".


  • His legs were seen twice when he was fixing lights during a show.
  • When Detect Evil and Good is cast on him, it comes back very bland, but in kind of a good way, like how a knock-off t-shirt is good in the sense that you'll wear it, but it's not your favorite.
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