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The Hotel Cavalier is a hotel in Bastion City, which until Havoc at the Hotel Cavalier, was run by demons disguised as humans, gorilla people and aarakocras.

Featured Episodes[]

Episodes Featuring The Hotel Cavalier
Dimension 20 LIVE:


When Fig was mind-controlled by the Nightmare King, she went to the Hotel Cavalier, where she attempted to sacrifice Riz in a ritual that would create a vessel for Kalina to enter the Forest of the Nightmare King.

The rest of the Bad Kids arrived in the hotel, and tried to persuade the hotel concierge to tell them where Fig was staying. After a long conversation of the concierge being extremely unhelpful, she reveals herself to be a Cambion and the rest of the staff to be Barlguras and Vrocks. She orders the rest of the demons in the hotel to kill them. During the battle, the Charm spell on Fig was dispelled by Adaine's nat 20 and they managed to escape the hotel with the guest book, and a bag of gems containing both Gorthalax and Zaphriel.

From the guest book, the they found that the hotel was a secret meeting place for Garthy O'Brien and Bill Seacaster when they were working together to supply palimpsests to KVX Bank during the events of the first series.

Fig returned to the hotel after the battle, took on the appearance of Detective Decker and talked to Police Commissioner Runce Buggins. She did not find any more helpful information but she did get her kisses in and then dash away on a skateboard.


  • The Hotel Cavalier is the location of Gilear's first real death