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I'm Gonna Have to Prod You, Sparta-Style is the seventh episode of Adventuring Academy (Season 2). It features Alicia Marie as a guest.


Questions Answered[]

  • "Which source material do y'all think has the coolest aesthetic?"
  • “Any advice on keeping a voice-only remote session organic and engaging? Dead air is killing my games.”
  • "What is the difference between TTRPG and LARP? What does that visceral element of LARPing add to the storytelling? Does theater of the mind encourage you to go bigger and wilder in play? Love the program.”
  • "What do you believe to be the best subclass for each class gameplay wise or what you like most?"
  • "Wanted to ask you about incorporating character backstories into the main story better. Sometimes my players will come with a prepared character and generic backstory. How can I better engage them in role playing moments?"
  • "I just started DMing my first campaign a few weeks ago. Yesterday I had a 3.5 hour session plan that wound up being cut short because my players plowed through all of the encounters much more quickly than I thought they would. Should I be preparing more scenes and encounters? How do you handle situations where players are moving from the story more quickly than you anticipated?"