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Jack Brakkow is a resident of Leviathan who is cursed and haunted by loss of his ship. He is played by Matthew Mercer.


"As you look up in the kind of darkened atmosphere the mist just barely parting as you see this towering shape, slowly turning around to kind of meet your direction you see about a six and a half nearly seven foot tall, humanoid rat, one of the various rat folk that live here on the Bilge, and in the Bilge, but on the Leviathan as a whole. But this is the largest rat man you've seen in your time here on the ship. You see his, his legs themselves are long and spindly but the torso itself widens toward the shoulders meet with this giant muscular upper body. You see bits of kind of tattered deckhand clothing and this kind of long gray mustache that drags from the end of the older rats snout. This, this is a ratfolk there's his later years. Probably in what would be the human equivalent of his late 50s or so. With the green rag tied over the top of his head kind of sunken, dark, haunted eyes and you see kind of held by the right hand hanging over the shoulder a massive, thick piece of wood. Almost like a like a support or part of a mast that he kind of clutches and hangs one arm over as he spins back over looking at in that direction he goes, 'Right, right, so... Hello?'" Matthew Mercer



Jack is an old ratfolk, one of the largest rat men aboard Leviathan. He has long, spindly legs and a wide, muscular upper body. At the end of his snout is a long grey mustache. His eyes are dark, sunken, and haunted.

He wears tattered deckhand clothing and a green rag tied on his head. He carries a massive chunk of wood over his right shoulder which he wields as a weapon. It is part of the mast of his old ship, the Late Bloomer, which saved his life when it sank.


Born the runt of his litter, son of Malcolm and Dana Brakkow, he became a strong deckhand and worked his way up to his own ship. Formerly the Captain of The Late Bloomer, Jack Brakkow and his first mate Clive McDoone, along with the rest of his crew, were battered by an immensely powerful storm while sailing one day. Jack was said to be the only survivor remaining, found clinging to a bit of mast that saved his life. He now clutches that piece of mast from his ship at all times, refusing to part with it or even take his gaze away. It's said to have the souls of his crew still "living" within it, unable to cross over.

Jack now lives at the Bilge on Leviathan. Jack has a known reputation of being cursed so no one wants to go near him except for his roommate Stimey, a sentient mold.


He then some time later runs into Cheese, and the The Buccaneer Buddies adventure begins.


The Buccaneer Buddies[]


Jack is the first member of the Buccaneer Buddies that Cheese formally meets as he escapes the Foundry with the Daughter of Storms. Cheese is extremely wary of Jack as he hears songs on the wind of Jack's curse, and observes other residents of the Bilge retreat to their houses in fear as he approaches. Nevertheless, Jack is kind to and protective of Cheese: he offers him the only chair when he brings him back to his house, and places himself in front of Cheese when he hears suspicious voices outside.


Sentient mold who lives with Jack as a sort of roommate.



  • Matt's favorite real life pirates are Anne Bonny and Mary Read.[1]
  • Jack being a ratfolk is possibly a reference to "bilge rat", a pirating insult.


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