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Jamina Joy is the warforged bosun, or boatswain, of the floating city of Leviathan. She is in charge of keeping Leviathan alive and afloat, and is likely one of the only parts of the city that works like it's supposed to.

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Pirates of Leviathan


She is a living automaton made of stone, rusted steel, and wood. She wears a typical dirty white sailors shirt and striped pants under a long, blue captain's coat. One of her eyes is a bright, gleaming lantern, and the other is just an exposed, frayed, tungsten wire. Her feet are tri-clawed structures more robotic than human-looking. She does not carry a sword, but her right hand is three stone fingers that close like a claw, and her left hand is a four-barreled, rotating cannon.


The Bad Kids first encounter her in the Maelstrom's Maw as the Hangvan is lifted out of the water and captured. Fabian does not recognize her, and attempts to use his father's name to gain her favor, but it isn't until Cathilda steps out of the van that she kneels in respect. When she declares the Hangvan seized property for raw materials, Fig attempts to use per position as a famous rock star to stop her.

The pirates of Leviathan have never heard of rock music before, and Jamina is confused, assuming that Fig meant that she or her guitar were made of stone. Fig assures her that rock music is indeed awesome and offers a deal: if she can make Jamina dance, they can get their van back. Jamina states that she does not dance and only judges the incessant beating of music for the pounding of its rhythm, and it does not move her as she does not have have a heart to beat in time with it. With the help of Gorgug, Fig gives an impressive performance, and Jamina and the rest of the pirates are thoroughly impressed with the power of rock music. Jamina falls to her knees crawls over to unplug the amp, overcome by the immense power that the Bad Kids and their vessel must posses.

She reminds them that while the van has been claimed for Leviathan, she will allow them to purchase it back. The group haggles with her for a while as Jamina doesn't know the true value of the van; Adaine offers to pay "in kind" with labor, but retracts the offer once Jamina says they'd need to work for a year and a day; Fig offers VIP tickets, then suggests invoicing her manager, in an attempt to tie them up in paperwork; Fabian tells her to name her price, but is stopped by the rest of the group and instead suggests 100 gold. While they argue about offering a reasonable price, Alistair Ash approaches her and pays for them. It is later revealed that this was a trick and that he had actually given her rocks. The consequences of this ruse are never revealed, only that she "has questions" as the Hangvan, with the party and Alistair inside, peel away from the Maelstrom Maw.

The next time that the Bad Kids cross paths with her is outside the Ramble after Captain James Whitclaw burned it down. She tells them that Whitclaw had gone there to inquire about what it would take to reinstate a pirate king, and had unnecessarily burned the place down out of pure malice. Fig asks her opinion on what Whitclaw is trying to do, and while Jamina says she's apolitical, she does call him an "evil" king. Adaine attempts to get her to help them stop Whitclaw by pointing this out, and states that she basically runs the place anyway. Jamina argues back saying that she's got enough to do keeping the city afloat, and that she can't afford to concern herself with politics, let alone run the city. She says that the city changed when Bill Seacaster killed the last pirate king, and that it would just change again when Whitclaw crowned himself.


  • Fig is successful in disguising herself as Jamina Joy when she and Gorgug are rocketing up a rope to Crow's Keep, and in asking the residents of Leviathan for help getting up there. Unfortunately, the two of them are moving so fast, all they can hear or see is a screaming blur of a person.
  • It is rumored on Leviathan that Jamina has a powerful wish spell stored in the center of her chest.
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