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Jetsam is a underwater "neighborhood" in Leviathan located below the waterline.

Featured Episodes[]

Episodes Featuring Jetsam
Pirates of Leviathan


Jetsam is a community located below the waterline of Leviathan, where a large hole in the rotted floor opens up into the ocean itself. Creatures that breathe air must take special potions that create air bubbles around their nose and mouth to allow them to breathe underwater.

As the bottom most part of Leviathan, the neighborhood is cold and dark, and made up of rotted wood. The bulk of the city above blocks out any type of light other than the streetlamps made of bioluminescent algae and faintly glowing coral.

Located in Jetsam is Myrtle's shrine to her goddess, Umberlee. The shrine is in a vast chamber, the walls and floor littered with holes and floating kelp. It is lit with glowing algae and braziers of blue, watery fire. In the back is a throne of sharp, spiny coral. The room is filled with strange relics, piles of debris from sihpwrecks, items sorted into glittering silver and gold.



  • In nautical terms, 'jetsam' refers to material that's been thrown overboard and washed ashore, especially material that has been discarded to make a vessel lighter.
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