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"WOAH woah woah woah... Watch the jacket, kid." ― Johnny Spells to Riz Gukgak

Johnny Spells is a tiefling greaser and leader of a gang/dance crew in Elmville. He hangs around Aguefort Adventuring Academy and dates several students there, despite not fucking and not being a student himself.

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Johnny is a tiefling warlock with big horns and swept back hair. He wears a black leather jacket over a white t-shirt and tight jeans. He rides a infernal motorcycle that can drive itself.

Johnny acts as a "bad boy" character and uses 1950's greaser inspired lingo such as "daddy-o" and "lil' mama". His role in the ultimate plot of Freshman year is as a groomer finding maidens for the ceremony. Despite his reputation, his warlock contract suggests he can't fuck and retain his powers.



The Beginning Begins[]

Johnny is first introduced hanging outside Aguefort Adventuring Academy with his girlfriend, Sam Nightingale. They are approached by Penelope Everpetal, who asks to speak with Sam. Sam says she's busy, and that she can talk after school, but Penelope insists they talk now. Johnny watches with a blank expression until Riz Gukgak sneaks up behind him and taps him on the shoulder. He's startled, concerned for his jacket, and Riz asks if he goes to school there. He answers with a "hell no" and puts his sunglasses on. He motions to Sam, introducing her as his girlfriend.

Penelope recalls him from earlier that day and calls him "the ball", and Johnny asks why. Riz attempts to play it off that it's because he plays ball, but Johnny doesn't believe him. Riz tries to make conversation, but all of Johnny's answers are vague and dramatic. Finally, Sam asks if they can meet up later once she deals with Penelope, and he rides off.

After the Afterlife[]

The Bad Kids track Johnny down to the Arkon Gas Station and Garage with the help of Penelope Everpetal. They spot him and his gang re-entering a dance studio at the back of the garage from being on a break.

It is unknown exactly who these students are but it can be presumed it was Penny Luckstone or any other of the missing girls due to his affiliation with the Harvestmen.

The garage holds the motorcycles of Johnny's tiefling gang as well as his prized car and demonic motorcycle. This car is later stolen by our adventuring party and driven by Fig while he and his gang follow in suit to take back the car. While chasing the party, Spells is seen riding on his sentient motorcycle from the lower planes. It is mentioned that this cycle has a skull which will later be damaged by Gorgug. Fabian later becomes the master of said motorcycle and renames it the "Hangman" after his father's ship.

As the biker gang gives chase, every single member of Johnny's crew is killed by our intrepid adventurers. Johnny dies on the highway by Fabian's arrow and is deemed dead. He is mentioned to be buried in the Cravencroft Cemetery alongside the rest of his gang.

Gorthalax talks about how Johnny found him one day after going to the Durinson Mithral Factory to dance his feelings out. Johnny sold his soul to Gorthalax and his taboo was that he wasn't allowed to fuck. He then started to go around with his new warlock powers and commit crimes with his gang. However, after one bad job at KVX Bank, Johnny got into The Harvestmen and was forced to run the poison tea, the palimpsests and the hellmouth page as a last resort.

Blast from the Passed[]

Johnny briefly returns during the fight atop the Goldenrod, showing that after he died he went to hell along with the rest of his tiefling gang. When Johnny returns he quickly taunts Fabian (saying stuff like daddy-o a lot), and challenges him to a dance battle. Before this can happen he is knocked off of the ship by a spell from Adaine, and though he climbs back up to the ship he is quickly killed again, presumably returning to The Bottomless Pit weaker, as that is what Alistair Ash claimed happened to damned souls if they die in hell.

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