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KVX Bank is a bank in Elm Valley Mall in Elmville. It was later revealed to store the lost dragon hoard of Kalvaxus after it went missing with the Harpy.

Featured Episodes[]

Episodes Featuring KVX Bank
Fantasy High

Pirates of Leviathan


KVX Bank is first shown in Graveyard of Good and Evil built next to Aguefort Adventuring Academy. The Bad Kids consider going into the bank for free pens and lollipops but see that they have a policy of not handing these items for free.

Alston Hughes from KVX Bank headquarters is first seen in Cool Kids, Cold Case at Seacaster Manor talking with Bill Seacaster. He is in charge of special investments and we later learn he was a part of the Harvestmen and was investing in palimpsests since Coach Daybreak and Johnny Spells died.

In Episode 13, the party realizes that KVX stands for Kalvaxus.

In the finale Kalvaxus uses a trigger button to destroy the bank, revealing his "glittering treasure" for him to behold.

Despite the destruction of their Elmville branch they were seemingly still in business during the events of Pirates of Leviathan as they were one of the banks who the Crescent Moon Trading Company insured their Leviathan property with.

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