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Keeping a Game Going is the second episode of Adventuring Academy (Season 1). It features Amy Vorpahl as a guest.


Questions Answered[]

  • "How do you keep attendance going strong? All games I DM fall apart due to player commitment."

Amy's List[]

The ten things Amy asks:[1]

  1. Your character's name/race/class/reason they're in group therapy (plot-specific to her campaign at the time)
  2. Who your nemesis is (someone who did, is currently, or will try to thwart their goals)
  3. Greatest strength
  4. Greatest flaw
  5. What they want most
  6. What they fear most
  7. Family! Any family member?
  8. Some sort of back story--doesn't need to be long, maybe three sentences (but you could also write a full page or several!--whatever you want).
  9. A descriptor for your character. Something like a log line for your character. (Ex: The anxious, social awkward genius wizard. or The wide-eyed idealistic hippy druid.)
  10. Any special spell or action that might be triggered by your character's insecurity or mood disorder? (Ex: Aliza's 'mold earth' is intensified by her fear of heights, for worse or better)


  1. Shared via Dropout Discord, 11 February 2019