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WARNING!! This Unsleeping City PC has been around the block and had adventures past the initial The Unsleeping City episodes. This page contains major plot spoilers for the Chapter II campaign, so proceed at your own risk.

"That was the craziest thing I've ever seen." ― Kingston Brown, to many things.

Kingston Brown is a nurse at St. Owen's Hospital and the Vox Populi of New York City. He is played by Lou Wilson.


"Hello, my name is Kingston Brown. I work at St. Owen's. I'm about 6'2". I wear my grandfather's black trench coat, generally over my nursing scrubs or a white t-shirt. I'm New York born and bred, I've been here since 1963 when I was born. I've almost never left, I love it here at the city, these are my people, this is my space, I take care of it. I am a steward of New York City. I will be here until I die." Lou Wilson


Kingston is a down-to-earth Man of the People. He is caring and considerate of every single citizen of New York City and the Unsleeping City, even before he was chosen to be the Vox Populi. His selfless nature, although it empowers him, it times gets in the way of his personal relationships.

Because of his dedication to the city and all of the people within it's boundaries, he was quick with a "sacrifice the few for the many" outlook, especially after Pete the Plug had unintentionally summoned Bugsters from Nod in a dream and with a few fatalities.


Kingston was born in 1963 in Harlem, New York. His caring nature was seen early in life, when at around the age of six, he gave up his recess period to help a young girl get treatment for a scraped knee.

In his adolescence, he was a gifted athlete, but refused to leave NYC to follow through. This happened again when it was time to apply to colleges; he rebuffed the potential to attend Cornell because it would have meant leaving his city.

In 1994 at the age of 30, he was gifted his subway token amulet by the Great Dragon of Bleecker Street, and was inducted as the Vox Populi ("voice of the people") for his sacrifice and altruism. It was around this time that he met his wife, Liz Herrera.

A few years later, his devotion to the city got in between his relationship with Liz, as she wanted to move away from New York to have a family. While Kingston potentially also wanted this, his desire to stay drove them apart.


Start Spreading the News[]

Mutant Santa Melee[]

Pigeon Plus Ones[]

Scramble in the Sewers[]

A New York Wedding[]

The War of Bugs and Rats[]

We Need to Talk About Pete[]

Subway Skirmish[]

Borough of Dreams[]

Panic at the Art Show[]

Home for the Holidays[]

Broadway Brawl[]

Faeries and Feces[]

Showdown at the Stock Exchange[]

Hall of Heroes[]

Times Squaremageddon[]

Times Squaremageddon Pt. 2[]


The Dream Team[]

Pete Conlan[]

Kingston met Pete shortly after he was made Vox Phantasma. Kingston fell into something of a mentor role for Pete and opened his home to him for a time, although he would eventually leave as Kingston was repairing his relationship with Liz

Liz Herrera[]

Liz was Kingston's wife for a number of years, after he inducted her into the Unsleeping City. Liz felt a little bit jealous Kingston laying down his life not just her, but everyone as well. They eventually divorce, however. Liz, being an attorney and now inducted into the Unsleeping City, has to use her position as DA to work on more magical crime as well. She is unhappy about working with Epona Cirillo and other more fantastical beings.

After she is attacked by Robert Moses' Vampires, the two reconnect. Three years after Times Squaremageddon Pt. 2, they have moved back in together. She has begun to take his shirts again.


  • The cup he is holding is an Anthora cup, a greek-inspired to-go coffee cup design that has become an iconic part of every day life in New York City.
  • Between chapters 1 and 2 Kingston got a tattoo, upon Pete’s suggestion.
  • Kingston's favorite movie is Ghostbusters.
  • Kingston loves Joni Mitchell
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