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WARNING!! This Fantasy High PC has grown up and had adventures past the initial Fantasy High episodes. This page contains major plot spoilers for the Dimension 20 LIVE campaign, so proceed at your own risk.

"Sometimes it's sad to have more questions than answers, but... uh... Livin' La Vida Loca!" ― Kristen Applebees

"Cool... Can I have sex with whoever I want?" ― Kristen to The Void

Kristen Applebees is a sophomore student at Aguefort Adventuring Academy and a member of the Bad Kids adventuring party. She was a chosen follower of the god Helio and the first worshiper of both YES! and Cassandra. She is played by Ally Beardsley.


"Yeah, Kristen Applebees is always wearing a tie-dye shirt from a summer camp that she went to - like, a religious summer camp. She has red hair, freckles... she's like, was made for camp. She walks around with her leather bible that has her name engraved on the cover. She's always holding it, and yeah, she's big into the corn God." Ally Beardsley


Kristen is a human cleric and an outgoing, caring person. Originally a chosen follower of Helio, faith plays an enormous role in her life, though it becomes somewhat of a complicated issue for her throughout her time at Aguefort. Kristen is a self-proclaimed pacifist who cares fervently about her friends. Her last name is not a reference to anything because Applebees is nothing.


Kristen has red hair and freckles. At the start of Fantasy High, she always wears tie-dye t-shirts from her religious summer camp. She always carries her leather bible with her, as well as her shepherds crook corn staff. As she begins to questions her religion, she carries On the Subject of World Religions instead, a gift from Fabian Seacaster.

During her sophomore year, she wears tie-dye t-shirts that say YES! until she switches to YES?. At the Golden Gardens in Leviathan, Kristen gets a tattoo on her neck of Tracker's name. In the Forest of the Nightmare King, her staff morphs into a metallic silver question mark and becomes the Staff of Doubt. After reviving the Unnamed Goddess, she and Cassandra wear tie-dye tank tops that are a deep blue and purple that resembles the night sky with "IDK" written across the front in large, swirly letters.

Freshman Year[]

The Beginning Begins[]

Kristen is first introduced on the morning before her first day of freshman year at Aguefort Adventuring Academy. She's at the Applebees residence, praying in her room. Her mom, Donna, interrupts her to make sure she isn't late for school. Donna tells Kristen how proud she is of her and her connection to the corn god. She also reminds Kristen that it isn't too late to go to Sun Peak, a Helioic school, but Kristen tells her mom that she definitely wants to go to Aguefort. She tells Donna that her opinions about Elmville's diversity are racist and that she wants to meet different kinds of people. Her mother relents and her parents drive her along with her three brothers to school.

Kristen arrives at Aguefort and sees Fabian Seacaster punch Gorgug Thistlespring in the stomach. She runs up to Gorgug to ask if he's okay and praises his dedication to non-violence when he starts singing. Despite her best efforts to help, Gorgug goes into a rage and punches Fabian back. Kristen prays while Vice Principal Goldenhoard breaks up the fight and gives them both detention.

Inside the school, she runs into Coach Daybreak, who is a fellow member of the Cathedral of Sol. They greet each other and talk briefly before Kristen is knocked to the ground by Zayn Darkshadow. Zayn mocks Kristen and Kristen tells him that she'll pray for him. Daybreak gives Kristen's bible back to her and tells Zayn to leave. Zayn turns into a cloud of bats and flies away. Daybreak explains that Zayn is a weird kid who was just kicked out of the drama department and isn't taking it well. He tells Kristen that he's glad she's here and offers his help for anything that she might need. They part ways with a "Praise be to Helio".

After the freshman assembly, Kristen spots Adaine Abernant having a panic attack outside the library. She asks Adaine if she's okay. Adaine says no and starts to panic even more when Fig Faeth commends her for stealing a book from the library. In an attempt to make Adaine feel better, Kristen casts Light on Adaine's arcane focus, making the glass orb glow brightly. The light attracts Vice Principal Goldenhoard, who approaches the trio and compliments Kristen on her use of the cantrip. He notices Adaine and asks if she's alright; Adaine immediately confesses to stealing the book from the library. Goldenhoard, recognizing that Adaine isn't feeling well, reluctantly gives her detention. He asks Kristen to take the stolen book to Principal Aguefort's office for him and Kristen agrees.

Later in the day, Principal Aguefort announces the "Day of Fellowship" - a time when the new students celebrate and form their adventuring parties. Coach Daybreak approaches Kristen and asks if she knows who she wants to form a party with. She tells him that she wants to form a party with people who don't worship Helio (yet). Daybreak, surprised, tells her that he found a nice group of Helioic kids, but Kristen waves off his offer, claiming that it would just be "a big echo chamber" and that she wants "to hear those chimes, baby".

Suddenly, Kristen notices a group of five students talking to Vice Principal Goldenhoard. She overhears that they are forbidden from participating in the Day of Fellowship because they have to go to detention. Kristen sees them and announces to Daybreak that she wants to form a party with "the bad kids". Daybreak fiercely objects and tells her that she's a good kid, but Kristen's mind is made up. She asks Daybreak make a scene and loudly give her detention for something so that she can join the "bad kids". Daybreak is reluctant but relents and declares that he's giving her detention for "bearing false witness". Goldenhoard points out that this infraction is based on religion and isn't grounds for detention, but Kristen quietly thanks Daybreak, happily takes the detention, and joins the "bad kids".

As they walk to lunch, she asks the rest of the group how they got detention and they all share the stories of their rulebreaking. As they wait in line for their lunch of creamed corn and tuna surprise, Ragh Barkrock approaches the group, grabs Kristen's bible, and throws it into a vat of creamed corn. Adaine uses Mage Hand to retrieve the bible. Ragh tells Kristen to "think about what she did" before leaving, but the group doesn't know what he's talking about.

The group reconvenes in detention after school. Goldenhoard, addressing the group as "Troublemakers... and Kristen," lectures the group before leaving the guidance counselor, Mr. Gibbons, in charge. Fabian claims that he was put in detention for being "too good for the bloodrush team". Kristen protests, saying, "We all saw you punch him for no reason." When Mr. Gibbons asks if everything is alright at home, Kristen asks Fig why she's crying, to which Fig responds, "Maybe home's not great."

Suddenly, a blood-curdling scream is heard from the hallway. Kristen follows Riz, Fabian, and Fig into the hallway despite Mr. Gibbons' protests. The group arrives at the cafeteria and finds Lunch Lady Doreen, Corn Gremlins, and a giant Corn Ooze about to wreak havoc. The party prepares for battle.

Throughout the first season, Kristen often mentions going to parties and pretending to drink alcohol so that others don't think she's "judging them for drinking".

Kristen dies in Episode 2 when she accidentally slams into the ground, knocks herself unconscious, and fails her death saving throws. She is revived when Arthur Aguefort reveals the last phoenix egg, shoots Mr. Gibbons, and shoots himself. The magic of the phoenix egg brings both Kristen and Gorgug back to life. At the beginning of Episode 3, Kristen finds herself at the gates of Heaven with Arthur Aguefort. He crawls into her backpack and asks her to smuggle him into Heaven, which she does. She meets Helio, who appears to her in the image of a frat boy. Helio tells Kristen that it is not her time to die and that she has more work to do. Just before he sends her to the mortal plane, she asks him why bad things happen to good people; he ignores the question and sends her back with a curt "Later!" This disappointing interaction leaves Kristen seriously questioning her faith for the rest of the season.

In Episode 3, Kristen asks the group if they want to join "Prayer Chain", which is an instant messaging service for followers of Helio. Even though the group seems uninterested, she adds them to it the morning after their first battle.

As the group stands outside of the Black Pit in Episode 5, Kristen reveals that she's visited the venue before with members of her church to help victims of sex trafficking.

While inside The Black Pit, Kristen orders a drink with a lime in it so that it "looks alcoholic". As she does, a strong-looking punk girl teases her about her choice of drink and points out the contradictions in the Helioic faith. Kristen tells her that she met Helio, asked him why bad things happen to good people, and was sent away before she could get a response. The girl reveals that asking her parents the very same question got her kicked out of her house. The girl introduces herself as Tracker and asks Kristen if she wants to get a drink and keep talking; Kristen agrees. Later on, Kristen and Tracker are sitting together and talking about religion when Tracker leans in and kisses Kristen on the mouth. Kristen is utterly shocked and Tracker immediately apologizes. As Kristen and Tracker both apologize profusely to each other, Tracker starts howling and transforming into a werewolf due to DJ Brainzz's malignant music.

In Episode 7, Kristen and Riz both admit to being somewhat attracted to Fig's illusory Sexy Rat. Kristen is also the one who first notices the owls and cats that follow them in Episode 7 and is the first to realize that they were after Edgar, Zayn Darkshadow's familiar.

In Episode 9, Kristen reveals that her parents are closely connected to The Harvestmen, who are a conservative, militant cult. Kristen, however, didn't realize that The Harvestmen are a cult; she went to their functions and events all throughout her childhood. Realizing that both her relationship with religion and her entire childhood are very uncommon sends Kristen into an even deeper identity crisis.

In Episode 11, Kristen starts to "extremely gay events" with Tracker where she sits in the bathroom, just happy to be there, before faking a phone call and leaving.

Kristen, kneeling to pray before the first day of school.

In Episode 12, Kristen casts Spirit Guardians for the first time. The guardians appear in the form of Philosophers because of her recent expedition into philosophical and religious studies.

In Episode 17, Kristen goes to heaven and creates her own god. The new god is described as a 3-D block letter 'YES!.' Kristen like her new god until she realizes that "it looks like a Buzzfeed logo". She then finds YES! to be annoying.

In the epilogue of freshman year, Kristen states that she and Tracker have been preaching the gospel of YES! together and have been having lots of great sex. She also mentions that she started an LGBTQ+ student union at Aguefort with Ragh and Shellford.

In Fantasy High LIVE in Brooklyn, she is living in Strongtower Luxury Apartments with Jawbone, Adaine and Tracker. Kristen and Tracker share a room in the apartment and are still happily dating. Kristen helps The Bad Kids and Hargis beat Occularia, Queen of Sight. During this battle, her Spirit Guardians change from Philosophers to Philosophy students. Near the end of the battle, Tracker bursts into the theater to defend her girlfriend. When they defeat Occularia, Kristen and Tracker dance together under strobe lights.

In Fantasy High LIVE at RTX Austin, Kristen, Adaine, and Fig are asked to help protect Zelda during the ritual at her 16th birthday party. The Bad Kids and Ficus defend Zelda from The Party Fouls. Kristen defeats the Centaur of Sloppiness using Banishment.

Sophomore Year[]

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Official art of Kristen, available as a sticker in Dropout.TV's store.

Crisis of Faith[]

All her life, Kristen was a devout follower of Helio. She was one of his Chosen—a follower touched by his divine power destined for Heaven. She prays for many hours every single day and devotes many aspects of her life to serving in Helio's name: she frequents bars to help victims of abuse and trafficking; she attends a religious summer camp every year and continues to wear their tie-dye shirts year-round; she always sees the best in everyone, even and especially those who aren't followers (yet!).

When Kristen dies in the battle against the corn monster at the start of her freshman year, she goes to Heaven and meets Helio. When she asks him why there is suffering in the world, he avoids the question and sends her back to the mortal plane. After her return to the land of the living, she begins to question her faith, and in her search for the real answer to her question, she consults a number of other religions. Along the way, she finds out about the atrocities that followers of Sol have committed.

Later in the year, Kristen meets Tracker, a teenage werewolf cleric. They get along well and discuss their faiths at the Black Pit. Tracker surprises Kristen with a kiss, but Kristen finds that she really likes Tracker. This interaction increases Kristen's inner conflict and leads her to seek advice from a mentor, Coach Daybreak. Daybreak unintentionally horrifies Kristen by telling her that any non-believers and homosexuals are going straight to hell and that Kristen shouldn't associate with them. This presents a serious challenge for her; although neither Tracker nor the Bad Kids are followers of Helio, she knows them to be good people who don't deserve to go to Hell.

Kristen soon discovers that he is involved in a hyper-conservative, militant cult called the Harvestmen, which is a sect of the Helioic faith that even her parents are a part of. As Kristen uncovers the truth about the religion she was brought up within, she begins to look into other religions for answers. To help her with this, Fabian gives her a book on world religions. Although she doesn't find anything that sticks, Kristen gains a lot of perspective from a wider knowledge of religion.

At the end of freshman year, Kristen dies and goes to Heaven for a second time. This time, she does not meet with Sol or Helio, but instead speaks to the void of the universe. The void finally answers the question for which Kristen has been seeking the answer. It tells her that suffering exists because ____. The void gives Kristen the chance to create a new deity worthy of her worships and Kristen creates the god of YES! She also asks the void if it's okay to have sex with whoever she wants and it answers yes. After coming back to life and defeating Kalvaxus, Kristen starts a new church of YES! with Tracker's help.

At the start of her sophomore year, she and Tracker have a conversation about YES!. Tracker points out that it's hard to find more followers because Kristen is so visibly annoyed by her own god. Tracker suggests that they change YES! to YES? and Kristen wholeheartedly agrees.

Kristen continues to follow YES? somewhat reluctantly until spring break of sophomore year. During their quest for the crown of the Nightmare King, the Bad Kids learn about an Unnamed Goddess—a "little sister" to Galicaea who was destroyed by her own followers. Kristen becomes especially fascinated by the goddess as they learn more about her and her followers' practices.

[section about the confrontation with Helio and Galicaea]

[section about choosing Cassandra and how she is now following them ]

Deities She Considered Worshiping[]

After questioning her faith in Helio, Kristen considers worshiping a number of other higher powers:

Inspiring Speeches[]

With the Inspiring Leader feat, Kristen can give an inspiring speech and grant her party members temporary hit points. The (not-so-inspiring) speeches she gives are transcribed below.

Episode Dialogue
Episode 3: After the Afterlife

Kristen: We're probably gonna have to go in there and encounter what we already did, which is --

Gorgug: Corn Cuties?

Kristen: Corn Cuties. I worship the corn, and yesterday, I had to see its perverted, upside-down --

Gorgug: It's gonna get inspiring.

Fig: Yeah, I know. And she's standing on the table, so.

Kristen: -- It's really hard and it was very confronting. Uh, yeah, sure, my whole thing is praising Helio, who is a corn. Yeah, sure, yesterday, maybe because my bible went into the corn, the corn went evil and at us, okay? I have a lot of questions, not a lot of answers, but I think that if we go in there, we can save that person. Maybe not through Helio, but through some sort of good in this world that I worship. I'm getting more into a, like, "One Love" place in my life, um. Like, maybe it's not just Helio, maybe there's like a lot of gods, or maybe there's just like the glint of good in everyone's eye, and we all can decide to follow that or not. Um. I have a lot of reading to do, but anyway, something has --

Gorgug: This has been a good, inspiring speech.

Fig: Yeah.

Fabian: Don't worry, I'm ready to clap at any moment.

Kristen: Something has been, like, giving me a lot of power. You guys have witnessed it, right? You made jokes that you were gonna be religious soon.

Fabian: Yes, we did.

Fig: I witnessed it.

Kristen: Just know that I have been praying for you each night, uh, each of you individually.

Fig: So, one night. It's been one night since you met us.

Kristen: Yeah, I-- it's uh, yeah. Well, honestly, before I even met you, I prayed for the friends and the company that I would keep when I entered this school.

Fig: That's actually really nice.

Kristen: I want the best for you and I'll always heal you.

Fabian: (chuckles) You will.

Kristen: I will. And, um, yeah, so, if you would just take my hand, and let's close this out. Let's pray. Dear really big God, maybe not Helio anymore, 'cause you were kind of, kind of looked like you've date raped. Um. Anyway, um, something better than who I met as a god, please be with us as we go in there, and thank you for this day, and thank you for this food. Thank you for --

Adaine: Amen!

Kristen: Oh, okay.

[+5 temp HP]

Episode 7: Graveyard of Good and Evil

Kristen: I'm just gonna let you know that I'm feeling, for the first time in my life, really dry. Usually, I have so much passion for this, but I feel like ever since meeting Helio and him just, like, refusing to answer, like, the number one question on my mind --

Gorgug: It's gonna get inspiring soon.

Kristen: -- uh, has just left me feeling, like, tasteless? Or, like, gray?

Fig: (Can I give her Bardic Inspiration?)

[Fig gives Kristen Bardic Inspiration.]

Kristen: Agh! Ugh! I just—this isn't really me, but, uh, we can do it, uh, and I'm so glad I'm alive. And I was thrust into this kooky puzzle with no answer for, what, 80 years of my life? What kind of hell is that?

Gorgug: Did you just call life a "kooky puzzle"?

Kristen: To be sent to --

Fabian: What's happening? What's happening?

Kristen: It's like I'm in the middle of the desert, starving, with only canned food and no can opener--

Adaine: Well, I -- it's, it's --

Kristen: -- and I thought this book was a can opener --

Adaine: -- I mean --

Kristen: -- but it's not!

Adaine: It's hard for me to completely empathize? Because I am immortal. But I would say that, that, uh, life is for the living.

Kristen: Oh, you know what's funny about that? Is --

Adaine: Live your life [unintelligible].

Kristen: -- my whole life, I've been living for the afterlife?

Adaine: Yeah, don't do that.

Kristen: Everything's been a promise for the afterlife. And I don't even think that's coming. And, you know what? I might be in love with a woman, and that's crazy!

Adaine: Oh, that's cool!

Kristen: No --

Adaine: Yeah, we're fine with it.

Kristen: -- No, you don't know my parents. My parents are gonna send me away to where I "pray the gay away". Do you know how crazy that is?

Riz: Kristen, here's the good news, is that, uh, there's all this corn stuff going on, and your parents might be evil, or something --

Kristen: I used a corn to masturbate the other night! Do you hear me?

[The party cries out in shock and disgust.]

Adaine: Oh my god.

Kristen: Yeah!

Riz: Okay --

Kristen: I saw online, I was deep in Reddit, and there were a couple tips for new lesbians.

Riz: r/corn?

[Gorgug raises a hand, closes his eyes, and sways in his seat.]

Kristen: And I -- (noticing Gorgug) What?

Gorgug: Nothing, I'm just listening.

Fabian: (Can I take inspiration in the speech from the self-assuredness that I'm feeling, and that I'm like, like, oh, I have things relatively figured out, compared -- )

Kristen: And sometimes I look at my hands, and I'm like, "These aren't my hands!"

Fabian: (Okay, I know my hands are my hands, okay, good.)

Kristen: "I would have noticed that they looked like this by now!"

Riz: (Yeah, Riz thought he was really lonely, but it turns out -- )

Brennan: Yeah, as sort of a cautionary tale, everyone here gains temporary Hit Points.

[+7 temp HP]

Episode 9: Dishing with a Demon

Kristen: I don't know if I have one in me, but, you know what? Uh, (laughs) of course I do. You guys, uh, I'm not gonna mix words, okay? There's no god.

Gorgug: I think --

Fabian: What? No --

Kristen: There's no devil.

Gorgug: It's gonna get inspiring.

Riz: We've seen one. We've talked to one.

Kristen: There's no hope --

Adaine: There's definitely gods and devils.

Kristen: Everything is random. And not the good random, like you go to Vegas and you're excited because it's random --

Fabian: Where is Vegas?

Kristen: Bad random, like, oh, that was my brother, and he was just smashed... by a... hound --

Gorgug: What?

Kristen: When you're really young and a hound looks big.

Fabian: What is Vegas?

Kristen: And we don't know. There's no rhyme or reason. Wind chimes are fucking annoying because of how erratic they are, okay?. It's not good that it's random. There's no good in it. And maybe --

Gorgug: (quietly, to Fig) Here we go, this is it.

Kristen: -- Maybe it's nice that we all found each other. And guys, I'm glad that we're all friends, and we all bring something different to the group, and maybe that's all for a reason. Maybe it was so nice that I met you all, and it's a perfect fit, and someone out there's looking out for me. Or maybe not! And the blood-soaked nails are still in my hands --

Adaine: But at least we're together, right?

Kristen: Yes.

Fabian: Yes!

[The group cheers.]

[+ temp HP]

Episode 13: First Kisses and Last Words

Kristen: Hey, guys. I found out something, too.

Adaine: Is it that you're gay? No --

Kristen: I think I might be gay.

[The group responds by saying they already know.]

Kristen: Okay, but really, though, I just wanna say --

Adaine: You told us when you were drunk.

Kristen: -- something really quick. I'm a little hungover, and maybe this will take me ten minutes to say. I hope it doesn't take that long, but I just wanna say: we are friends. And, for a while, y'know what, the Corn God was my religion. But, now, seeing you guys as my friends, that's what I believe in. And you guys were there with me through --

Gorgug: It's actually inspiring.

Kristen: -- from kisses to kiss. So many kisses. I can't sleep sometimes I'm thinkin' about all the kisses!

Adaine: Wow.

Fig: I know that feeling.

Kristen: Kisses to come. Kisses that passed. Kisses that are currently --

Adaine: I'm just quietly thinking about - realizing I've never kissed anybody.

Kristen: Just so many kisses - drownin' in kisses at this point! Older people kisses. Young people kisses. Kisses for all of you --

[Kristen kisses everyone in the group. It is met with wildly mixed reactions.]

Fabian: Oh, my god, no, Kristen.

Fig: Ooh, yeah! That's my second.

Kristen: You loved it!

Riz: That was my first kiss.

Kristen: That's great!

Gorgug: That was my first kiss.

Kristen: Well, I'm gay, so you're gonna have to talk about this in therapy later. Now I set you up for failure.

[+ temp HP]


The Bad Kids[]

Kristen's adventuring party. She meets the Bad Kids when they all get detention on the first day of freshman year. Kristen comes from a conservative family and isn't encouraged by her parents to make friends of other races and groups, but Kristen is determined to make friends with different kinds of people. She even goes so far as asking Coach Daybreak to give her detention just so she can meet "the bad kids". The party works well together in their first battle in the cafeteria against the Corn Ooze & Corn Cuties. After that fight, they unofficially form an adventuring party and become best friends over the course of their freshman year.

Kristen deeply loves her friends. She is very open with the group and confides in them often, using her not-very-inspiring Inspiring Speeches to reveal her deepest thoughts and worries at that moment, completely unprompted. She is extremely accepting of other cultures, races, and beliefs, despite her conservative background. When Coach Daybreak accuses her of befriending "heretics and liars", she strongly defends her friends, insisting that they're not bad people and that she loves them very much. In combat, she often chooses to heal the others over herself.

Mac and Donna Applebees and Coach Daybreak[]

Kristen's parents and religious mentors. At the beginning of her freshman year, she has a very good relationship with Elmville's religious community, which includes both her parents and Coach Daybreak, who recognizes Kristen on the first day of school from church. They are all very proud of her and admire her for her role as a Chosen of Helio. As the year progresses, however, Kristen begins to learn the ugly truth about their religion and seeks answers from other religions, straining her relationships with them. They call her a heretic for being friends with non-believers and shun her. Eventually, Kristen learns that all three of them were part of the Harvestmen, a hyper-conservative cult. The Harvestmen, led by Coach Daybreak, planned to turn her into a hellmouth to help Kalvaxus rise to power again.

Tracker O'Shaughnessey[]

Kristen's girlfriend. They meet at the Black Pit while the Bad Kids are there to investigate Johnny Spells. At the bar, Kristen orders a drink with a lime in it so that it "looks alcoholic" and Tracker teases her. They start talking about religion; later that night, Tracker kisses Kristen on the mouth. Kristen is utterly shocked and Tracker immediately apologizes. As Kristen and Tracker both apologize profusely to each other, Tracker starts howling and transforming into a werewolf. During the battle that takes place soon after, Tracker attacks the vampire that attacks Kristen.

The two meet again when Kristen learns that Tracker is the niece of Jawbone, the new guidance counselor at Aguefort. Kristen really likes Tracker, but the Helioic faith says that non-believers and gay people are going straight to hell. Kristen attends various LGBT+ events with Tracker but often hides in the bathroom and leaves early. They start dating at some point before the end of freshman year.

When Kristen creates a new deity, YES!, Tracker helps her organize the new church. When Kristen becomes annoyed by YES!, Tracker is the one to suggest that Kristen change it to YES? Kristen moves in with Jawbone, Tracker, and Adaine at the end of freshman year. She moves into Mordred Manor with Jawbone, Tracker, Adaine, Fig, and Sandra Lynn Faeth before spring break of sophomore year.

Tracker and Kristen care about each other very much and are very affectionate with each other. They are notorious for excessive PDA in front of the rest of the party and their friends. Even though they sometimes have arguments and difficulties, they work through them and consistently support each other.

Sandra Lynn Faeth[]

Kristen's parental figure. Sandra Lynn is Fig's mom. She is also dating Jawbone, Tracker's, uncle. Near the end of their sophomore year, Kristen moves into Mordred Manor with Sandra Lynn, Fig, Jawbone, Tracker, and Adaine. As a parental figure in the household, Sandra Lynn, she tries her best to keep Kristen and Tracker's relationship PG-13. It doesn't work, thanks to both the secret passageways throughout Mordred Manor and the determination of the two teenage lesbians.

Sandra Lynn is hired to come with the Bad Kids on their sophomore year adventure as a hireling. While on Leviathan, Sandra Lynn cheats on Jawbone with Garthy O'Brien. Fig tries to investigate with Adaine but chickens out, worried that she's invading her mother's privacy. Later, Kristen and Riz decide to try talking to her again. Kristen confronts her directly about Jawbone and asks her why she's "acting poly" even though she'd asked Jawbone to keep their relationship monogamous. Sandra Lynn leaves Garthy and goes back to the party's hotel room, but this event becomes an object of tension between Kristen and Tracker. Ultimately, Kristen apologizes to Tracker for keeping secrets, Sandra Lynn and Tracker talk it out, and all three of them are able to make up.


  • Before freshman year, she liked to pour out her beer cans at parties and fill them with water so no one would think she was judging them for drinking
  • She enjoys researching religious philosophy
  • She wants kids
  • Kristen has kissed every single one of the Bad Kids, being Riz's, Gorgug's, and Adaine's first kiss
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