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The Bodega of Wonders is a cosmic bodega on Steinway Street in Astoria, Queens, New York City.

In it contains a normal bodega that serves the waking world but can also transform into a mystical, starry bodega guarded by the might and magic of La Gran Gata, it is filled with swords, helms and other magical items.

Featured Episodes[]

Episodes Featuring La Gran Gata Bodega
The Unsleeping City

Magical Items[]

Name Claimed by Description
Key to the City Robert Moses A golden key and a powerful magical artifact, can be used to open a Paragon doorway that has been locked by Nod.
Fist of Apollo Sofia Bicicleta A small golden ring embossed with a closed fist; Allows the wearer to add 1d4 radiant damage to attacks when below half their max HP.
Mirror of Mananan Misty Moore Golden, seashell, pearl-studded compact mirror; Grants user the ability to to cast See Invisibility at will.
Bagel of All Things Kugrash A bagel with toppings containing everything in creation in microcosm; Allows user to cast Divination once a day; By eating it, the user will disperse their essence throughout the universe, expanding consciousness to become one with the universe.
Thousand Hour Energy Ricky Matsui Makes the user immune to sleep effects and exhaustion for 42 days.
Grill of Persuasion Pete the Plug A diamond flecked, golden grill; By putting it into their mouth the user will have honeyed words that can affect the hearts of those they speak to.
Holy Grail Detergent Kingston Brown A premium detergent that costs $12.50; Allows user to cast Greater Restoration, contains 4 charges.
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