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Leave the Table Better Than You Found It is the tenth episode of Adventuring Academy (Season 2). It features Honey and Dive as a guest.


Questions Answered[]

  • "Huge fan of you and your work and thoughts ever since the 'Black AF Roundtable', I wanted to know how you balance a highly demanding tech job with the time to run a podcast and run D&D charity streams. I also work in tech and I often feel like I have difficulty finding time to get enough world building, narrative planning, and game prep time for the games I run."
  • "Hey, what do you guys think is the best thing to keep in mind or do for a long term campaign set in a single large location? Thanks for your time."
  • "Hi Brennan, I'm DMing for the first time and running a murder mystery. How do I make clues more obvious for my players? They have an average intelligence of eight and are my very dumb babies."
  • "Any advice for a brand new GM leading brand new players. For example, how should I tackle character creation? What happens in a session zero?"
  • “I'm a therapist interested in incorporating TTRPGs into play therapy, what is your or your guests experience in using role playing games in a therapeutic setting, and what have you learned about crafting therapeutic narratives? Huge fan of 'Adventuring Academy', so excited to see it's return."
  • "How do you feel about PCs choosing to work against the party from the beginning?"