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Leviathan is a vast pirate city in the Celestine Sea, made up of thousands of shipwrecks all connected together to create a floating island. It is home to approximately 1.5 million people.

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Pirates of Leviathan


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Maelstrom's Maw[]

Two enormous wooden structures that jut out in front of the rest of the city like pincers. It uses a colossal trawling net to capture ships and dismantle them for use as materials elsewhere, much like a chop shop. It is managed by the bosun, Jamina Joy, and is the main source of incoming materials and supplies to the city.

The Bad Kids are captured by the Maelstrom's Maw and the Hangvan in danger of being dismantled as they enter the city. They are saved after Fig plays a song on her bass guitar and introduces many of the nearby pirates to the awesome power of rock music. Afterwards, they meet Alistair Ash, who shows them around the rest of the city on their way to meet Garthy O'Brien.

Four Castles[]

A dangerous neighborhood located at the fo'c'sle of the ship, as pointed out by Adaine. It is raised up higher than a lot of the city and is a very violent part of the city as people fight for control of the neighborhoods. You could get killed just for walking down the street.

The Bad Kids park the Hangvan in Four Castles and leave it with Gilear, Sandra Lynn, and Cathilda as they are led through Leviathan by Alistair Ash, where it is attacked by pirate bandits.

The Sternwood[]

A forest full of terrible beasts near the entrance of the city. Long ago, many people thought that Leviathan should make its own food instead of stealing it, and a group of sea druids tried to make a place in the city with arable ground. It's unclear why or how it happened, but a terrible, cursed forest full of monsters grew. As the party peers into the forest, every tree is more twisted than the last, a lot of them naturally forming skulls with their trunks.

Alistair Ash advises against traveling through the Sternwood on the way to the Gold Gardens, and instead suggests traveling there by foot through Cannon Court, which is slightly safer.

Cannon Court[]

A strange, subterranean neighborhood modeled after a dwarven city. It's built with the remains of shipwrecks and hollowed-out hulls in large, public chambers and civic centers. It is inhabited by pirate dwarves and gnomes.


The heart of the city, the "downtown" area of Leviathan. Home to the Gold Gardens. Its nicer neighborhoods are built with flatted pieces of wood and actual consist of buildings, whereas the jankier parts of town are literally built into curved hulls and other scraps. It has a New Orleans type of architectural feel with second-story balconies and lots of public buildings. The city is filled with a wealth of different seafaring beings, contributing to the chaos of the scene. Gulls and aaracockra fly overhead, and laughter and the occasional pistol shot can be heard. Drunkards who've soiled themselves sleep in the streets.

Alistair Ash leads the Bad Kids through Galleyard on their way to see Garthy O'Brien.

Gibbety Square[]

Sits the base of the mast that holds Crow's Keep aloft. Pinned to the mosque in the center of the square by a dagger through the tongue is the head of the old pirate king, hung there by Bill Seacaster, and preserved artificially with magic. A sign that hangs from it reads "No kings for a captain". It's somewhat of a tourist attraction. 

Gibbety Square's name is confused and mispronounced on several occasions, such as "Dippity Square", usually by Gorgug

The Gold Gardens[]

Garthy O'Brien's pleasure house on Leviathan. It offers entertainment, gambling, and sex work, as well as some health and wellness services, such as massages and acupuncture. Residents across Leviathan visit to lose the money they just got as a pirate. 


A different kind of marketplace of banking and trading. Located near Poop City and Gibbety Square. Home to the Row and the Ruction and the Brig, which is a giant tower of prison cells.

Aftward's building follow a more classical design and are more-well-to-do than other neighborhoods.  

Poop City[]

Located on the poop deck of the ship, as pointed out by Adaine. One of the richest and nicest neighborhoods in Leviathan. Its name is not funny. 

Crow's Keep[]

The highest point of the city, a neighborhood lifted about a quarter of a mile above the streets by Leviathan's huge central mast. It can only be accessed through navigating the masts and rigging of Riggaba. Home to the Compass Points Library and the Ramble. Many of the houses at the edge of this neighborhood are in shambles and are half-collapsed into the city below. 

Fabian and the warlocks of the Cult of Old Bill encounter and fight with Captain James Whitclaw and his crew as the latter are on their way to the Ramble. The fight ends rather unsuccessfully for the former. 

Compass Points Library[]

The library on Leviathan, located in Crow's Keep. It's akin to a Library of Alexandria, a place of cultural significance and wonders, but splintered and fractured as it had to be fought for and protected from the drunken deprivations of pirates that might not have as active an interest in the preservation of their own pirate culture. The library itself contains many areas that function more like social spaces, which is compared to an "L.A. library" by Siobhan Thompson.

It is managed by the librarian, Ayda Aguefort, and the pirate wizard Rawlins, who works the front desk.

The Ramble[]

The Ramble is the closest thing Leviathan has to a town hall or court house. It is located in Crow's Keep.

Inside the Ramble building lives the actual Ramble: a collection of Leviathan's oldest pirates who sit and smoke and drink and tell tales of great acts of piracy in the distant past. They ramble and wax philosophical until a decision can be made through the assembled wisdom of the elder pirates that gathered there. One such elder pirate is Tulwar Zuhari-Royce, Sunny Biscotto's mentor.

The Row and the Ruction[]

An enormous warehouse in the Aftward neighborhood. It is the place where political decisions are made in Leviathan. The Row is a raging fist fight on the sawdust covered, bloodstained ground floor that has lasted for 150 years. Its technical bounds are a 60 foot by 60 foot square. The Ruction is a web of boards and rigging suspended about 20 feet above the Row. Together, they form a bicameral legislature for the city. If a person can claim enough space in the Row long enough to advance into the Ruction and hold it, they can make political decisions that affect the city.  The Row and the Ruction are very rules-light. Weapons and magic, while not specifically banned, are discouraged in the Row as everyone will gang up and try to kill you if you use them. Weapons and magic are allowed in the Ruction, and you don't necessarily have to go through the Row to reach it. On the wall opposite the entrance to the building is a bar with stools and seats where fighters can rest for a bit and grab a drink before rejoining the brawl. Sputtering torches cover the walls, which have been reinforced time and time again from all the smashing of chairs and shenanigans, as well as the posts that hold the structure up.  

The Row and the Ruction is the location of the final battle with Captain James Whitclaw, in which Adaine is captured by her father and the Court of Stars and taken to Fallinel.

Notable NPCs[]

Jamina Joy[]

Warforged bosun of Leviathan. She covers maintenance and structure and is one of the few people in the city who actually does her job so that things work like they're supposed to.

Cult of Old Bill[]

A cult of warlocks who follow Bill Seacaster, who provides them with magic in exchange for gold instead of their soul. This system appears to be a kind of pyramid scheme. It costs 25 gold pieces to lease a cantrip for one month and 100gp for five cantrips. Spells cost 50gp per spell level.  

After their battle with Captain James Whitclaw only four members remain alive, including Chungledown Bim, Old Young Benjamin, and two unnamed members.

Garthy O'Brien[]

Half-Orc Aasimar, proprietor of the Gold Gardens. Garthy protected the Bad Kids from Captain James Whitclaw, gave them information on the crown of the Nightmare King and told them that Adaine's mother had been seen taking it to Arborly.

Some of the letters in their name can be rearranged to spell "Night Yorb". Coincidence? Almost definitely.

Captain James Whitclaw[]

Illithid mindflayer and captain of the Crimson Claw, scorned rival to Bill Seacaster. Whitclaw and his crew attacked Fabian and Bill Seacaster's Warlocks, killing almost all of them, as part of his attempt to make himself the new King of Leviathan. He was defeated by the Bad Kids in The Row and the Ruction.

Ayda Aguefort[]

The Half-Phoenix daughter of Arthur Aguefort, who runs the Compass Points Library on Leviathan. She is a powerful Divination wizard and studies the stars to track the movements of the city. She has dedicated several lifetimes to the library and is currently in her fourth incarnation, having raised herself with notes left from previous versions. When traveling away from Leviathan with the Bad Kids, she became good friends with Adaine and began a romantic relationship with Fig, so returned to the Compass Points with the intent to shrink it so that she could take it with her to be with her friends


An ancient, hunched-over pirate wizard with a long grey beard who works the front desk at the Compass Points Library. He wears long rings on his spindly fingers and a tricorner hat. Chained to his side is a massive leather-bound tome, decorated with a giant Jolly Roger and scratched in red ink on the cover are the words, 'Here be pirate spells'.

The book is not part of the library's general stock, and if it is removed from his person, he is reduced to a pile of bones, which must then be rearranged into the shape of a person before it's given back, as it only provides him with meat and skin, not proper human form. The book contains spells that have taken a heavy toll on his constitution, as well as spells that only the most powerful wizards can conjure, including a spell to turn bananas into gold coins, and parrots into bananas at a rate of 5:10:1. He's eaten approximately 40 parrots this way, and another two the "normal" way. Using his wizard abilities, he can command the seven winds of the nine stars, summon ancient krakens of seas long gone, as well as spirits of wind and wave.

Fig disguised herself as Rawlins in order to steal a book from the library, and gave him a reputation for being an extremely fast runner.

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