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This page contains major plot spoilers! If you have not seen up to
Episode 8 of Mice & Murder, proceed at your own risk.

Loam Hall is the ancestral estate of the Brockhollow family. It is located in Tufting Meadows, England.


Loam Hall is an ancient red stone manor house built into the side of a hill. The front door is set into the hillside and faces a river. A small wooden bridge crosses the river and leads to a white gravel driveway and rotunda near a fountain where party guests arrive and park their motor carriages.

First Floor[]

The first floor of Loam Hall

The Entrance Hall[]

The entrance into Loam Hall. Contains the front door to the manor, as well as doors into the Drawing Room to the left, the Ballroom to the right, the Dining Room at the end of the hall to the left, and the Servants' Quarters at the end of the hall on the right, beneath the stairs to the second floor. There is also a secret door behind a bookshelf in the Study that leads into the entrance hall.

The Ballroom[]

The banquet hall in Loam Hall. Contains doors to the entrance hall to the left, as well as large windows along the right wall.

The Drawing Room[]

The living room in Loam Hall. Contains a door to the Entrance Hall on the right, a door into the Study further into the room, and at the far end of the room, a door to the Dining Room. There are several couches and chairs to relax on, as well as a large fireplace which creates sooty dust on the items in the Study.

The Dining Room[]

The dining room in Loam Hall. Contains a door to the Drawing Room, and several doors to the Entrance Hall on the right which the manor staff use while bringing food in from the Kitchen.

The Study[]

A fake study that Squire Badger uses to conduct business with guests. It appears to be a normal study, but doesn't contain any of his important business ledgers or documents. To the left is a door that leads into the Drawing Room. There is also a secret door that leads into the Entrance Hall behind a bookshelf, opened by pulling on one of the wall sconces.

The Bathroom[]

The downstairs bathroom, referred to as EW-WC (east wing water closet) on the master breaker switchboard.

The staff quarters of Loam Hall

The Servants' Quarters[]

The Kitchen[]

The kitchen in Loam Hall. Contains a door to a pantry on the right.

The Elevator[]

The staff elevator in Loam Hall. Operable through a panel inside the elevator with a breaker switch and key hole. The elevator goes up to a tower at the top of Loam Hall's hill.

Second Floor[]

The leisure wing of the second floor of Loam Hall

The Séance Room[]

A room where Lucretia Brockhollow conducts business performing séances for members of high society. On the wall on the far end of the room is a large portrait of a medieval member of the Brockhollow family that is bolted to the wall. The eyes of the portrait have been removed, allowing inhabitants of the Secret Study to spy and listen in on any secrets they may divulge. The crystal ball within this room is referred to on the master breaker switchboard as "CB-SR".

The Leisure Room[]

An entertainment room in Loam Hall, primarily used by Jeremy Brockhollow. Contains an expensive wooden grand piano and a snooker table.

The Library[]

The library in Loam Hall. Contains a secret doorway into the Secret Study. The books are all alphabetized, and the room is decorated with dated busts of Roman emperors, including Barkus Aurelius, although the date on his bust is incorrect.

The Secret Study[]

Squire Badger's real study. Accessed from the right through a secret door in the Library. Contains the Squire's ledgers and other important documents. The desk has a drawer in it that contains many metal objects. On one side of the room is a ladder propped up to a pair of eye holes, which inhabitants can use to spy on people in the Séance Room.

The bedroom wing of the second floor

Mrs. Molesly's Bedroom[]

The private bedroom of Mrs. Molesly. The room is also used several times throughout the mystery to house suspects or to conduct interrogations.

The Bathroom[]

The upstairs bathroom, connected to the master bedroom by the dressing room.

The Master Bedroom[]

The bedroom of Squire Badger. This room also houses the master breaker switchboard, on which it is referred to as "MB".

The Dressing Room[]

A private dressing room for Squire Badger to be dressed by the valet, connecting the bathroom and his master bedroom. The same key is used to unlock both doors into the dressing room.


The Basement[]

A basement accessible only by turning the key to the service elevator 90 degrees to the left. It houses several storage rooms, as well as a large number of mushroom specimens which serve to store the house's electricity.

The Ritual Room

A secret ritual room accessible below the basement by the Elevator. Contains a secret passage outside of Loam Hall to the groundskeeper's cottage.

The Tower[]

The tower of Loam Hall, atop which sits the estate's lightning rod. Referred to on the master breaker switchboard as "T".

The Docks[]

The estate's docks, containing a boathouse. Referred to on the master breaker switchboard as "D".


Loam Hall is built atop Roman ruins, left there after the empire's occupation of England. It has been in the Brockhollow famliy for centuries.


  • This is the wiki's 1000th page!
  • For an extravagant estate located inside a hill, "Loam Hall" is a very appropriate name, as loam is a type of highly desirable soil. It has a material composition by weight of approximately 40–40–20% of sand–silt–clay, respectively, which makes it ideal for gardening and agriculture due to its many benefits, such as its ability to retain nutrients better than other soils and its optimal balance of water retention and drainage properties.
  • In the first draft of the maps, there was originally a shared toilet and bathroom in the back of the Servants' Quarters.[1]


  1. Tucker Donovan, Dropout Discord, 13 May 2021: "yoo in my first draft of the maps, there was a shared toilet and bathroom in the back but that turned out to not be accurate   At least the brockhollows allow them that dignity lmao"
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