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Look At All My Friends! is the first episode of season 2 of Adventuring Party, which features the cast of Pirates of Leviathan. They answer fan questions following the fourth episode of Pirates of Leviathan.



Starting off with Brennan: Pirates of Leviathan was Brennan's first experience playing with most of the cast. What was it like before character creation creation, what do they remember about how it felt starting out, when the campaign was first pitched?

  • Brennan was very nervous to play with so many D&D-sphere luminaries and all-star, gold-standard players. During the old-school days of Adventuring Academy, speaking with B. Dave and Krystina made him want to play with them at a table, and Brennan was already working with Carlos in a secret capacity when he had the idea to invite him as well.
  • Aabria remembers B. Dave pinging her about it, since she's trash at getting emails (they had only played together for the first time 2 days prior!). She was having a bad, low-energy day until her one-on-one discussion with Brennan where he pitched the campaign, and within five minutes she was screaming with excitement.
  • All Krystina could think about was saying the word "pirate" like "poi-rate", which was the inspiration for her character Bob. She'd looked forward to playing with Brennan since her episode of Adventuring Academy, and was even more excited to find that so many of her friends would also be a part of the campaign.
  • B. Dave has zero recollection of being asked to play because the chances of saying no to the offer were so minimal.
  • For Carlos, the week Brennan first contacted him about the campaign was very confusing. They were already involved with another (secret) project together, so Brennan's email was only one of several he'd sent that day, and one of several other invitations Carlos received. He kept messing up dates and producers and had to make different folders to keep everything separate.

Fan question from Una: Barbarella Sasparilla Gainglynn and Myrtle the Bitch, if you are hearing this I'm free on Thursday night and would like to hang out. Please respond to this and then hang out with me on Thursday night when I am free.

  • Brennan: Mood.
  • Aabria: Wet or dry?

Lots of fan art and character love all around, platonic and romantic, do you remember when you first locked in your character idea?

  • B. Dave is fortunate enough to have the opportunity to play a lot of D&D that he can ask himself: "What haven't I done?" His character for D&D Beyond's Beyond Heroes, Freely, is a cheerful halfling caster, so he knew he wanted to be something 1. big 2. mean and 3. non-magical. He'd recently played Roll in the Family: The Slumbering Forest with Brennan as DM wherein his youngest daughter played a Gloomstalker Ranger, which he thought was a neat idea.
  • In addition, he knew he wanted Marcid to be morally grey, but when the campaign started, he had no idea just how evil the story would make him. Brennan's retort to this was a polar opposite, "Oh, you're a bad guy, huh? Kill this child then, bad guy!". Still, he commends B. Dave for knocking out of the park since every adventuring party needs a wide spectrum of character personalities to balance it out.
  • Krystina knew immediately the kind of character she wanted to play as Brennan described the Gold Gardens. She recalls a quote from a Marilyn Monroe documentary where she says "Do you want to see me become her?" and it's like she flips a switch from Norma to Marilyn, and Krystina knew she wanted that for her character. She wanted to go all in, doing her character voice as often as possible and even wearing a ballgown on the stream. She also knew she wanted Bob to be a beautiful black woman in a fantasy setting, since it's not something that is often depicted, and she wanted her to be fabulous and met with adoration instead of ire.
  • Brennan mentions that Bob's character was perfect in that her place in the adventuring party was just what it needed to truly fill out and explore that facet of the world and setting. She was also very exciting to have since her charisma-casting and the way her music and personality shaped the world as magic is something that is essentially baked into the mechanics of D&D, but is not something seen often. One of his favorite bits was having NPCs-- enemies and allies alike-- respond to a literal celebrity showing up to kick some monster ass.
  • Carlos talks about the RPG game he and his wife are making, called Squeak and Cheese. It surprised him how similar the concept for Stimey was to the game's Cheese-- a fungus who can stretch out and rides around on Squeak's back. Often edited out of episodes, the way Carlos gets into character is to say "Cheese here!" the way his wife does while playing the game.
  • While creating Cheese, he needed a lot of references due to his aphantasia. One of the biggest things he had in mind for Cheese's character was to make sure it was very easy to cosplay him. This aesthetic, due to the kind of character Cheese is, ends up being less anachronistic to the setting and more of a testament to how good of a scavenger he really is. Carlos did a lot of reading on the wiki (thanks Carlos!) in order to fill in the details of the world and come up with Cheese's story, which is not something he usually does.
  • Aabria, similar to the way aasimar cleric/bards are Krystina's go-to, often plays teifling warlocks, and once she heard of the other charisma-casters at the table, wanted to shake it up a bit and do the opposite by building a lot of juxtaposition: a cleric who doesn't prioritize healing, doesn't get along well with others, and who is also physically removed from others. She wanted Myrtle to stand out in that, although she's "technically amphibious", she's not just a fish person with legs, she does not belong above decks and has all sorts of mobility aids. She wanted to give herself that challenge to connect with the group.