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Making Chungledown Bim is the first and currently only episode of Dimension 20's Foundry.




  • This episode was recorded several months before Boys' Night! (Roll20Con) aired.[1]
  • The character sheet seen in this episode is a specially-made, legally distinct character sheet design that was put together before Fantasy High aired, in case it was ever seen on camera. The cast all had copies physically in front of them, which can be seen in the occasional the top-down camera shots.[2]


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  2. Erin Hassidim, Dropout Discord 1 April 2021: "Before FH, they had someone design a (legally distinct) character sheet for dimension 20 in case it was ever seen on camera"; "The cast all had them physically in front of them, so for the top down shot it was very possible that you'd see glimpses of it at least"