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"Yes, Alycon; I'm in danger." ― Marcid

Marcid the Typhoon (pronounced mar-seed) is a resident of Leviathan and an enforcer for the Crescent Moon Trading Company. He is played by B. Dave Walters.


"Marcid the Typhon is eight foot, 350 pounds of lean lethality and he stands there looming over Monsieur Langley Sheffield-Harrington. Looking down his nose at these wee kenku giving an impressive flex and just oddly tapping the hilt of his yklwa on occasion. Should the lord say he wants birds served for dinner." B. Dave Walters


Marcid is a no-nonsense bugbear. He is afraid of water and drowning.


He wields a yklwa and an anxious, sentient, coral-hewn Trident of Warning named Alycon (pronounced Allison).


At some time in his past, Marcid nearly drowned, traumatizing him and causing him to be extremely afraid of water from then on. It's possible that Myrtle was the one to save him from this, as he describes coming back to the surface with nothing but his life and his trident, which he received from her. After his near-death experience, he was able to rebuild his life with the support and generosity of Langley Sheffield-Harrington, who he now works for.



The Buccaneer Buddies[]


A priestess of Umberlee who deals with all kinds of sunken treasures. She and Marcid seem to have a long past together; where Myrtle is rude and standoffish towards most visitors, she is much friendlier and immediately intimate when Marcid shows up with Langley Sheffield-Harrington looking for a certain artifact. She gave him Alycon, his trident, which allows her to always know where he is, a fact that will always put him at a disadvantage when it comes to her, as nearly all of his power in battle comes from the element of surprise.


The muscle and enforcer for the Crescent Moon Trading Company. After Cheese steals the Daughter of Storms from right under their noses, Langley Sheffield-Harrington orders Marcid to hunt him down and kill him, which he happily does. Using his Hunter's Mark, he follows Cheese to Jack Brakkow's house in the Bilge, where he bursts through the wall and knocks Cheese out with a single (non-lethal!) strike.

Langley Sheffield-Harrington[]

Marcid's boss and the governor-commander of the Crescent Moon Trading Company. Marcid has a lot of respect for Langley, and seemingly endless loyalty despite his cruel, capitalist nature and rich, snotty attitude.


"I’m gonna teach you some words that might be useful: ‘Alms for the poor, alms for the poor.’"


  • B. Dave Walter's favorite real life pirate is Ching Shih.[1]
  • When creating Marcid, B. Dave approached it from the point of view of "What haven't I done before?" In Silver & Steel, he plays Freely, a sweet and happy-go-lucky character, so he decided to make his character for Pirates of Leviathan grim and intense. Freely is also a super magic boi, so he wanted a melee-centric character. Playing a big, shadowy ganker was about as different as he could get! [2]
  • At level 12, Marcid would have 5 levels in Gloomstalker, 3 in Assassin Rogue, and two in both Champion Fighter and Grave Cleric. On a surprise round his first hit would be 2d6 (Bugbear) + 2d6 (Sneak Attack) + 1d6  (Hunters Mark) + 1d8 (Trident) + 1d8 (Gloomstalker) times FOUR. Then attack 2 more times, then Action Surge, and hit three more times. Sickening.[3]


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