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"Today has been ... a madhouse." ― Margaret Encino

Margaret Encino is an executive at United Free Trade Planets and a tenant and passenger on the Red Hot. She is played by Ally Beardsley.


"Completely separate from anything you've seen so far this episode, my name is Margaret Encino. I'm a 24 year old entrepreneurial business woman and I work for UFTP, the United Free Trade Planets. I'm an executive, I'm actually very high functioning, and today has been... a mad house, okay. I had a revisions walkthrough for the Morocain Project followed by a virtual round table with the Troikani partners board. I paused for 20 minutes and checked my cell phone in. Okay, a little thing I like to do, 20 cell phone free minutes where I then had a full body tea tree and matcha massage. And then of course followed by my corner boss bi-cycle check-in. So yeah, I'm just kind of like in the groove, I'm answering phones, I'm just working from home, WFH." Ally Beardsley

Margaret is the only PC who isn't part of the main crew and instead rents a non-functional escape pod as an apartment on the Red Hot.


Margaret is an extremely business focused person, she has a constant schedule and is always busy. She wants to try to help as many people as she can, and has a major soft spot for her co-worker Lucienne.


Margaret is a woman in her mid twenties, with copper-red hair styled in a bob with bangs and bright blue eyes. She dresses rather formally, in a blazer and white collared button up, black tie around her neck and a mid-thigh length pencil skirt. Alongside this she wears black kitten heels and has manicured black nails.


Margaret attended formal business school alongside her friend Lucienne. Upon graduation she presented matching necklaces that shared the imagery of a cog, to symbolize being a cog in the machine in business. Margaret presumably makes lots of money as she easily covers the cost of the ships repairs and has "a fully maxed out 401k" -Ally Beardsley. Because Margaret is a savant, she had started working for UFTP at age 18, and had worked for them for the past 6 years.



Lucienne Rex[]

Lucienne Rex, or Lucy as Margaret calls her, is Margaret's closest friend and work companion. The two of the graduated from the same college and both work under UFTP. Lucienne and Margaret were close friends when they started at UFTP, and although they still support each other their relationship seems to have strained in the years since. Margaret seemed dismayed by news of Lucienne's engagement, possibly implying that Margaret has feelings for her.


  • Margaret has posted a tasteful below the neck nude to reddit, following a post from the same account attempting to stir a rebellion. This post has simultaneously broken the record for the most reddit upvotes and downvotes, and therefore sits at an even ten. It's not implied if that's ten upvotes or downvotes.
  • The username of Margaret's burner reddit account is "Hotbox420".
  • It is briefly stated that Margaret has a penis in the beginning of Episode 2, implying that she might be transfeminine or intersex
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