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Episode 10 of Mice & Murder, proceed at your own risk.

The Masked Assailant is an unknown attacker present at Loam Hall, who attacked Gangie Green, Buckster $ Boyd, and Lars Vandenchomp once they had reached the top of the Elevator tower.

Featured Episodes[]

Episodes Featuring the Masked Assailant
Mice & Murder


They are tall and wear a wide brimmed hat and a scarf, which they have wrapped many times around their neck to obscure their face. Something underneath their coat crunched when Gangie hit them in the torso with his shovel.


Thomas Gilfoyle, Colonel James Hawkins, Ambrose Harding, Jeremy Brockhollow, Molly Milton and Millie Molton, Maggie Banks, Templeton Padhop, and Basil Baskins can immediately be ruled out as the attacker, as they were all present and dry at the bottom of the elevator when Gangie, Buckster, and Lars exited. The rest of the PCs can also be ruled out. Matilda Molesly can be ruled out due to her epilepsy-- the lightning would have made her an ineffective fighter.

Many of the guests can also be ruled out, as they were seen on the Roll20 battle map attending the announcement given by Detective Sylvester Cross and Dr. Corbin Magpie: Constance Brockhollow; Lucretia Brockhollow; Lady Eugenia Bristlebrush; Lady Calliope and Lady Tabitha Fawnbrook; Lord Eustace Bramble and Lady Winnifred Bramble; Professor Simon Shellcrest; and Lord Eoighan McCrae. Rosalind Crumb can also be ruled out, as she was in the Study with Daisy D'umpstaire.

Eventually, the assailant is discovered to be none other than Fletcher Cottonbottom, who beneath the mask and coat was himself disguised as Lawrence Longfoot. The players had originally thought the crunch after Gangie's attack to be the sound of a shell, making Harding, Shellcrest, and Armond Armadillo their prime suspects. However, it is revealed that it was instead the sound of Longfoot's camera being broken.


  1. Several fans noted that Brennan may have been using the Master Thief stat block, which gives three rapier attacks and borrows some features from the Rogue class, such as Sneak Attack: https://www.dndbeyond.com/monsters/master-thief
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