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Mice & Murder is the eighth season of Dropout's Dimension 20 and its fourth Side Quest.

It takes place on an alternate Earth where inhabitants are anthropomorphic woodland creatures. It follows a selection of critters who find themselves involved in solving a murder that occurs during the Squire Badger's 60th birthday party on October 4th, 1905.

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Mice & Murder Locations
Tufting Meadows Loam Hall First Floor The Entrance Hall | The Ballroom | The Servants' Quarters | The Kitchen | The Elevator | The Dining Room | The Drawing Room | The Study | The Bathroom
Second Floor The Leisure Room | The Séance Room | The Secret Study | The Library | Mrs. Molesly's Bedroom | Squire Badger's Bedroom | The Bathroom | The Dressing Room
Other The Tower | The Basement | The Wine Cellar | The Oubliette
Other Our Lady of Prayerful Paws | The Docks
Other 22B Hampstead Street | Reichenbunny Falls



Dimension 20- Mice & Murder Trailer


  • The season was filmed in four back-to-back days[3] in October 2020.[4]
  • It is the third season to be remotely recorded, but the first to feature a new campaign universe since the COVID-19 quarantine began.[5]
  • This season was in development for over a year— one of the last things the cast and crew of Dimension 20 did in person was host a session 0 practice session.[3]
    • It originally intended to be the side quest that premiered after A Crown of Candy. Pirates of Leviathan premiered instead with an all-star cast and a more familiar setting to compensate for remote filming circumstances amid the COVID-19 quarantine.
    • Since Pre-production on Mice & Murder started before the quarantine, this is the first remotely-recorded season to feature the classic Rick Perry and Co. sets and minis. The season also features Roll20 battle maps, which mirror the physical sets.
  • DM Brennan Lee Mulligan filmed in the Dome, while the rest of the players filmed at home with physical colored and backlit backdrops, not greenscreens, like The Unsleeping City: Chapter II.[6] This season was recorded using Riverside, a different, higher-quality recording method than previous seasons.[6]
    • Although Brennan was in the Dome, he did not have the physical sets in front of him. Roll20 was used while filming, and director Michael Shaubach went back and recreated both pivotal and mundane moments with the minis to be filmed and edited in.[7]
  • The art style seen in the animated season reveal teaser is a direct reference to Edward Gorey's art for PBS's Mystery! intro.[8]
  • Ally and Rekha, who both played their first games of D&D on Dimension 20, are the D&D veterans this season— the rest of the cast (except Sam) has never played before![9]
  • The original idea for a season like Mice & Murder was included in the very first pitch document for Dimension 20. After the CollegeHumor layoffs in January 2020, the idea was finally put into fruition to bring back some of the company's actors as players.[10]


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