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Misfits and Magic is the ninth season of Dropout's Dimension 20. It utilizes the Kids on Brooms system.

It takes place in a world not unlike our own-- with the exception that there’s a secret underground society of wizards operating unbeknownst to the non-magic world. A prominent British wizarding school is about to recruit four unlikely American teens to be ushered into their world, a decision they may soon regret.

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Misfits and Magic Locations
London Vertiq Alley Ace of Wands | The Knave's Navel | The Streaking Straw | Merwyn's Minions
Gowpenny Academy
of Arcane Arts
The Great Hall | Chimeron Common Room | Potions Class | Applied Evocations Class | Nurse's Office | Scuppers Field



Dimension 20- Misfits and Magic Trailer


  • This season was recorded in late March 2021, almost 6 months to the day after Aabria's episode of Adventuring Academy, "See Me in Six Months", was released.[3]
  • Due to the COVID-19 quarantine, this is the first season to be recorded in-person in the Dome since Episode 18: Fearful Symmetry of Dimension 20 LIVE. As a result, for the safety of the cast and crew, it features only four players, instead of the usual six.
    • Each member of the cast was filmed in the same room but with their own camera, as all cast and crew were maintaining social distancing, so this season does not feature group shots. For more information about the safety protocols and guidelines we followed, please refer to this video announcement.
  • It is the third season to feature prior cast members: Lou Wilson and Erika Ishii return after the Main Quests and Escape from the Bloodkeep, respectively.
  • It is also the first season to feature a guest DM, though she's not a stranger to Dimension 20. Aabria Iyengar played Myrtle in Pirates of Leviathan.
  • The premise and world were created by Aabria and Dimension 20 Creative Director, Orion Black. When searching for the first new GM for Dimension 20, there was a unanimous internal decision to reach out to Aabria after working with her on Pirates of Leviathan and Adventuring Academy and seeing her GM work on Pirates of Salt Bay.
    • As she also DMs Critical Role's Exandria Unlimited, is continuing as a PC in Into the Motherlands season 2, is DMing D&D Live's "The Chaos Carnival" for several WWE Superstars, and is appearing in Dimension 20's side quest, The Seven, summer 2021 has been dubbed the "Summer of Aabria".


  1. Erin Hassidim, Dropout Discord, 16 June 2021: [is this a side quest?] "it's a special different thing. They wanted to call it "Dimension 20 Chronicles" but that was too long to put in the title, so it's another season but not a side or main quest technically?"
  2. As with many TTRPG games, Aabria incorporates several homebrew mechanics and house rules, such as the "Common-Fucking-Sense die" that may not be part of the rules as written.
  3. Dimension 20 Twitter, 16 June 2021: https://twitter.com/dimension20show/status/1405211406673264643