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Misfits and Magic is the 9th season of Dimension 20. It was released in summer of 2021 every Wednesday at 7pm Eastern with a total of 4 episodes.


Overall No. in
Title Transcripts Airdate Runtime
122 1 The Chosen Ones Link 2021-06-30 2:28:42
Four American teenagers are summoned to an exclusive British magical academy.
123 2 Class Conflict Link 2021-07-07 2:12:36
The magical misfits are sorted into their destined house and begin their first day of classes.
124 3 Family on Six Link 2021-07-14 2:08:58
The misfits finish their first day of classes, explore scuppers, and strengthen their bonds.
125 4 We're the Heroes Link 2021-07-21 2:54:57
The members of the Pilot Program must come together to take on their greatest challenge yet.
140 5 Misfits and Magic Holiday Special Link 2021-12-15 3:15:57
The magical misfits spend Christmas break at Gowpenny, with an unwelcome visitor.