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Episode 2 of Fantasy High, proceed at your own risk.

"Oh wow! There's some really powerful feelings here..." ― Mr. Gibbons

Mr. Gibbons is the guidance counselor at Aguefort Adventuring Academy, though he isn't very good at his job.

Featured Episodes[]

Episodes Featuring Mr. Gibbons
Fantasy High


Mr. Gibbons is a young gnome with very rosy cheeks and watery blue eyes.

He is laid-back, but also somewhat obnoxious. His manner of dealing with any issues, no matter now urgent, is to stop what they're doing and get his students to try and process the emotions they're feeling.


The Beginning Begins[]

Mr. Gibbons is introduced as the Bad Kids gather for their detention on the first day of school. He is supervising them in Vice Principal Goldenhoard's stead. Once the kids are gathered, he sits on the edge of his desk and softly asks how they feel about what they did: Adaine says she technically has diplomatic immunity and asks to go home; Gorgug immediately apologizes to Fabian, saying he didn't mean to hit him back; Fabian attempts to claim that he did nothing wrong, but does admit that punching Gorgug wasn't worth it.

Mr. Gibbons sits back, mentioning that there's a lot of feelings here. He asks how things are at home, and Kristen asks Fig why she's crying. Fig admits that he may have tapped into something, and that maybe her home isn't great. Mr. Gibbons comments again on the strong feelings there, and Adaine interrupts to ask if they could just do lines instead of talking, and Fabian is in agreement. Once more, Mr. Gibbons points out the strong feelings when a blood-curdling scream is heard from the direction of the cafeteria. Mr. Gibbons attempts to stop them, but everyone flees to investigate.

Clash of the Corn Cuties[]

After the battle with Doreen and the Corn Ooze & Corn Cuties, Adaine uses Message to yell at Mr. Gibbons to get help. He does his usual schpiel of "sounds like there's a lot of strong emotions here", but Adaine is having none of it. Covered in Doreen's blood, with one of her teeth stuck to Adaine's cheek, Adaine curses him out, and he rushes to join them.

Arthur Aguefort arrives at the scene, and after a solemn speech about death, he shoots Mr. Gibbons in the head.

After the Afterlife[]

When Gorgug dies from the battle against the Corn Ooze, Mr. Gibbons appears in Hell behind him as a spectral figure. Gorgug asks him what happens, and as Mr. Gibbons explains that his boss murdered him, he realizes that there are a lot of powerful feelings there, and his eyes start to glow red. He says he's got some unfinished business and transforms into demon.

In Episode 3, it's revealed that when he was killed by Principle Aguefort in order to resurrect Kristen and Gorgug. Mr Gibbons went to "hell" (later revealed to be Orc Heaven in Episode 9) and he exclaims to Gorgug, in a rage, that he has "unfinished business" which is implying that he was not in the know that Aguefort would kill him.

In Episode 14, Fig is presumably possessed by Mr Gibbons and he goes to attack the rest of the group before being forcefully removed by Kristen.

In Episode 17, when Arthur Aguefort returns to the real world, Mr Gibbons attacks and possesses him. Later in the episode, Gorthalax the Insatiable pulls Mr Gibbons soul out of Aguefort's and adds him to his collection at The Bottomless Pit.


  • Despite being a gnome, Mr. Gibbons was apparently a worshiper of the Orc god, Gruumsh One Eye which why he ended up in the same afterlife as Gorgug.
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