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"On stage, magic is real. Realer than the world here where magic is also real. You know? That's what theater is!" ― Mr. Pepper

Mr. Pepper is a junior theater teacher at the Aguefort Adventuring Academy. He is responsible for directing the 24-hour theater production "The Northside Story" starring Barkas and Dordara.

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Mr. Pepper is a young aasimar. A halo flickers like a neon sign over his head, since he is only half celestial. He wears a black tie and a white button-up shirt.

He has been trying to "shake up" the theater department, which involves using a lot of flying work on pulleys and ropes above sharp stalagmite props. He is very passionate about theater and is often overly dramatic in simple conversations. He's delighted when the Bad Kids show an interest in joining the department, and proud of Hargis for bringing them.


Mr. Pepper is directing the 24-hour theater production "The Northside Story" that is being hosted by Aguefort's theater department on the first day of sophomore year. The Bad Kids and Hargis meet him outside the back door to the theater, where he's smoking. He had given the keys to the back door to Hargis to try and help him feel better about not getting cast in the play. Hargis attempts to lie that the Bad Kids are a part of the set crew so that Mr. Pepper will let them backstage, but he's a horrible liar. Instead, Adaine casts Friends on him and tells him that they're interested in joining, which he gets very excited about. He tells them about the joy and magic that theater can bring-- even though magic is real, it's realer on stage-- and he lets them in.

Later, when the Bad Kids approach Iris Clark, he is talking to Carie Zatrial about his lines when Carie puts his hand on Mr. Pepper's chest, and stares, transfixed, at Hargis's acting as Professor Bargis. During combat, he observes Gorgug put on the Wig of False Appearance and become a swarm of tiny gnats, and he comments that he loves that it's so 'avant garde'. Fabian attempts a stunt and kicks through one of the stalagmites, much to his dismay.

After the fight, Mr. Pepper laments that he doesn't have a Dordara, until Hargis pipes up that he knows all of her lines. He's very intrigued by the 'avant garde' nature of a genderbent cast.

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