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"You're still alive. That's fine." ― Myrtle to Marcid the Typhoon

"Do you have a problem with the way I serve my god? Because I can drag you down to meet her." ― Myrtle

Myrtle is a resident of Leviathan and priestess of Umberlee who sells artifacts salvaged from shipwrecks. She is played by Aabria Iyengar.


"Myrtle is hovering in the back of this temple. She moves slowly and catches just a little bit of the blue brazier light. And you see this like dark teal green that flashes with like silvery blue scales and the top half of her is fairly humanoid with these long beta fish like fins. Sort of creating this big crown and like long tendrils coming off of her elbows. And then the bottom half of her extends into this long almost eel-like bottom and she's 12 feet from top to tip. And she sort of glides around and wraps herself around her treasures. And as she kind of slink, slinks away from the brazier light, you can just see two little pinpricks of like golden light from the center of her pupils." Aabria Iyengar






The Buccaneer Buddies[]

Marcid the Typhoon[]




  • Her full name is a reference to Myrtle Beach, and also a reference to her subclass!
  • Aabria's favorite "real life" pirate is Dustin Hoffman's Captain Hook.[2]
  • Myrtle dates women-- "Myrtle is a FISH below the waist. Why would she disqualify anyone based on genitalia?" [1]
  • She's got four fanny packs because she's a full caster-- "to hold all the magicks" [1]
  • She uses an arcane focus because "components are for nerds" [1]
  • Myrtle knew a turtle once. He owes her 4 gold.[1]
  • Her favorite color is Blood.[1]
  • As a tempest cleric, she sinks ships to appease her god.[1]
  • "Myrtle" is a phonetic transcription for the sound of land creatures exhaling their last bit of air & reflexively gasping in water as they drown.[3]
    • She was nearly inconsolable when she learned that “Myrtle” is like the least edgy name that’s ever existed in Common.[4]
  • Aabria had originally planned to make a swashbuckling, charming, con-artist warlock of Bill Seacaster, but after seeing the map of Leviathan, she was intrigued by Jetsam and the kinds of pirates that would live primarily below the waterline.[5]
  • Myrtle is cousins with Sam Nightingale, and gave Sam her Mirror of the Past. [6]
    • Myrtle's been thinking about reaching out to her; Cheese needs to meet some adventurers his own age.[6]


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