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Warning!! Spoilers ahead!!
This page contains major plot spoilers! If you have not seen up to
Episode 17 of The Unsleeping City, proceed at your own risk.

The New York Public Library is a public library in Manhattan, beneath which is where the headquarters for the Gramercy Occult Society is located. The headquarters houses the Umbral Engine, the arcane machine that creates Umbral Arcana.

Featured Episodes[]

Episodes Featuring the New York Public Library
The Unsleeping City

The Unsleeping City: Chapter II


The Gramercy Occult Society headquarters is located below the New York Public Library, and is guarded by the two stone lions outside of it, Orlando and Rovias. It can be entered through a secret door, set diagonally into the stone steps and leading down, after which the pathway "MC Escher's", twisting and curving until the pathway is upside down and people head's are pointed away from the sky. The headquarters itself is a massive library with tons of bookshelves all over. It has that golden, warm, brown light, the stone floors, and that "echoey-goodness" that a lot of really old civic buildings have.

The Umbral Engine[]

The Umbral Engine, as seen in The Unsleeping City: Chapter II Episode 16: Treachery at Gramercy (some of the tokens are spoilers, click at your own risk!)

The Umbral Engine is located in the heart of the library in a massive chamber buzzing with arcane energy. The Engine itself resembles a orrery (a model of the solar system) with magically metal spheres orbiting each other and lots of other moving magical components. A railing surrounding the Engine prevents anyone from touching it or falling into it. There is no control panel, instead the wizards of the society magically manipulate it.

The Umbral Engine takes raw umbra and spins it into Umbral Arcana, the force that prevents everyday New Yorkers from seeing the Unsleeping City. If the engine is not functioning properly or damaged, New Yorkers may begin to start seeing elements of the Unsleeping City. However, the Umbral Engine can be tampered with to prevent even denizens of the Unsleeping City from seeing magical occurrences. If the Engine is overextended to over 1000% of its normal capacity, it could, in theory, make everyone in New York City forget about magic.

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