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No Introduction Needed is the ninth episode of Adventuring Academy (Season 2). It features Emily Axford as a guest.


Questions Answered[]

  • "You're a really great DM! How do you come up with such nice interactive spaces? Lots of DMs come up with cool battle mechanics, but your sense of place is so good, vivid and inspired. It makes me want to explore the world, especially that cottage. Where do you take inspiration, and how do you build such richness, especially in a very chaotic party?"
  • "You are such an inspiration! Anytime I'm playing a TTRPG and come to a crossroads, I think to myself, what would Emily Axford do? In that vein, I've heard that part of how you play so well is that you take meticulous notes. Can you talk about your note taking strategy? I find that I either write down everything and end up disengaged from RP and unable to find useful things later, or I just give up and don't write anything, then forget stuff later. Teach me your ways!"
  • "Tell us all about your dice rituals. I am very curious because I roll like shit and it needs to stop!"
  • "What's it like making the transition from long term player to DM, and what advice do you have for people interested in also doing that?"
  • "Hi. The two of you are always very impressive with world-building, both as DMs and with Emily as a player as well. Shout out to the Crick! How should a DM go about encouraging their players to do that world-building, and how would a player inform their DM that that might be something they're interested in doing without being afraid they'll mess up the DM's vision of the world?"