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Nod, also known as Dreaming, is the realm of dreams which has an intrinsic connection to the waking world. It is entered every night by people in their dreams or by taking the L Train all the way to the end, past Canarsie. As a reflection of the waking world, it can also be accessed through mirrors and reflections.

It exists as an ephemeral axiom and is hence populated by dream entities that are chimeric in nature, whimsical and ever shifting.


The mysterious realm is one of the oldest in existence and arguably the least understood. Heaven, Hell, and Faerie all originated from Nod as Paragons, powerful dreams of great magnitude and importance, that were pulled into the waking world a long time ago. As such Nod borders on these realms and can be most easily reached from Nod in the places where their paragon doorways used to be.


The East River[]

While being in the East River sounds like being underwater, it does not feel wet. It also parts for Kingston Brown, out of respect for his position as Vox Populi. It is full of toilets and baths full of treasure, and mobsters who were killed in the waking world, sleeping with the fishes. Also the location of Poseidon's Diner.

Hell's Kitchen[]

Hell's Kitchen is the location where the Mouth of Hell used to be, and therefore is elementally aligned with it. It is where Kugrash and Ricky encountered the 'rat race' where the souls of greedy and selfish people turn into their true forms and chase after a giant ball of money. The money seems to form almost a cardiovascular system of undead magic that spreads across Nod and blocks people from the Golden Door.

JFK Airport[]

The Pearly Gates hang over the JFK Airport, with planes coming in and out, people passing away in New York boarding planes and taking off towards the Pearly Gates which leading to all different realms of reward, peace and lives well lived. Sofia and Alejandro are visited by Dale after he beats up a bunch of angels and escapes briefly from Heaven to warn them about Isabella Infierno.

Glamour Bar[]

A bar near the beginning of the Road to Faerie, where the Fae people hang out in ridiculous disguises and practice their accents. Misty and Kingston meet with Robin Goodfellow to find out more about Faerie and Titania's plans.

Metropolitan Museum of Memories[]

A Museum in the middle of Central Park in Nod, filled with all the memories of people in New York. Pete and Nod visit the museum to help Pete absorb some of the memories of past Vox Phantasma and gain some control over his wild magic surges. He also is able to look through some of Kingston's memories and learn more about his story.

The Golden Door[]

A golden rectangle of light that floats above the sky in the dream world that is pointed to by the torch of the Statute of Liberty. It is a paragon doorway that contains the fourth Paragon to ever exist, The American Dream.


Notable Inhabitants[]


The grey orphan of New York, who watches over the dream realm

Pizza Rat[]

A rat with a slice of pizza strapped to its back, may or may not be a level 20 wizard (probably not).


A Wasp Centaur that desires to become real and leader of The Bugsters.

The Bugsters[]

A hoard of Dream Insectoids who invaded the Waking World.

Woman in the Moon[]

A moon with the face of a beautiful woman, has a big old crush on Misty Moore.

The Night Owl[]

An 8 foot tall winged monkey-thing with an owl's face and talons, the embodiment of insomnia.


A Mermaid waitress at Poseidon's Diner in the East River.

Ronaldo Manticaster[]

Diner mint in Poseidon's Diner, covered in his own pee

Mitch Conlan[]

Pete Conlan's dad, who was trapped in Nod for several months, and learned to be a more accepting person through it.

Train to Nod[]

A whimsical, sentient L train carriage that is able to take people to Nod from Lorimer Street Station.

The Unicorn of New York City[]

One of Kugrash's spirit totems and the unicorn of the tapestries from the Met Cloisters.

Juicy Cockroach[]

One of Kugrash's spirit totems, inhabiting Marty.

Spicy Pigeon[]

One of Kugrash's spirit totems, inhabiting Perry Pidgeon.

Animated Armor[]

Sets of Animated Armor tasked with killing The Unicorn of New York City.

The American Dream[]

The Unsleeping City Locations
New York City
The Bronx, the First Borough Yankee Stadium
Brooklyn, the Second Borough Art Show Space | Clinton Hill Chantry | Greenpoint | Lorimer Street Station | Williamsburg
Manhattan, the Third Borough Broadway | Central Park | Empire State Building | New York Public Library | Grand Central Terminal | Kingston's Home | New York Stock Exchange | St. Owen's Hospital | Times Square | Glamour | FAO Schwarz
Queens, the Fourth Borough Astoria | La Gran Gata's Bodega
Staten Island, the Fifth Borough Spaghetti's Bakery | Monastery of the Midnight Sun
Other New York Sewers
Nod, the Sixth Borough Metropolitan Museum of Memories | Poseidon's Diner