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"Let's just say Carie may have CAUGHT MY EYE! MWAHAHAHAHAH!" ― Occularia

Occularia, Queen of Sight is the main antagonist of Fantasy High LIVE in Brooklyn.

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Occularia a beholder, a 20-foot wide fleshy orb that floats 4–6 feet above the ground. There is a huge central eye and a giant fanged maw in the middle of her warty, slimy, flesh ball body, with many eye stalks protruding out. She wears a matted, wet, glittering blonde wig, which allows her to appear as Iris Clark.

Using the Wig of False Appearance, she can appear as Iris Clark, the illusion of a beautiful Triton with aquamarine-greenish skin, who is definitely a person with two arms and two legs. She has webbed hands and little fins on her calves and elbows. Her hair is blonde with silver highlights.


Occularia is first introduced as Iris Clark, a transfer student at Aguefort who lands the part of the female lead in the theater department's 24-hour production of "Northside Story". After the cast list is posted, the other students congratulate her on getting a lead role, despite being a transfer student, but with his True Sight, Hargis sees her true form. She apologizes to Hargis for his bad luck in not getting a part, and ominously tells him that he shouldn't be so sure about there being a "next year".

She is talking with some other students about a possible "showmance" between her and Carie Zatrial when Hargis renters the building later with the Bad Kids. He approaches her as part of a ruse to get her to let Adaine touch her wig and cast Identify. He tucks his beret into his vest and pretends to be "Professor Bargis", the costume teacher, and Iris is thoroughly convinced by his Nat 20 performance roll. She rotates her spherical body, which makes her humanoid illusion body look like it's stuttering in a bad video game render, and allows Adaine to touch her head to "take measurements" for costumes. Adaine removes the wig, and as her true nature as Occularia, Queen of Sight, is revealed, combat begins.

Adaine casts Tasha's Hideous Laughter, but Occularia quickly recovers. Gorgug turns into a swarm of gnats and crits on his last attack. Occularia, as a legendary attack, restrains Adaine in a telekenetic ray from one of her eye stalks and lifts her up high into the rafters and scaffolding of the stage. Hargis attempts to grab one of the eyestalks but misses, and when he angrily swings his four-by-four (and misses), Carie thinks it's hot (and vulnerable, which is also hot). He uses this newfound confidence to finally land a blow and withstand another paralyzing ray legendary action, much to Mr. Pepper's surprise. Fabian, wanting to be as cool as Gorgug and Hargis, does a flip off one of the stalagmites (breaking it) but still does not land a hit. Carie recognizes him as the kid who couldn't jump on tables.

On her first full turn, Occularia is able to paralyze Adaine, sending her crashing down 80 feet onto the stage. She hits Gorgug with a petrifying ray, still as a swarm of gnats, but he is able to resist turning to stone at the last second. Occularia attempts to hit Kristen with a charm ray, but she resists as Tracker enters the fight in full wolf form. Finally, Hargis picks up one of the stalagmite props, and with a mighty "It's curtains for you", hurls it at Occularia's huge eye and kills her.

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