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WARNING!! This Fantasy High NPC has grown up and had adventures past the initial Fantasy High and Dimension 20 LIVE episodes. This page contains major plot spoilers for the The Seven campaign, so proceed at your own risk.

"I fucking love you." ― Ostentatia Wallace

Ostentatia Wallace is a student at the Aguefort Adventuring Academy and a member of the Maidens adventuring party.

During Fantasy High and Dimension 20 LIVE, she is an NPC played by Brennan Lee Mulligan. During The Seven, she is a PC played by Isabella Roland.

Featured Episodes[]

Episodes Featuring Ostentatia as an NPC
Fantasy High
Live Shows
Dimension 20 LIVE
Episodes Featuring Ostentatia as a PC
The Seven


"Ostentatia is Jersey mansion trash. And she is absolutely decked to the nines in gems and jewels that she doesn't want anybody to know she made herself and did not come from y’know, one of the fancy stores at the international airport. She's a forge cleric, she's stocky and stout and fucking fabulous." ― Izzy Roland

Ostentatia is a dwarven cleric. She has sideburns that go down the side of her face with wispy strands along her chin. She is extremely bejeweled and wears jewelry everywhere.


In Fantasy High Ostentatia is a kind girl who befriends the Bad Kids after they come to visit her in the infirmary. Her family is working class, but owns a pretty decent-sized home with a pool and is often bedecked in jewels. Her father loves her very much.

In the Seven Ostentatia comes from a "Jersey mansion trash" family. Despite coming from a working class background Ostentatia likes to pretend that her family is rich, and tries to act the part. Her father formerly worked at the Mithral factory before it got shut down.


The Beginning Begins[]

Ostentatia is introduced when Riz Gukgak approaches her to ask if she'll eavesdrop on Penelope Everpetal and Sam Nightingale in the girls' changing room. He offers his briefcase in exchange, she counters with 20 gold, and finally Riz suggests something he can take from the school. Ostentatia asks for a teabag of the gross tea Principal Aguefort drinks. Riz agrees and steals the tea for her, which she didn't think he'd actually do, and she heads inside.

After the Afterlife[]

The Bad Kids come across Ostentatia lying on a bed in the infirmary. It's revealed that she was poisoned after drinking the tea that Riz had stolen for her. Ostentatia's father gives them a note addressed to Riz, which contains what Ostentatia had learned from Penelope and Sam: "PENY JHNY CRISTAL PALYMPSIS". Gorgug gives her his metal flower, which her father gratefully accepts and tucks among her other jewelry.

Once she recovered from this, she hosted a party at her house (69420 Spell Jammer Lane) for students of Aguefort and Hudol College; it was during this party that she was trapped in a palimpsest by Aelwyn Abernant in Episode 12.

She was one of seven other girls who were trapped in a palimpsest and chained to the mouth of Kalvaxus's cave. She was saved by Sandra Lynn Faeth from Kalvaxus's lair and then went back to the Aguefort gymnasium before killing Kalvaxus for a second time. She then went on to form an adventuring party with the other Maidens.

Sophomore Year[]

As of Sophomores Start she is currently dealing with teen drama related to a love triangle between herself, Skrank Douglas, and Danielle Barkstock, another member of her party.

The Seven[]

At the start of The Seven, Ostentatia is a junior at Aguefort Adventuring Academy.

The Fan[]

Ostentatia fan (2).png

Ostentatia's fan is black with gems of all sizes of it, and says the word GORGEOUS in all caps.


  • When she got sick drinking Arthur Aguefort's tea, her father took her to the school's nurse instead of a hospital because they don't have health insurance.
  • Ostentatia got in trouble for her first casting of the Revivify spell because she used her grandma's heirloom brooch to bring a lobster back to life.[1]
  • Brennan posted Ostentatia's character sheet on his Twitter as a reward for reaching the 250 voter registrations milestone during CollegeHumor's Voter Registration Drive.[2] However, as of The Seven, the character sheet is no longer accurate.[3]
  • Ostentatia's scent is Love Spell from Victoria's Secret and oregano, which she "marinates" in once a week.[4]
  • It's possible that Ostentatia’s Nonna might have been the fantasy version of a Ziegfeld folly (Ziegfantasy folly) as a way to spy on showbiz hotshots for her then-mobster boyfriend.[5]
  • She hand-forged all of her jewelry herself, except for a pair of real Chanel earrings. She wants everyone to think the pieces she made are real, and will flip a table if accused otherwise.[6]
  • Every once in a while, Katja Cleaver lets Ostentatia give her a makeover, and she buys everything Wet Seal has to offer. However, when Ostentatia's not looking, Katja always puts her big pink shirt back on over everything Ostentatia made her buy.[7]
  • Ostentatia’s cousin Vincenzo works at an auto body shop, but she frequently has to fix the cars for him under cover of darkness when he can’t figure stuff out himself.[8]
  • Ostentatia doesn’t grow out her beard because she’s an insecure teenager and isn’t in a place where she appreciates her body hair yet. This fact definitely has nothing to do with Izzy Roland and isn’t also exactly what Izzy Roland felt.[9]
  • One time, Ostentatia brought Danielle Barkstock back to life after Yelle went into the forest and foraged too recklessly.[10]


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