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Penelope Everpetal is a senior at Aguefort Adventuring Academy. She runs a lot of the clubs at school, including the yearbook.

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Penelope is a beautiful half-elf sorcerer. She wears a flower tied into her long, brunette hair.

She's considered exceedingly popular among the student body, as is her boyfriend, Dayne Blayde. She has been best friends with Sam Nightingale since childhood, and has a photo of them both in middle school tucked away in her locker. She is initially very friendly towards the Bad Kids, offering to show them around the school, but gets defensive when they begin to investigate Johnny Spells.


Freshman Year[]

The Beginning Begins[]

Penelope is first introduced as she hands out flyers in the school lobby with her boyfriend, Dayne Blayde. They are offering ballots for students to vote to reinstate Prom King and Queen at the school. When she offers one to Riz Gukgak, he offers one of his business cards in exchange. Penelope thinks he's so cute and offers to help show him the ropes should he need help around school.

When Ragh Barkrock approaches and starts to harass Riz by calling him "Ball" and throwing him into a trash can, Penelope, rather apathetically, turns to Dayne to ask him to stop. Dayne tells Ragh it's chill and Ragh apologizes.

Penelope spots Adaine Abernant coming up the school steps and compliments her obnoxiously large orb. Adaine offers to give it to her, but she declines. Penelope hands her a ballot and explains that Aguefort hasn't had a Prom King and Queen for a really long time, and that she and Dayne are trying to bring back the tradition. Adaine is confused by the concept, but agrees to vote nonetheless. Penelope advises her that she'll do better as a freshman if she asks less questions. She pushes the ballot onto Adaine, telling her she can deposit her vote outside the assembly, and compliments her outfit, somewhat sarcastically. Adaine leaves, suppressing a panic attack.

Later that day, Riz Gukgak spots her outside the school with her good friend, Sam Nightingale, and Sam's boyfriend, Johnny Spells. Penelope asks to speak with Sam for a moment. Sam objects, saying they'll talk after school, but Penelope insists they talk now. When Riz startles Johnny, Riz says he's friends with Penelope, and she remembers him as "the ball". After Johnny rides away on his motorcycle, she drags Sam inside to talk. They slip inside the girls locker room to talk about Penny Luckstone. Unknown to them, Ostentatia Wallace follows them in to eavesdrop for Riz.

After the Afterlife[]

During school the next day, Riz visits the A.V. club and spots Penelope on one of the monitors looking worried and standing at spot where he'd met Johnny Spells. Fig Faeth and Fabian Seacaster go out to meet her, with Riz hiding in Fabian's backpack, and Gorgug watching from afar. They ask if she's cutting class, and Fig offers her a sip from her flask. Penelope tells her she's a little freak and she loves it.

She recognizes Fabian as that guy who tore it up on the field the day before, and tells him she thinks it's bullshit he's not on the team. Fabian delights in the attention, especially when she asks if he'd ever be willing to host her birthday party at Seacaster Manor. He tells her "guilty as charged", but that doesn't even fit the situation.

Fig asks her what she's doing outside, and Penelope tells her she's worried about her friend Sam. She tells them she hadn't come to school that day and hasn't answered a text she sent ten minutes prior. Sam and Johnny Spells had been going out the whole summer, and when they ask Penelope where Johnny lives, she tells them he doesn't live anywhere. She reveals that he hangs out at the Arkon Gas Station and Garage, but she's never actually seen him lie down. Fig asks if she's just worried about her friend, or if it might have something to do with Johnny.

Penelope asks if they remember a girl named Penny Luckstone, and at the sound of his babysitter's name, Riz throws up inside of Fabian's backpack. To cover up for the smell, they claim it's his tupperware that's spilled, containing a lunch of citrus and meat that his father packed him. Wanting to stick around and not blow their cover, Fabian chucks his backpack away from them into the parking lot. From behind a building, Gorgug rushes out and retrieves it, but Penelope doesn't know he's their friend and thinks he's stealing it.

She continues to talk about Sam and how she'd get rides to school from Johnny, but that their relationship was really weird. Much to Fabian and Fig's surprise, Penelope tells them that Johnny Spells does not actually fuck. Fabian excuses himself to retrieve his bag, and the Friends spell Fig cast on her flask wears off of Penelope. They somewhat successfully convince her that it was Gorgug that cast the spell, and Penelope vows to make sure he dies. But like, socially. They part, and Penelope promises to invite them to any parties she has.

After breaking into her locker in Episode 5 and finding nothing except a picture of her and Sam Nightingale as children, the players convince her that Johnny is currently outside and she goes to find him. Brennan revealed on Discord that she secretly cast detect thoughts on The Bad Kids and realized that they were lying in this moment. This apparently led to the villains being more careful and aware of The Bad Kids going forward in the campaign.

In Episode 11, it is revealed that she and Aelwyn are close friends and presumably working together on magic, as she appears at the Abernant Home taking Aelwyn away to "study".

In Episode 13, it is revealed through Fig tricking Aelwyn that Penelope was the one who contacted Aelwyn to get her to trap the Ostentatia in the palimpsests.

In Prompocalypse, she is revealed to be working with Goldenhoard and the Harvestmen (presumably) to free Kalvaxus. She states her motivation for doing this is so she can be eternal prom queen. She somehow also traps Gorthalax in a ruby necklace that she wears at prom. She gets killed by Fabian Seacaster.

Sophomore Year[]

Penelope appears in episode 15 as one of the spirits to fight against the Bad Kids.

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