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It's a pirate's life for everyone in this RPG sidequest! Follow along as a group of buccaneer buddies cause all kinds of mayhem in the name of saving the floating city of Leviathan!

Pirates of Leviathan is Dimension 20's sixth season and third Side Quest. It is set in the Fantasy High universe.

It takes place in the world of Spyre, aboard the floating pirate city of Leviathan, after the events of Fantasy High: Sophomore Year. It follows six pirate residents, Cheese, Barbarella "Bob" Sasparilla Gainglynn, Myrtle, Marcid the Typhoon, Sunny Biscotto, and Jack Brakkow as they save Leviathan from heaps of trouble.


Player Characters[]


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Pirates of Leviathan Locations
Celestine Sea, Spyre
Leviathan Mast & Rigging Riggaba | Crow's Keep | Compass Points Library | The Ramble
Above Decks Aftward | The Gold Gardens | The Sternwood | The Row and the Ruction
Below Decks Jetsam | Cannon Court | The Bilge



Dimension 20- Pirates of Leviathan Trailer


  • This season was filmed the week of July 20, 2020.
    • Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this season is the one of several Dropout shows that were remotely recorded. As a result, it is the first pre-recorded season not to have minis or sets, and instead takes place in the "theater of the mind".
  • It is the first campaign to take place in the Fantasy High universe without the main cast.
  • It is also the first season to feature a side-quest player returning to play in a second campaign.
  1. As with many D&D games, Brennan incorporates many homebrew mechanics and house rules that may not be part of the rules as written.