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Pirates of Leviathan is the 6th season and 3rd Side Quest of Dimension 20. It was released in fall of 2020 every Wednesday at 7pm Eastern with a total of 6 episodes. Episodes were released on Dropout, as well as streamed live for free on YouTube every Wednesday. After the episode finished, they were only accessible through paid Dropout or YouTube subscriptions.

The campaign follows the story of several pirates, Cheese, Barbarella "Bob" Sasparilla Gainglynn, Marcid the Typhoon, Myrtle, Sunny Biscotto, and Jack Brakkow as they work together to save the floating pirate city of Leviathan.

Due to the COVID-19 quarantine, the entire season was recorded remotely and is the first pre-recorded season not to feature battle sets and character minis.


Overall No. in
Title Transcripts Airdate Runtime
86 1 A Heaping Helping of Trouble Link 2020-09-16 2:21:52
A mysterious artifact brings together a group of pirates scattered across the city of Leviathan.
88 2 The Daughter of Storms Link 2020-09-23 1:56:41
The assorted pirates scramble over the mysterious stone - and discover a massive conspiracy.
89 3 Into the Sternwood Link 2020-09-30 2:17:49
The Buccaneer Buddies enter the cursed forest of Leviathan and discover a few horrible truths.
90 4 I'm Worth This Link 2020-10-07 2:25:55
At the Gold Gardens, Bob catches up with her parents, while Jack comes to terms with himself.
91 5 Scramble to the Ramble Link 2020-10-14 1:52:21
The buccaneer buddies must race to the highest point of Leviathan to prevent doom.
92 6 The Horizon Beyond the Squall Link 2020-10-21 2:07:20
The crew's battle to stop the storm reaches its climax. Cheese takes a new title.