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Warning!! Spoilers ahead!!
This page contains major plot spoilers! If you have not seen up to
Episode 6 of Pirates of Leviathan, proceed at your own risk.

Names are hard. Here are some pictures and quick explanations to jog your memory.

PC Families[]

Roger and Polly Biscotto

Aaracokra - Alive

Vee, Laurie, and Dante Biscotto

Aaracokra - Alive

Fitlock and Keydum Stormcrank

Forest Gnomes - Alive

Sunny's parents. Devout worshipers of Sol who think she spends her days doing missionary work. They traveled to Leviathan from the Spyre mainland to raise their family. Sunny's younger siblings. After breakfast Dante wishes to race the other kids to their toys to show their love for Sol. When Sunny reveals her activities as a paladin of Jane Wren, Vee comes out as an Atheist, Laurie comes out as gay, and Dante comes out as a worshiper of the devil, though which devil is unclear. Cheese's terrible parents. Very against magic, but very pro-explosions. They force Cheese to work to support them while they go out on dates every night. They liked his brother better.
Spaulding Stormcrank

Forest Gnome - Alive

Octavio Costello Gainglynn

Human - Alive


Celestial Being - Alive

Cheese's older brother. Hired by the Crescent Moon Trading Company as a sacrifice. Cheese now wears his (way too big) pirate hat and coat. A legendary pirate bard and Bob's father. He's been sailing the seas for 39 years, and has been trying to return to his love, Zarael, on the celestial plane. Song of the Stars; a goddess and Bob's celestial mother. She loves everyone, but was very hurt that she woke up to find Octavio gone.
Malcolm and Dana Brakkow

Ratfolk - Deceased

Jack Brakkow's deceased parents. As his ghostly crew passes through to the other side, they bring his parents to the mortal plane first to speak with him. They tell him they've always been proud of him.

Crescent Moon Trading Company[]

Langley Sheffield-Harrington

Half-elf - Deceased

Clive Mardres / McDoon

Wood Elf - Deceased


Trident of Warning - Alive

Marcid's boss and Governor-Commander of the Crescent Moon Trading Company. Harasses a family of Kenkus over an insurance payout. Searching (and paid Myrtle handsomely) for the Daughter of Storms, which he plans to use to destroy Leviathan for insurance money. Lieutenant of the Crescent Moon Trading Company's private navy, formerly Clive McDoon, Jack Brakkow's first mate. He was responsible for bringing the Daughter of Storms aboard the Late Bloomer and sinking it. Had "business" at the Gold Gardens kidnapping Trixie for some kind of ritual. Marcid's trident, a gift from Myrtle. Extremely anxious personality.

Elf - Deceased

Grover Leforge

Gnome - Alive

The mysterious hooded woman present for the ritual with Trixie at Bowser's Forge. Has a forked tongue and vomits fire. An storm-magic archdruid who seems to be leading the tiefling ritual in the Sternwood. Clerk for the Crescent Moon Trading Company. HUGE fan of Bob's.

The Gold Gardens[]

Garthy O'Brien

Half-orc Aasimar - Alive


Tiefling - Alive

Cullen / Olive

Dwarf - Alive

Proprietor of the the Gold Gardens. Sends Bob to go see Tulwar Zuhari-Royce when Trixie goes missing. Offers Jack anything he needs to feel better after the fight in the Sternwood, which he happily accepts. Employee at the Gold Gardens and Bob's best friend. Goes missing when she is kidnapped by Clive Mardres and the Crescent Moon Trading Company and taken to the Sternwood. Her soul is missing, so she can only call out for Bob now. Barkeep at the Gold Gardens. Makes Bob her favorite drink after her show. Serves Myrtle heavy drinks, but she likes it, and he joins her in her giant martini glass, earning him the nickname "Olive" as her garnish.
The Fab Five

Various - Alive

Five attendants at the Gold Gardens who wash and take care of Jack. One of them is a tortle.

Misc Residents[]

The Corbies

Kenku - Alive


Barnacle Merfolk - Alive

Tulwar Zuhari-Royce

Minotaur - Alive

A family of kenku whose house, owned by the Crescent Moon Trading Company, burned down. The mother, Brigitte, almost threw hands with Langley. Acolyte of Myrtle, attached to her temple wall. Very slow at sorting the trash she collects, but just so adorable that she can't stay mad at him. One of Leviathan's elder pirates in the Ramble. He also serves as Sunny’s mentor and teaches Sunny about the Shining Ones, simultaneously encouraging and discouraging her from adventure.
Bowser the Broad

Dwarf - Alive

Milo and Winnie

Gnomes - Alive


Sentient Mold - Alive

Foreman of the Foundry who assists Langley Sheffield-Harrington and Clive Mardres with the ritual on Trixie. Wears a "My Clerical Romance" shirt. A pair of gnomes who are constantly committing crimes and are notorious gossips. They're usually in the stockades and wave hi to Cheese as he passes on his way to work. Taught Cheese the "Master Blaster" ('Fireball') spell. Jack's roommate. Has a regularly-sized visible face, but grows within the walls enough to have some control over the building, enough that he can "flex" and close the door. Now also exists with Cheese and Myrtle after they drank his rot water.

Goliath (unconfirmed) - Deceased (ghost)


Lizardfolk - Deceased (ghost)

Pirate T-Rex

T-Rex - Alive

A member of Jack Brakkow's crew whose spirits are tied to his mast and now fight alongside him. They cannot pass on until the spirit of his first mate joins them. The bosun of Jack Brakkow's crew whose spirits are tied to his mast and now fight alongside him. They cannot pass on until the spirit of his first mate joins them. One of several (pirate) monsters living in the Sternwood. These creatures also include a legendary cave bear (also wearing a tricorn hat) and a four-armed, pistol-wielding monkey.
Alistair Ash

Devil (Tiefling) - Deceased


Snail Centaur - Alive

Cathilda the Black

Halfling - Alive

A teenage tiefling warlock of Bill Seacaster. Escaped Hell with the help of the Crescent Moon Trading Company, who were planning to use him to summon Bill and destroy Leviathan. Operates one of the elevators in Riggaba, and is familiar with Sunny even though Sunny usually just flies down. Goes... very... slow... Temporarily in Leviathan helping restore the Ramble. Was a She was part of Bill Seacaster's crew and has recently been inducted into the new Ramble as a new elder of the pirate council.
Ayda aeg.png
Jamina Joy

Warforged - Alive

Ayda Aguefort

Half-phoenix - Alive

Bosun of Leviathan. Marcid sends her and Ayda Aguefort letters informing them of the Crescent Moon Trading Company's plans to destroy Leviathan. Mistress of the Compass Points Library and paramour of Fig and the Cig Figs star Fig Faeth. Marcid sends her and Jamina Joy letters informing them of the Crescent Moon Trading Company's plans to destroy Leviathan. Arrives after the fight at the Ramble and visits Cheese to thank him for his help in protecting the city. Gives him a big book of spells.



Goddess - Alive


God - Alive

Jane Wren

Demi-goddess - Alive

The Queen of the Depths, also known as the Bitch Queen. Worshiped by Myrtle and appears as a 15 foot blue face to yell at her when she sells the Daughter of Storms. The God of the Sun. The Biscottos are devout worshipers. Goddess of the Horizon, Freedom and Adventure. Sunny's patron and a former pirate. Considered one of the Shining Ones, pirates that reached demi-godhood.

Screencap taken from Dimension 20 LIVE, Episode 15: Blast from the Passed.


Celestial Being - Alive

Bill Seacaster

Archdevil - Alive


God - Alive

Song of the Stars; a goddess and Bob's celestial mother. She loves everyone, but was very hurt that she woke up to find Octavio gone. A powerful archdevil currently in Hell, patron to Alistair Ash and the warlock Cult of Old Bill. The Crescent Moon Trading Company plans on summoning him in order to destroy Leviathan and collect the insurance money. The Father of Storms, on a mission to get his daughter back.