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Pok Gukgak was Riz's father and Sklonda's husband, now deceased. He is buried at Cravencroft Cemetery.

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Pok is a goblin with a big, long face. He has sleek hair that is combed down and a pencil mustache. He is usually depicted as wearing a full tux. According to Kalina, his son, Riz, is the spitting image/perfect combination of both him and Sklonda. Kalina tells Riz that his dad was the suave and charismatic type.

He carried an arquebus with a silencer, which Riz now uses.


Pok's family lived in the Mountains of Chaos until his father immigrated to Solace, where he was born. His father was always working as a beat cop and was never close with Pok, in a similar way that Pok was always away from his wife and son while he was on missions. Pok says he didn't get along with his dad, who didn't have many kind words for him. As an adult, Pok got to understand his father more, realizing that though his dad had a hard time verbally expressing love, he did show his love to Pok and his siblings in his actions.

In high school Pok was a dork, with awkward hair and huge braces. He tell's Riz that Gukgaks bloom if and when they bloom, for him it was Junior year of college, after which he was quite popular. He was always faithful to the love of his life, Sklonda. But before he met her, he had dated around a lot.

He met Sklonda, also a cop in Bastion City, and they were married. After being offered a position as a detective in Elmville, they moved into Strongtower Luxury Apartments, where Riz was born.

Pok worked as a foreign agent for the Solisian government. He used his identity as a goblin to infiltrate enemy lines and spy on them from the inside. He was totally badass. The whole family is badass!

He often worked with Kalina, also known as the Shadow Cat, on missions that required Fallinel and Solace to work together. Their work together included research into the boundary around Sylvaire. They may or may not have fucked.

On August 31st approximately five years ago, he recorded a crystal message for his son, which Riz finds later, explaining that he's about to go on a dangerous mission. He encourages Riz to never give up, even in the face of the racism he's bound to face as a goblin.

This mission, and his last investigation, was that of the Harpy, Kalvaxus's flagship when he had control over Solace. Kalvaxus's hoard, including the ship, was supposed to be destroyed at the foundation of Solace, but Pok discovered that the wrong ship had been destroyed. He found that illusory magic had been used to disguise the ship as another one, the Cerulean. Pok reached out to Kalina about this investigation sometime before he died.

He was eaten by Kalvaxus once he learned of Pok's investigation. Kalina did not attend his funeral. Riz and Sklonda visit his grave every year on the anniversary of his death, and Riz often visits to talk about his adventures. In heaven, Pok likes to hang out at his grave, since he can hear his family talking from the other side of the gravestone.

Freshman Year[]

In Episode 13, Riz finds Pok's secret spy room which includes lots of information about The Harpy/Cerulean and a recorded message which helps motivate Riz for the future and explain the circumstances of his life, being motivated by proving stereotypes wrong about goblins.

It is revealed in Episode 16 that he was killed by Kalvaxus 5 years before the events of the current campaign while he was investigating the ship, the Harpy/the Cerulean.

Sophomore Year[]

In Mirror Madness, it is revealed that as part of his work for the secret service, Pok worked with the Shadow Cat, Kalina. Sklonda explains in Havoc at the Hotel Cavalier that they worked together on missions that required Fallinel and Solace to work together, including research into the boundary around Sylvaire. Pok had reached out to Kalina regarding the staged sinking of Harpy/Cerulean ship before he died. Kalina did not attend his funeral.

While Riz is under house arrest in The Bottomless Pit, Kalina appears to him and offers to take him to see his father, revealing that he is being held and tortured on the second level of Hell, in the Iron City of Dis. She also heavily implies that they may have had an affair while working together out on missions.

In Episode 15, Riz is able to find Pok being interrogated by a pit fiend. Pok initially appears to be cold, callous, and dismissive of the family he left behind before being knocked into unconsciousness. This is revealed to be a ploy when Pok disarms Riz and uses his gun to kill the interrogators and unveils his halo: Pok is on the side of the celestials, on an undercover mission in Hell. A beam of light takes him back, with Riz in his arms.

When they reach heaven, Pok reveals he's an undercover agent, working essentially the same job he did on the mortal plane. He works for the Lower Planar Reconnaissance Task Force infiltrating the lower planes of Hell for information on their dealings. He and Riz have a talk about Kalina and the true nature of her ability to only be seen by a certain few. Riz is hired as a consultant on the mortal plane. They talk about all the unimportant things as time is frozen in the real world, and then Riz returns to his friends.


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