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Porter Cliffbreaker is the barbarian teacher at the Aguefort Adventuring Academy.

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Porter is a rocky-looking earth genasi barbarian. He carries a war hammer.

He is very stoic and seems very unfriendly and distanced for the most part, though shows pride in his students. Due to this stony disposition, however, he often makes comments and observations that come off as very creepy and foreboding. This contributes to Fig Faeth's suspicion of him, though he's not really a bad guy. He usually just goes to the gym and stuff according to Riz's investigation.


After the Afterlife[]

Porter is first introduced when Vice Principal Goldenhoard calls him and Jace to guard the crime scene in the cafeteria. Upon seeing the bodies and destruction, Jace screams in shock, but Porter is not surprised. Fig Faeth notices this and begins to become suspicious of him, which lasts well into her sophomore year.

As Riz Gukgak spies on them from his hiding place in the cafeteria, he hears them talk about the incident, and how things were getting started a little earlier than usual that year. Jace wonders why something was able to be summoned, as the school has a ward protecting it from such a thing. Porter makes a comment about how sometimes things are just strong enough to break through, like walls, and Jace tells him that he sounds creepy all the time. He's trying to build a bridge between them, and a little cordiality would help. When Porter makes to join the kids, thinking that it's not right that they're all alone, Jace reminds him that they have each other. Literally, since they've missed the window to find other adventuring parties. Jace leaves to log what he found in the arcane register, and Porter continues to stand guard until the police arrive.

Later that day, Fig shows up to "audit" one of his barbarian classes. She walks in to join Gorgug Thistlespring as Porter talks about what rage means to his students. Gorgug answers, totally unprompted, that it confuses him. Porter asks him how that confusion feels, and begins to talk about how when you feel that wall in your mind stopping you from where you want to go, it feels bad. He asks Gorgug what he does when he feels that, and he answers that his mom and dad would tell him to sing a song. Porter asks the rest of the class what they think instead.

He points to Fig, who answers that rage is inevitable because people let you down left and right. You're always gonna feel rage, but it's not about whether you can control the rage, it's whether the rage controls you. Porter sheds a single tear of pride over her answer. Attempting to piggyback off her answer, Gorgug starts singing one of his songs, but Porter points out that even in the song, he wants the obstacles to remove themselves. Porter is disappointed, and Gorgug is ashamed, but Fig is supportive and plays her bass along to the song, giving him Bardic Inspiration.

Fig approaches him later to tell him goodbye before heading home from school. He tells her she has a lot of potential and invites her to come visit his classes any time. He even suggests she might not be a bard at all! Gorgug, who's been quietly standing there for a minute, apologizes for his singing. Fig tries to convince Porter that Gorgug has potential too, but Porter does not seem to remember him at all, and hesitates to say he has potential too.

Family in Flames[]

Adaine and Kristen see footage in the AV Club showing Porter being captured in a palimpsest that was disguised as a security camera.

At the end of the series, it is said he is training Ragh and Zelda as well as Fig and Gorgug.

Fantasy High LIVE at RTX Austin[]

He is seen again still training Gorgug and Fig giving Gorgug advice in throwing while telling Fig about her performance so far. He is also the one who first lets Gorgug know something big is going on with Zelda.

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