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"Forgiven." ― Queen Saccharina of House Frostwhip

Queen Saccharina of House Frostwhip, or Saccharina Ghee, is the sovereign ruler of Candia and the daughter of King Amethar of House Rocks and Catherine Ghee. She is played by Emily Axford.

She is first alluded to in Episode 9: Safe Harbor and first appears as a PC in Episode 11: At the Mountains of Sweetness.


"Okay, so I'm basically like a warrior ice cream sundae. I have sort of like a caramel cape going down my back. I've got sort of cherry epaulets, very military, but also sweet. And then I've got a Mohawk that's dyed to be the colors of Neapolitan ice cream. And at my side I have Winterscoop the Spooning Staff, and then I've also got two swords." Emily Axford



Saccharina is an ice cream sundae. She wears her hair in a mohawk, dyed brown, white, and pink to resemble Neopolitan ice scream. She wears a caramel cape and plate armor with cherry-topped epaulets. She wields Winterscoop, the Spooning Staff, as well as a long sword, short sword bound set, which includes Freezerburn.


Around Y.o.B. 1191, amid the Ravening War, Saccharina was born to the later King of Candia, Amethar Rocks, and a Dairy Islands milkmaid, Catherine Ghee. Saccharina was initially raised by her mother in the Dairy Islands, but ever since Amethar returned to Candia to take his place as king, they lived in fear of the potential consequences of their marriage. Amethar would send messengers in search of Catherine, desperate to be reunited, but Catherine's paranoia drove her to believe they were out to kill her and her daughter.

Content Warning: child abuse and neglect (as seen in Episode 15: The Two Balls)
Not long after the war, Catherine decided to leave Saccharina in the care of the nuns at the Abbey of the Shimmering Cream, a Bulbian abbey, for her own protection. However, it was far from the loving, nurturing environment Catherine probably assumed it'd be. Saccharina had powerful magic which caused the other children there to bully her, and when it caused trouble, punishment by the nuns. They believed that she was possessed by the Hungry One, and would abuse, neglect, and starve her in retaliation. Saccharina's one spark of hope were her visions of Archmage Lazuli, who began to coach her through harnessing the power of the arcane.

On the 15th of Frostdawn, Y.o.B. 1195, when Saccharina was five years old, she was sent to the office of Mother Superior Edam. After learning of her visions and communications with Archmage Lazuli, Mother Superior Edam punished her; she chastised and lashed Saccharina, then branded her with a red-hot iron in the shape of the symbol of the Bulbian Church. The punishment was so severe that it permanently severed her connection to Archmage Lazuli.

Sometime later, Saccharina's anger against the nuns and the abbey, and at her mother for seemingly abandoning her, reached a boiling point. She lost control of her storm powers and sunk the abbey into the Dairy Sea.

As Saccharina grew up, she traveled extensively, sailing the Dairy Sea and amassing a loyal following of similarly mistreated marauders while exacting revenge on Bulbian monasteries along the way. Saccharina later settled herself and her crew in the Great Stone Candy Mountains, which they use as a base of operations against the Sugar-Plum Fairy, who has stolen and locked away many powerful arcane artifacts, and later, the invading Ceresian armies.


At the Mountains of Sweetness[]

Rescue at Buzzybrook[]

Family Ties[]

Encounter in the Ice Cream Temple[]

The Two Balls[]

As Saccharina descends the mountain flanked by her loyal followers and the rest of the Candians behind her she remembers another snowy night from her past. In the Dairy Sea at the Abbey of the Shimmering Cream a five year old Saccharina looks out to sea for her mom. In the abbey are other lost children as a has broken out but all of them are kept away from Saccharina. She is brought to Mother Superior, as she walks a dark indigo blue Candian woman smiles at her from a mirror in the hall and comforts her but the woman disappears as Saccharina walks into Mother Superior's office.

Mother superior straps her to a chair and beats her with a switch she is interrogated about her ability to see the woman in the mirror. Using a holy symbol of the bulb Mother Superior burns it into Saccharina's chest. In the blinding pain, Saccharina leaves her body and sees the woman reaching out begging her to hold her hand but she is not able to before their connect is severed and Saccharina returns to her body. The Mother Superior vowing to burn the Hungry One out of her as many times as it will take.

Afterwards, Saccharina emerges traumatized but not broken (expand for more detail about her abuse). She is sent to bed without food just before being taunted about her belief that she is Prince Amethar's daughter.

For Candia! (Part 1)[]

For Candia! (Part 2)[]


The Taste Buds[]

Catherine Ghee []

Saccharina's mother. When Saccharina first meets the party, she implies that Catherine and Saccharina had a poor relationship. When Manta Ray says she is a lovely woman, Saccharina remarks that they have 'very different experiences of her'. Paranoid that messengers from Candia were looking for her and her daughter to kill them, Catherine left Saccharina behind at the Abbey of the Shimmering Cream when she as very young. In reality, King Amethar, Saccharina's father, had been searching desperately for Catherine since the end of the Ravening War. Saccharina would wait for Catherine to return for her at the abbey, but she never would, as she died shortly after from illness. Saccharina resents her for abandoning her to the mercy of the nuns' abuse at the abbey, as she'd never had a real family because of it.

Development sketch by season artist Samir Barrett: "Initially I think I just made her Storm from the X-Men"

King Amethar of House Rocks[]

Saccharina's father. Amethar was shocked to learn of Saccharina's existence when they first met in the Great Stone Candy Mountains. Amethar didn't believe that Saccharina was his daughter at first until he noticed that how Saccharina's eyes were similar to Catherine Ghee's.

Saccharina is shown to be jealous of the father-daughter relationship between Amethar and Ruby. After witnessing from afar both Amethar and Ruby hugging each other during a heart-to-heart conversation, Saccharina bitterly commented "Must be nice" to herself as a cold wind blew around her.

Development sketch by season artist Samir Barrett: "Saccharina I got her power there but needed to express more of her personality & grace so that's what the end result became."

Princess Ruby Rocks[]

Saccharina's half-sister. Upon meeting, the relationship between Princess Ruby Rocks and Saccharina is difficult. Saccharina has made attempts to reach out to Ruby when they first met but was coldly shot down by Ruby whenever she does. Ruby sees Saccharina as someone who was trying to take Jet's place in the family immediately after Jet's death. Ruby feels as if Saccharina is sucking up to many members of their party, especially Liam Wilhelmina. In addition, Ruby is jealous since she believed she was the only member of their family to have a relationship with the Archmage Lazuli Rocks after death. The two were able to come to an understanding following the Seige of Castle Candy and gradually grew closer, leading to Ruby choosing to stay in Candia to advise Saccharina rather than following the newly crowned Emperor Amethar to Comida.


  • Her name is likely a reference to the word 'saccharine', meaning 'sugary'.
  • During character creation, Emily Axford's original vision for her was a "Dairy Queen Blizzard" who drowned the nunnery she grew up in in the ocean with her power. She would be a caster with high Charisma, but who attracts magic instead of people.
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