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Reichenbunny Falls is a steep waterfall in Bavaria which overlooks a remote lake.


It was being used as a munitions depot before the untimely demise of Fletcher Cottonbottom.


Sometime before the 1870s, the castle at the falls once belonged to Bavarian nobles. When they were down on their luck it was sold to the Cottonbottom family for dirt cheap. Near the turn of the century, Fletcher Cottonbottom attempted to use the castle as a munitions depot, a plot which his nemesis, Detective Sylvester Cross, caught onto and informed the authorities.

A Time for Clues[]

In a flashback after seeing Fletcher's ghost at William Thornwall Brockhollow's 60th birthday party in Tufting Meadows, Sylvester recalls his final confrontation with Fletcher Cottonbottom. As he foiled his plans for the munitions inside the castle, Fletcher swore to finally get back at Cross for everything he'd done to betray the Cottonbottom Family. As soon as he heard the sounds of the German militia coming for him, he pulled Sylvester with him off the side of the falls. Sylvester managed to free himself by picking the lock on the handcuffs and watched Cottonbottom sink to the bottom of the lake, presumably dead.


  • Reichenbunny Falls is most likely a reference to the "Reichenbach Falls" from the classic Sherlock Holmes stories. In this adventure, Holmes has a similar confrontation with his own nemesis, Moriarty.
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