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WARNING!! This Fantasy High PC has grown up and had adventures past the initial Fantasy High episodes. This page contains major plot spoilers for the Dimension 20 LIVE campaign, so proceed at your own risk.

"Start with the friends. Then get the clues." ― Riz Gukgak

"THE BALL! BITCH!" ― Riz to Goldenhoard after being insulted by him

Riz "The Ball" Gukgak is a sophomore at Aguefort Adventuring Academy and a member of the Bad Kids adventuring party. He is played by Brian Murphy.


"Yeah, so I'm Riz Gukgak. My nickname in middle school was 'Briefcase Kid.' I'm a goblin, and I don't have a lot of friends even though I'm pretty social, which is weird. My only real friend is this halfling named Penny Luckstone who - technically my babysitter. I had a babysitter until I was 13 but she recently went missing, and my mom is a detective and I'm a *coughs* licensed private investigator, so I am gonna find Penny myself." Brian Murphy


Riz is a goblin rogue who lives at the Strongtower Luxury Apartments with his mother, Sklonda. He is outgoing but socially inept; he has trouble making friends, usually because he's intensely focused on his work as a private investigator. He has a tendency to overthink large plans and is very anxious about rule-breaking. He doesn't sleep often, preferring to theorize and stay focused on whatever mystery he's solving. He's very good at hiding.


Riz is three to four feet tall with green skin, green eyes, and pointy ears. His curly hair is a darker green than his skin. In his sophomore year, he gets several tattoos all over his body of the clues from the search for the crown of the Nightmare King. Some of these tattoos include: "Nightmare King Crown", "Garthy O'Brien", and "Night Yorb". He almost never takes his hat off; when he does, his hair looks like Timothée Chalamet's, which is very hot. He always wears formal clothing, as he takes his job as an investigator very seriously.

He carries his briefcase everywhere. After his old one is lost during combat, Fabian Seacaster gives him a newer, fancier briefcase. It's engraved with the initials "TB" (standing for "The Ball") and functions as a Bag of Holding. Riz also wields his father's arquebus and the Sword of Shadows.

Freshman Year[]

The Beginning Begins[]

Riz is first introduced on his first day of freshman year at Aguefort Adventuring Academy. He slept for four hours-- the minimum amount he promised his mom that he would rest-- but he's been up for most of the night attempting to solve the disappearance of his babysitter, Penny Luckstone. Her disappearance is one among three others of female Aguefort students that have gone missing within the past few months. He surveys his conspiracy board and its strings of yarn, photographs of the missing girls, and utter lack of clues.

Riz isn't necessarily nervous to go to school, but he's historically had trouble making friends. This year, though, he's prepared-- he made business cards with his name and information in order to make friends. He's also excited to go to Aguefort so he can search for clues about the missing girls.

His mother, Sklonda comes home from working all night and chastises him for not getting enough sleep. She looks at his business cards and asks him why they say that he's a licensed detective. Riz points out that, although it's small, there is a "un-" before the "licensed", so he isn't technically lying.

Sklonda reminds him that the police have a detective-- herself-- working on the case of the missing girls. Riz offers to be the "man on the inside" at Aguefort. Sklonda momentarily gets distracted, helping him organize his board and suggesting improvements for the conspiracy board before remembering herself and discouraging it. She asks him if he's eaten; when Riz says he's had coffee, she insists that he eat real food. She makes them some cereal, giving him the milk from her bowl when she realizes there isn't enough for both of them. Together, they violently gobble down their breakfast.

Riz, contemplating the clues on his board inside his apartment.

Sklonda reminds him of their plans to visit his father's grave that Saturday-- the five-year anniversary of his death. Riz says he might be busy spending time with his new friends and proudly shows her his business cards. She tries to convince Riz that he doesn't have to be so formal when making friends, but Riz firmly believes that the goal of making friends is obtaining information. After pushback from Sklonda, he finally concludes, "Start with the friends, then get the clues." He heads off to school.

Riz claps during the morning announcements, thinking it'll make him look cool. When Penelope Everpetal approaches him with a ballot to vote to reinstate Prom King and Queen, he offers up his own "literature": his business card. He hopes to get in with the cool kids and the jocks right away, but Penelope and her boyfriend, Dayne Blayde, are largely dismissive of him.

Dayne asks Riz if he plays bloodrush. Eager to make friends, Riz lies and says he does. Ragh Barkrock, the school bully, runs in and shouts that Riz does play bloodrush - he's the ball. Riz tries to disagree and offer Ragh a business card. Ragh declares that his new name is "The Ball", picks Riz up, and dunks him into a trash can. He also threatens anyone that would call Riz anything other than "The Ball". Riz escapes the trash can but shows up to the opening assembly covered in trash.

After the assembly, Riz searches for the rogue teacher as part of his initiation for the class. In his search, he sees Sam Nightingale talking to Johnny Spells in the parking lot. He sneaks up to them and introduces himself. Penelope Everpetal approaches and asks to speak to Sam privately. Sam says she's busy, but Penelope insists they talk immediately. Johnny leaves and the two girls go inside to talk.

As Penelope and Sam enter the girls' locker room to talk, Riz hears them mention his babysitter, Penny Luckstone. Riz finds Ostentatia Wallace and asks her to go into the girls' locker room, listen to what the other girls are saying, and tell him what they said. She agrees in exchange for a teabag from Arthur Aguefort's office. Riz attempts to break into the office, but Goldenhoard is inside of it. He manages to grab a teabag and give it to Ostentatia, who keeps her word and goes into the girls' locker room. Unfortunately for Riz, Goldenhoard chases him down and gives him detention.

Later in the day, Goldenhoard is talking to Riz and four other kids who received detention: Fabian Seacaster, Gorgug Thistlespring, Fig Faeth, and Adaine Abernant. They are not allowed to participate in the "Day of Fellowship" - a time when Aguefort students celebrate and form their adventuring parties - because they all managed to get detention on the first day. Across the auditorium, Riz and the rest of the group watch Coach Daybreak loudly give a detention slip to Kristen Applebees for "bearing false witness". Goldenhoard points out that this infraction is based on religion and isn't grounds for detention, but Kristen takes the detention anyway and joins the Bad Kids.

The group reconvenes in detention after school. Mr. Gibbons, the guidance counselor, attempts to get the students to talk about why they broke the rules. Riz only says that things at home are "good".

Suddenly, a blood-curdling scream is heard from the hallway. Riz is the first to leave and takes off as soon as he hears the scream. The rest of the group quickly follows despite Mr. Gibbons' protests. The group arrives at the cafeteria and finds Lunch Lady Doreen, Corn Gremlins, and a giant Corn Ooze about to wreak havoc. The party prepares for battle.

He joins The Bad Kids by getting detention for stealing a teabag from Arthur Aguefort's office.

He gets the nickname "The Ball" after Ragh Barkrock dunks him into a trash can. He keeps the nickname for the rest of the campaign.

He gains Biz Glitterdew's friendship in Episode 3 when he joins the A.V club in order to learn more about the dream crystal CCTV system. In Episode 5, he enlists Biz's help in freeing Sam Nightingale from a palimpsest.

In Episode 8, Riz loses his briefcase and all of his business cards when he attempts a skating trick on Crush's half-pipe. In Episode 9, he receives gilded business cards and a new, engraved briefcase that is also a Bag of Holding. He later discovers that this briefcase is a gift from Fabian.

In Episode 9, he begins to look after Edgar, Zayn Darkshadow's familiar. Riz keeps Edgar as a pet until Episode 17, when he returns Edgar to a happy, newly-spectral Zayn.

In Episode 9, Riz sneaks into St. Owen's Memorial Hospital with Fig to secretly visit Biz. Along the way, he shoots a scarab out of a patient's chest and successfully cures him of mummy-rot.

Riz is the one who fully kills Coach Daybreak in Episode 10.

In Episode 11, the rest of his friends enjoy their free time after the apparent destruction of the Harvestmen's apocalypse plot. Riz and Adaine are the only ones who believe that there's something more to the case. He has a dream where he is with Penny Luckstone inside of a crystal dome. She tells him, "The time's coming, and it's worse than you think."

In Episode 13, Riz (with the help of Edgar) discovers a secret room in his apartment containing the desks of his mother and deceased father. He discovers that his father, Pok Gukgak, was a secret agent for Spyre. Pok had been investigating a ship related called The Harpy - a supposedly-destroyed ship from the fleet of Kalvaxus - just before he died. Pok has clues inside his office inferring that The Harpy actually became The Cerulean, which was the ship on which the Elven Oracle drowned. Riz also finds an old, heart-wrenching video message from his father where Pok tells Riz to keep pushing forward and never give up.

In Episode 13, Riz and the rest of The Bad Kids take Biz to the new arcade in the Elm Valley Mall. The arcade has a large power source that Biz says he can use to finally get Sam Nightingale out of the palimpsest. While in a back room with Biz, Riz notices an arcade game called "Lucky Stones" with a pixellated image of his babysitter, Penny Luckstone, trapped inside. To his horror, Riz realizes that Biz has been taking the missing girls out of their palimpsests and trapping them inside of arcade games. Biz offers him a chance to "get in on the action" and trap a girl of his choosing in an arcade game. Riz plays along with him just long enough to get close and try to shoot him.

Official art of Riz, available as a sticker in Dropout.TV's store.

In Episode 14, Riz gets sucked into the "Lucky Stones" arcade game. He's supposed to race Penny and collect coins, but he fails. When he loses the game, he is zapped into an empty palimpsest on the main power grid with the other missing girls. Riz finds Penny and apologizes to her about how he messed up the fight with Biz. She forgives him and tells him that she doesn't have much time; the girls are being "downloaded" from their palimpsest and transported to an unknown location. Riz tries to break through the glass of the palimpsest to stop the missing girls from being virtually transported. He is ultimately unsuccessful and permanently scars his hands as he digs through layers of shattered glass, but he discovers that the girls are being "downloaded" to the A.V. room at Aguefort.

When faced with the choice to pull Riz or Zelda out of their palimpsests, Adaine chooses to save Riz. Moments later, Zelda is "downloaded" and disappears from the arcade.

Riz takes the Sword of Shadows from the arcade prize case at the end of Episode 14.

In Episode 16, Riz is the first to realize that there isn't a Dragonborn staff member listed on Aguefort's payroll. This leads the group to realize that Goldenhoard is, in fact, Kalvaxus.

In the finale, Kalvaxus brags about murdering Riz's father, Pok. Riz avenges Pok by stabbing him in the head with the Sword of Shadows and eating him with the help of his mom, Sklonda. In the epilogue, Riz reveals that he finally gets a real Investigator's License and officially becomes a private investigator.

In Fantasy High LIVE in Brooklyn, Riz is absent because he is in "deep cover". He sent each of The Bad Kids an encrypted letter explaining this in invisible ink.

In Fantasy High LIVE at RTX Austin, Riz attends Zelda's birthday party with the rest of The Bad Kids (except for Fabian) and Ficus. They all work together to keep The Party Fouls from ruining Zelda's party. Riz tries to incorporate Gilear, who is disguised as Fabian, into an attack; he leaps off of Gilear's knee towards one of the Fouls and fails to hit it.

Sophomore Year[]


Sklonda Gukgak[]

Riz's mother. They both love each other very much, but Riz's antics are often a lot to handle, especially considering that Sklonda is a single mother with grueling work hours. He admires her a lot, and her job as a detective on the Elmville police force inspires him to do his own detective work. She wants him to learn to prioritize his own safety over solving the case but accepts that being badass runs in the family and that he'll often be in harm's way. She is immensely proud of him.

Pok Gukgak[]

Riz's deceased father. Pok died when Riz was about nine years old and his job often required him to be away from home. Riz doesn't remember a lot about him, but he knows that they loved each other. He and his mother visit his grave at Cravencroft Cemetery every year on the anniversary of his death. Riz often visits by himself and tells his father about all the exciting things going on in his life. He later learns that, as an angel, Pok can hear everything he says from Heaven and enjoys listening to Riz.

During his freshman year, Riz learns that his father was a badass spy. He finds a secret room in their apartment with all of his dad's old spy gear, including his arquebus and a recording addressed to Riz that he made before he died. In the recording, Pok talks about the difficulties of overcoming goblin stereotypes and expresses hope that his son can overcome them as well. Riz also learns that Pok was eaten by Kalvaxus. He successfully avenges his death at the end of his freshman year by defeating Kalvaxus and eating him.

In his sophomore year, Riz discovers that one of his dad's colleagues was the Shadow Cat, Kalina. While in Hell, Kalina shows Riz that his dad is being tortured in Hell by pit fiends. Riz overhears Pok say that he has nothing he missed in the mortal plane. Despite learning this information, Riz still fights his way to the Iron City of Dis and rescues his dad. Pok reveals that he is a celestial working undercover in Hell and transports himself and Riz to Heaven. He explains that he works as a secret agent for Heaven and Riz thinks that he is utterly awesome for doing so. Riz and his dad have an emotional reunion in Heaven where they talk about all the things Pok has missed in Riz's life.

Knowing how alike they are in their dedication to their work, Pok recruits Riz as a mortal consultant for the celestial intelligence agency in Heaven. This gives them a chance to see each other again without Riz having to die and Riz thinks it's the coolest thing ever.

The Bad Kids[]

Riz's adventuring party. He meets The Bad Kids when they all get detention on the first day of freshman year. Riz had trouble making friends in the past. While his new friends don't all immediately appreciate his formal approach to friendship, they work well together in their first battle in Episode 2. After that fight, they unofficially form an adventuring party and become best friends over the course of their freshman year.

Riz loves his friends very much and is willing to sacrifice a lot for them, including but not limited to his sanity and physical well-being. He tries his best to keep them on task and focused on the mystery they're trying to solve. As his father later tells him, his dedication to his work is how he shows his love to his friends. Riz trusts them wholeheartedly to save him when he needs them, and they trust him enough to know that he's too capable to go down without a fight.

Fabian Seacaster[]

Riz's best friend. They meet on the first day of school when Ragh Barkrock throws Riz into a garbage can and nicknames him "The Ball". In an effort to impress him and Dayne Blayde, Fabian immediately latches onto the nickname. Fabian continues to call Riz "The Ball" even after they become good friends, using the nickname when he introduces Riz to his father and even engraving the briefcase he gives to Riz with the initials "TB". Riz is hesitant about the nickname at first but grows to accept it as a symbol of their friendship.

Riz thinks very highly of Fabian. He calls Fabian his best friend despite Fabian's fervent denial of this fact. Riz sticks by his side whenever he can, both in and out of combat. Although Fabian sometimes acts like he's too good for Riz, he still values their friendship a lot.

During their first battle together, Riz jumps into one of the Corn Ooze's butt holes for Fabian and gives him all the credit for the idea. After escaping from the Corn Ooze himself, Fabian sticks his arm back inside of it to pull Riz out. When Fabian is making death saving throws, Riz stabilizes Fabian before running to try and find help.

At the start of spring break of their sophomore year, the party discovers that Riz is wearing one half of a friendship necklace. Riz, embarrassed, insists that it's just a regular necklace but implies that he plans to give the other half to Fabian for Christmas.

When Riz encounters Kalina in Leviathan, she offers him a deal: she'll save Fabian from drowning if Riz tells her everything he knows about her. Riz gives in, revealing their clues and accidentally endangering Ragh's mother in exchange for Fabian's safety.

As a new bard, Fabian uses his Elven sheet to give Riz his very first Bardic Inspiration with a wink and a "I believe in you. Spring Break."

In the final battle of sophomore year, Riz is killed by Kalina. Almost immediately after being revived, she knocks him unconscious again and flings him over the side of a cliff. Fabian hangs off the edge of the cliff and uses his elven sheet in an attempt to save Riz. The fire elemental that Fabian passionately kissed back at Calethriel Tower emerges from the sheet, grabs Riz, kisses him on the cheek, and wraps him in Fabian's sheet. Fabian is able to rescue Riz and pull him back onto solid ground.

Adaine Abernant[]

The Nerd Squad. Riz and Adaine are the two nerdiest and logic-focused members of the Bad Kids. They both tend to be awkward in social situations but flourish together as an investigative team, reading books and searching crime scenes. When the rest of the group gets distracted, they keep the group focused on the task at hand. They both join Aguefort's A.V. Club.

They're considered to be the most "responsible" and level-headed, even though they're both occasionally prone to fits of impulsive action spurred by strong emotion. They are the only two of the party that don't actively drink or do drugs. They're also the least horny of the party, often sharing in their confusion at their friends' obsessions with dating and sex.

Fig Faeth[]

Riz is something like Fig's impulse control. With Riz's skill in hiding and Fig's proficiency in disguises, they make the perfect infiltration team. In St. Owen's Memorial Hospital, Riz helped keep Fig from taking her antics too far and getting distracted. During her tribunal in Hell concerning her father's negligence over his domain, he works alongside her in court and silently advises her on what to say. Like the rest of the Bad Kids, Riz and Fig greatly care about each other.


His father's old partner and one of the primary antagonists of Dimension 20 LIVE. Riz finds a picture of her with his father in Pok's old office. He realizes that only certain members of the party can see her in the photograph. He resolves to figure out who she is and how she's connected to the crown of the Nightmare King.

During spring break of sophomore year, Kalina follows the Bad Kids around Spyre as they track down the crown of the Nightmare King. Kalina, in attempts to stop them, tries to infiltrate their dreams every night. On the first night of spring break, she kidnaps Riz to use him as a sacrifice in a ritual that will allow her entry into the Forest of the Nightmare King.

Protective wards stop her from hurting the party for the next several nights. On their first night in Leviathan, the party's attempt to rescue Fabian interrupts their rest and prevents the protections from remaining in place as they sleep. Riz wakes up that morning, paralyzed, with Kalina sitting on top of his chest. He ultimately reveals information that they have about her in exchange for Fabian's safety.

When Riz and Adaine investigating the hotel room in Arborly, they discover the true nature of Kalina's lack-of-being and realize that, although Kalina can hear what they hear and see what they see, she can't actually read their thoughts. They use this information to their advantage and get the group to avoid discussing plans while out in the open.

When Riz and Fig get trapped in Hell, Kalina lures Riz away, shows him that his father is in Hell, and tries to make him distrust his father. Riz refuses to believe her and rescues his father. They happily reunite, but Riz realizes that Kalina used him to blow Pok's cover and make it harder for Heaven to acquire more information about her.

In the Forest of the Nightmare King, Kalina is more powerful than she's ever been before. She knocks Riz unconscious seconds after being revived by Fig and throws him off of the side of a cliff. Fabian successfully wraps him in his elven sheet and saves him.

In this battle, Kristen Applebees casts Greater Restoration on Riz and finally heals him of the Shadow Cat's infection.


  • His whole family is bad-ass.
  • He is small enough to fit into backpacks and the assholes of giant corn monsters.
  • He has an agreement with his mom, Sklonda, that he only has to sleep for 4 hours.
  • Being a goblin, he is highly discriminated against.
  • It is implied that he is asexual. This was confirmed by Brennan in Adventuring Party season 6 episode 8.
  • Riz has appeared in every episode of Fantasy High and Dimension 20 LIVE, except for Mirror Madness, when he was kidnapped by Fig. Their actors, Emily Axford and Brian Murphy, were performing their live shows for their actual-play D&D podcast, Not Another D&D Podcast in London and Manchester at the time.
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